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  1. COSTCO in Canada has Generac 24kW NG generators selling for $7989.99 Canadian dollars right now with 10 to 15 days delivery. I have a 18kW unit coming they tell me will run my whole house ~ 3050 sq ft.two story. 6300.00 for the genny. Sound absorption pad, transfer switch, battery heater and oil and heater (Cold Canada), wiring and gas plumbing with taxes run it up to $15500.00 Canadian dollars that are running at around .75 cents US
  2. Canadian here with a question: What happens with a convicted felon's firearms? Not trying to start an argument, just wondering how you folks handle that kind of thing.
  3. Now a Prohibited firearm in Canada, along with over 1500 "Variants" Make sure you hang onto your 2nd amendment rights.
  4. After windstorms, lines down, contractors ripping up cables and just general failures in this part of my city, I broke down and contracted for a NG generator. Hopefully, it'll be installed before the snow flies.
  5. It's a good thing I'm retired. I think I'd be in trouble if I started referring to some "WOKE" thing as "IT".
  6. A lot of skill required combining horsemanship and skill with the lance.
  7. Or, we could all just get off the See Food diet*. * That's the one where we See Food we eat it!
  8. What!?!!?! You didn't participate in tent pegging???
  9. Up here, when I purchased a couple of rifles on my CC, the store just listed them as "Sporting Goods" (And this was "Let's Ban it! CANADA"
  10. Congratulations ! As for me and my weight loss program..................................
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