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  1. Naw, most of the really good players head South of the Medicine Line for a larger paycheque and better post-career opportunities, EH!?
  2. When you're all healed up Pat, no more of this OK?
  3. When I was REEEAAALY ticked off with my cat, but it was her birthday!
  4. We/I don't mind it. I can always put on more winter clothing better parka etc, but the heat just does me in, as it seems to do for most Canucks outside the GTA/Golden Triangle.
  5. Just a reminder Pat; If you pick up one of those cute California gals hitchhiking, before you get home: REMEMBER
  6. For those who don't know, the idiot wearing blackface in the middle, is our Canadian Prime Minister. A left winger and our national embarrassment.
  7. Up here in our part of Canada, our posses try to be shut down and gone before 2:00 in June and July and we often don't have a match in August. And it's no way as hot you pards are discussing. We do hold well attended winter matches in the cold and snow however. Shooting sheds, load and unload tables with a propane heaters so you don't get your fingers frost bitten and we used to use warming tents. Now we have a heated cabin to wait your turn in. I guess we're just acclimatized differently.
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