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  1. A candid shot of Pat leaving work on a Friday, after a long week.
  2. Back to the subject of Biblical Justice, stoning etc. Where would the Judicial Application of Tar and Feathers, for lesser offences, fall in this?
  3. Friends of mine returned from Iraq, after working, in conjunction with the US administrators there, to help rebuild their former homelands infrastructure etc, and while there voted in an election. They showed how the Iraqi government tried to keep it honest: Their thumbs were dipped in an indelible ink that took a long time to wear off. I wonder if that might reduce the cheating??
  4. I used to smoke, enjoyed my pipe and cigars. I started almost in protest to the smoke in meetings I had to attend; reeking clothing, hair etc. I stopped when SWMBO got pregnant 44 years ago and despite temptation when I smell a good cigar or a nice pipe tobacco, I've stayed clean. Well except for the CBD - Cannabis I use when the knee pain gets too bad. Once this COVID crap is over and I can get the knees replaced, I won't even use that.
  5. Full disclosure: I am a Canadian. That said, I keep recalling a line from a Tom Clancy book, wherein the hero, Jack Ryan, as President make the point: "The Constitution in not a suicide pact."
  6. I have a really good recipe for napalm that will fix those.
  7. I use a TENS machine for my knees, but I also use Salompas, Volteran, pills and right now, (Legal in Canada,) Cannabis-CBD (the stuff you don't get high on.)
  8. SWMBO has one that you can turn the jaws on. Try a handicapped supply dealer selling those kinds of devices. That's where we bought hers.
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