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  1. All that Holy Black. Imagine if they all fired at once!!
  2. Warmer here, but our Square Circle Wranglers, April 24 Spring Round-up match is cancelled due to Provincial Covid Lock-Down. Just can't do it or risk the fine$$$$ Lefty, our on-site wrangler, who lives at ranch headquarters, was a bit disappointed, but we got him a new jug, from the saloon, so he's happy for now.
  3. You know, part of me at some sadistic level, wants to say, OK, Go Ahead! I Want to Watch!!
  4. I've been thinking about getting one just for around the city here, but the way our Hydro has been trending the past few years, I'm a bit hesitant, in addition to the lack of infrastructure once you get out of the urban centres has me hesitant. North of me, along the Trans-Canada Highway, are areas where it's a REEEAALLLLYYY long way between towns let alone fuel stations. While there are currant bushes along the roads, there doesn't seem to be a spot to plug into them for a charge!!
  5. I had the honour of meeting the Prince here in Ottawa, during our Centennial Year, (1967) and again in 1973. A quick light hand shake before the party moved on, but for me, memorable.
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