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  1. Just an example of acting. Bad acting, even hypocritical, but still acting!
  2. And in the spirit of the electrical mishap phase of this thread:
  3. Yep, good guns shops: Action Sports, Cabelas and the Stittsville Range shop, but again, COVID Lockdown in Ontario and at 77, with arthritis requiring both knees be replaced, a partially calcified aneurism and a blood clot in the tissue around the heart from surgery a few decades ago, I ain't takin' unnecessary chances. Lost my brother-in-law and two female cousins to this crap, so, I'm a bit concerned about it's affects, although I' sure Justin would prefer us old farts to kick off, thus saving OAS and CPP payments to help balance the budget. (I think someone convinced him that, cont
  4. Pat's better half wanted him to stop riding, but changed her mind when she learned of his second passion!
  5. Certificate of Air Worthiness. In my limited experience, I noted aircraft flying out of uncontrolled, private fields or float planes that have suffered damage that should be repaired by licensed airframe or engine personnel, instead repaired by the owner with a bit of knowledge and skill. After repair of the damage, it should be inspected and re-certified to ensure the craft is safe to fly. I recall seeing one float equipped Super Cub, whose fuselage was damaged and "repaired" with new fabric applied, but you could see the fuselage and tail planes were out of true. Another
  6. Lock down for all but essentials here again. Big Red, (#1 Son) is classed essential, so he's off to work Grump. RV shop called to tell me the motor home is finally ready for me to pick up. Great, except it's 50 Km away and they're only open Monday to Friday. Big Red works M to F during the hours they're open and they're closed on the weekends. GRUMP. Oh well, Red Storm offered to go with me to drive one vehicle back. (Now if I could just get him to pay the bill..................)
  7. Over the years, I have seen a lot of really stupid and dangerous things done in General Aviation: mis-entering flight/engine log time; "repairs" done by unqualified people or owners and left uninspected, safety wires eft off; C of A's skipped when flying from private fields or on float planes and the list goes on. IMHO, some people just get a little too casual about air safety, after a few years and a few minor incidents, they get away with. Fuel and spark are cheap and easy fixes when compared with the potential alternatives.
  8. Naw, Jabez had a bunch soaked as well. After they dried, he reported they all worked.
  9. Too bad that increase won't be reflected in the price HE receives for his corn after harvest!
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