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  1. Last day in April and the snow is gone around here. Some occasionally falls at night but goes with the sun in the morning. I actually got to BBQ without wearing a coat yesterday. How about out your way Jabez? No shoots around here and no idea when we might have one. All the ranges are closed and even the Central Canada SASS Championships, in July, are cancelled. My oncologist appointment was today by telephone. Apparently I'm still alive and kicking but we are in isolation for another 14 days since I ministered to my brother-in-law before he died of the Covid
  2. It's coming for you Alpo. I'd sleep with one eye open for a while.
  3. Just what you want to find first thing in the morning.
  4. Here in Canada, we ran into "issues" with some insurance companies "appeal" process. Numerous appeals using their process got now where and eventually timed out or the insured gave up. People with similar issues went immediately to a lawyer familiar with that type of law and received positive results. As my Father used to say: "The purpose of an Insurance Company is to make money."
  5. Prayers continuing for Velvet Glove. But God also has attorneys who can often get an intransigent insurance company's attention.
  6. No matter how bored you become while self-isolating, remember:
  7. New visual category wind ratings for the illiterate:
  8. And something appropriate for Mondays in better times.
  9. Her old place. Neighbours took up a petition and when that failed, a collection and bought her out. Now they're over-run with mice and squirrels and want her back.
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