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  1. Raining in the morning here and now it's turned to snow, with more scheduled for overnight.

    Guess who just had the snow tires removed and the summers put back on?^*(^$^_)&(^&#@

    Oh well, as the saying goes around here: "You don't plant anything until after the 24th of May! (Queen Victoria's birthday, a holiday up here)

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  2. Masking up here in Ontario Canada is mandatory.

    Big signs at the doors of grocery and liquor stores telling people it's a Provincial law. Person at the door will ask you to mask up, if you aren't.

    If you don't, you can be issued a citation worth big $$$$

    Grocery stores have hand sanitizer at the entrance and exits, marks on the floors reminding people to stay 2 meters apart.

    At the moment, we are in a lockdown and only the grocery stores are supposed to be open. 

    Hospital ICUs are filled up in the hot spots and patients they can move are being sent to other cities for care.



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