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  1. And something appropriate for Mondays in better times.
  2. Her old place. Neighbours took up a petition and when that failed, a collection and bought her out. Now they're over-run with mice and squirrels and want her back.
  3. Here we is on page three. I warned ya this would trigger a Canadian themed post.
  4. Start them off with a chanter. I found my son didn't have the wind etc at an early age, but the chanter helped him get the fingering techniques.
  5. Hey Jabez !! Buffalo !! This was just too good to pass up. Our Dear Leader giving his daily update to the MSM. Note the reporters social distancing, under the tent and all the safety apparel they're wearing. Maybe it's a good thing he has banned The Rebel and Ezra Levant's reporters from attending his scrums.
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