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  1. It is if you treat it with NaOC1* a couple of hours before you boil it for 5 minutes or so. Beave fever ain't fun. * Sodium Hypochlorite or Javex
  2. We're closer to a Communist state than you are! Na-na-na-............................Wait! Why am I cheering???????????????????
  3. Well, "THEY" do want us to start eating tasty bugs, so us this a way to start getting used to it?
  4. Tell the truth Forty! You took that from the list of objectives of the Canadian Liberal Party and just paraphrased it!
  5. I have Glocks and use them regularly, at our range. A 19 Gen 4, a 17 Gen 3 and a 44 (noisy thing) I found learning the trigger was a bit challenging, but after years of Hi-power use, it didn't take too long. No CCW here in Canada, unless you are part of the Laurentian Elite or a gangster.
  6. The freeze on the legal sale and transfer of handguns, (including SAAs and BP) remains in effect. Gangsters, Drug dealers, Home invaders and all other assorted thugs are exempted. In fact, he LOWERED the mandatory sentences for violent crimes. (Pondering: I wonder who he's working for??)
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