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  1. The way they did it here was to limit the number of people allowed inside at any one time, based on the square footage of the stores and placing markers every 2 meters with direction arrows in the aisles. Worked pretty well. Oh, yeah, a plane. Here's my favourite:
  2. Now that is a bummer! Here in Ontario, Canada, the Premier of Ontario made sure the beer and liquor stores all stayed open! OH Yeah. Planes. Here's my contribution. We call her "VERA" and she's located at WAR BIRDS in Hamilton, Ontario.
  3. Remember to change your cell phone number as well Pat! I didn't and people knew my personal number and would use it when the other didn't work! Nothing like an "Emergency" calls in the wee hours of the morning from someone who didn't realize you were now retired!
  4. Hatari! Open Range Donavan's Reef Key Largo
  5. I found the I had similar problems. I think the issue was that the contact on the base of the new bulb is not as large as the older bulbs and contact, in the receptacle, is not made or is intermittent. I cut the current and brought the contact in the receptacle base up a bit and it solved my problem.
  6. On a trip, I would not stop here to dine. No matter how hungry I was.
  7. She knew your Cowboy name and was being careful???
  8. Prayers coming from this side of the Medicine Line.
  9. Something quiet, peaceful, restful ..............for now.
  10. Cell phone carried in you pocket and Medic Alert Marshal. I'm glad you're OK but 11 hours on the floor before you were found!! That's scary! Take some precautions Pard.
  11. I just finished an on-line "chat" with a close friend in Amritsar India. She and her husband are MDs and have received both vaccinations as they are deemed essential. They are working as much as 20 hours a day, with no ventilators, no oxygen and no space in their hospitals. The dead are stacked in the streets in some places, funeral pyres have depleted the available wood in other places. Priti tells me they are facing a number of mutations of the virus that the vaccines are not able to counteract. Stay safe Pards. This isn't over yet.
  12. For those who don't know, our Canadian bills are now a type of vinyl plastic with holograms repeating the denomination. Pennies are no more and we now use one and two dollar coins.
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