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  1. I have a 23 ft Class C Sun Seeker, by Forest River, but I had heard about the issues with newer production, having had trailers for a number of years.

    I think I played it smart by buying one a year old, that had been used as a rental.

    All the kinks seemed to have been fixed in it. (Otherwise no rent!! LOL!!) Even the China Bomb tires had been replaced!

    It's given me great times: trips from cold Canada to Florida, trips east to PEI and Newfoundland etc. across Canada to Victoria, BC, CAS overnights at matches, hunting and fishing trips.


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  2. You think that's bad!?!?

    Big Red had his wallet stolen and between the two of us tried for hours, to report it, first to the Ottawa Police, without going through 911, (Non Violent crime or crime in progress, so the operators get ....... ) Tried the non-emergency phone line, but apparently, after listening to a 4 minute recording, I should know the first or last name of someone to connect to their voicemail and defaulting to "0" gets nothing.

    Service Ontario? Similar experience.

    He gave up and did personal visits on Friday. 

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