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  1. Snow here as well Jabez. (Should we just ignore Carlos and his warm weather?) Home from the hunt to take SWMBO to the Doctor for another injection into the eye to shrink blood vessels. Saw a nice buck. Ran right by me, chased by a hound; right through the herd of cattle grazing in front of me. Pard missed another at about 35 feet. He could only see the head and the horns and shot over it's head. Now stay off the snow covered grass!
  2. WELL WHAT? Slowly packing some stuff to out for deer here in Ontario, with Dr. Dr. Bob, out of his place.. Just hoping my knees hold up! I'll be real careful with my aim, BANG/FLOPS at shorter ranges will be the order of the day. Rain and cold the past few days. Expecting snow momentarily. That'll liven up the bucks around here. Now get off the dang lawn!
  3. I fell into a deal on a new Grand Caravan and couldn't say NO. I like the features and space to carry things, including the wife's wheelchair and Davinder's rolling walker. I can even get my gun cart into it when I use the van to get to matches. The collector car is now out of the shop and into the storage facility for the winter, after a total, from the ground up restoration and conversion to HERBIE the Love Bug. Our son is the enthusiast and has been to a number of the reunions with Disney etc. and he'll be hitting the show trail with it next year.
  4. Well, enjoy your flight and the wedding. Try not to catch the bouquet Walt. And we both should have a drink or three to drown our sorrows after Monday night. GRUMP
  5. My former boss/close friend and his wife raised Shepards and Bichons. They gave us a great little Bichon and when we'd visit their place, bringing our "Mugsy" he would take over the Shepards and keep them in line. Funny as heck to watch how well they all got along together. Somewhere I have a video on old tape, that shows the Shepards being chased all around the yard by this white fluff ball. We really miss that little guy.
  6. Busy day here: Made it to the hospital to get special X-Rays on the knees, only to find my Doctor missed a part on the requisition form. Called my Doctor's office and they Fax'd a revised form, but the hospital claims it didn't arrive. Three hours waiting around until I gave up and went home. Doctor's office e-mailed me the revised copy of the form, so, I'll try again tomorrow, but this time, I'll bring the revised form and bring a book. CAS season is over here now and we're starting to button down for winter and get ready for snow swimming. GRUMP! GET OFF THE DA
  7. Missed the last match of the year around here, with The Wild Turkey Posse at Grenville. Had to start getting things ready for our Canadian Thanksgiving, Monday, October 14 Rooster Corrigan, Territorial Governor for our parts, Yorkshire Bob and some others are arranging some winter, indoor shoots, at The Wild Turkey Posse home range. Not sure I'll be able to make any of them. Looking at knee replacement(s) over the winter, so I'll be ready to run 'n gun next summer. Just getting rain here although it's getting a lot cooler at night. Grass is still growing, but a lot slo
  8. Well Jabez, you may have 3 feet of snow, but I'm still cutting grass here in the east. Red Storm and I camped out at the home range of The Ottawa Valley Marauders, (ovmcowboys.ca) Friday night and shot the match Saturday. Mind you, it was a little cold in the motor home, (-4 outside) overnight, once we turned off the furnace, but a single burner left on with the stove and good sleeping bags saw us through the night in comfort. Only one match left to go, with the Wild Turkey Posse at Prescott this coming Saturday. Dang. That gets me GRUMPY!
  9. GRUMP! Humid around here right now and rain at Cornwall tomorrow, so my knees are too sore to shoot the newly arrived Texas Star. Dang! I hate missing any more matches. And Stay Off The Lawn! I just over-seeded it!!
  10. Took SWMBO south of the Medicine Line for a break away and do some clothes shopping. Hard for her to do that these days, but I took her wheelchair and she got to select some things. That was the good part. Bad part was the bed was too soft and our backs ached. Sure missed our firm mattress.
  11. GRUMP! Been trying to get to the range to make sure the sights on the 1874 Sharps haven't shifted, for over a week. So far, things have only made it as far as the office/computer room each time, before something else comes up that HAS to be dealt with before I go anywhere. I knew Tuesday was a no because of a hospital day patient trip for SWMBO and Wednesday is no go because of a range inspection by the CFO inspector. And the Buffalo Rifle Match is Saturday. GRUMP!
  12. Well, First Place Senior Duelist at the OVM annual. Mind you, it was a small category. OK, OK I'll admit, I was the only one shooting it. But still......... I had a lot of fun though, in spite of my knees Too bad I have to pass on Wild Bunch today.
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