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  1. I sure don't want to act my age, but my knees keep telling different!
  2. Canadians will get this one and some of our US pards should as well.
  3. I wonder what it actually costs to charge one of these EVs and what it works out to per mile or km? We are starting to get hosed on hydro costs up here; encouraged to run some appliances after hours and overnight Greedy as the utilities can be, I anticipate more increases as more EVs are purchased and greater draw is made on the electrical grid.
  4. We are experiencing similar attacks here in Canada, with our leftist government making law without benefit of debate in Parliament by elected officials. Instead, we are getting "Orders In Council" (OICs) that enjoy the full force and effect of actual laws passed by elected Members of Parliament. A recent one has banned ARs and all similar firearms, pending a buy-back they are discussing, at rates to be decided. Meanwhile, those owning ARs etc. can't legally take them to the range of use them anywhere.
  5. OK, OK, I'll come clean. I'm a Canadian so here's how I really keep my Stetson on in the wind:
  6. We enjoy watching that movie from time to time. Have it in our DVD collection.
  7. I had the Norinco version (JW2000, if I recall correctly) here in Canada. I paid $350.00 Canadian for it. Heavy, built like a tank, but finishing of the hammers left something to be desired. I sliced my thumb open, on the hammers, cocking it. A little work with a file an a honing stone cured that. Sorry I sold it as it proved itself a good camp/bear gun loaded with 3" SSG.
  8. The atrocious enunciation and general "Marbles in the Mouth" I keep experiencing is becoming epidemic. SWMBO is getting bad as well: starts off strong and clear, but as she keeps talking in the same sentence and breath, she gets less clear and lower in volume. She felt I was getting hard of hearing, so I got checked. Nope. My hearing was just fine in the left ear but a little down in the right. Not enough to warrant a hearing aid. The sound on some TV programs is another bug-a-boo! Some are clear and understandable, while others have me turning on the Closed Captioning
  9. You have mt sympathy and prayers for recovery of your hearing Larsen E.P.
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