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  1. I have a really good recipe for napalm that will fix those.
  2. I use a TENS machine for my knees, but I also use Salompas, Volteran, pills and right now, (Legal in Canada,) Cannabis-CBD (the stuff you don't get high on.)
  3. SWMBO has one that you can turn the jaws on. Try a handicapped supply dealer selling those kinds of devices. That's where we bought hers.
  4. Here In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, we have reached a high % of people vaccinated and we are now seeing much smaller incidents of COVID. SWMBO, our son and myself have received our second shots of the Pfizer serum, with no ill effects. We were anxious to receive the shots due to our age and general health. We have had three deaths in our family due to COVID; my BIL and two cousins, all in LTC. IMHO, the longer we have large numbers of people unvaccinated, the greater the risk of more COVID variants evolving from the original strain. We know we have a very dangerous "D" va
  5. Unfortunately no to SWMBO travelling. She had a number of TIAs that have affected her balance and control of her legs. She requires help getting in and out of bed and needs help 24/7 right now. That with the diabetes and her vision issues mean even getting into the van are very difficult and require two people to help, never mind getting into the motor home. Trying to get the kind of in home help we need has been impossible, especially with Covid. We've been married 53 years and it's hard watching your loved one go down hill like this, going from someone who rode horses, hiked,
  6. Foul mouthed Posse Marshal, whose language drove away some observers, women with kids in tow etc. Now, I've been known to use the same words myself, but not as a steady flow and almost every other word an F bomb even in casual conversation.
  7. If I see an "Unknown Caller" or "Private Number" I let it go to Voice Mall. My Voice Mail greeting says, "This is Inspector CLKid; Any requests for shift or patrol changes must be submitted to the Staff Sergeant." All my friends know the drill, but it's surprising the number of hang-ups I get from Private or Unknown numbers when I look at the call record.
  8. Glad you're feeling better and up to heading off to shoots, (he said jealously). I'm still too crippled up to get out to any matches and SWMBO's condition is such that I can't leave her to fend for herself right now. Trying to find some kind of homecare to help out, but nothing suitable so far.
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