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  1. Had to give up on my knee replacement, end of January, due to an abscess/infection, followed by a tooth extraction. Replacement is still on hold, so I'll follow this thread with prayers and and a degree of apprehension for you Clay.
  2. Could be. There was not a guide there when we were there. It was July 4
  3. If you are intereested, I have some interior pictures I took in St. Michael's Cathedral in Sitka. Beautiful.
  4. And our Government is floundering around, wondering why there is a housing crisis!
  5. I always come to a stop and I expect others to do the same. It was a good habit I picked up 65+ plus years ago in Driving School. Blowing STOP signs can be expensive as a neighbour found out after he did just that and hit the car that had the right-of-way. All caught on video dash camera. It affected his insurance significantly.
  6. I'm in Canada and our laws can be different, depending on the party you support.
  7. Artillery was Red Cavalry: Yellow Infantry: Blue Staff: Buff Medical : Black
  8. Deportation if not citizens and expulsion from the school, if they are students. Not sure what kind of charges could be brought against them.
  9. Too bad "Deportation" is such a horrid word or thought these days. IDK, I think it's kinda cool.
  10. I would be interested in learning how many of the "students" are actually students. I would also like to see immigration officers in attendance.
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