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  1. We should ask Forty if he remembers those. (Runs and ducks for cover)
  2. Time to shop around Alpo. For example, I'm not driving my motor home too much anymore, so I'm going to look at an insurance the CAA has here in Canada, (Our version of your AAA) Apparently, under it, you can buy insurance in 1000KM increments. No idea yet of the cost, details or limitations.
  3. Spring in Canada and the car washes are booming, with drivers trying to get the salt off, only to meet all the Robins and other migrants, just here to breed!!
  4. This sounds familiar somehow. Now where have I heard it before. Let me think.
  5. That would be .....................interesting to try to finish roofing !!
  6. Our Professional "Union" had the option to take time and a half or time and a half off with pay, without a limit! I always opted off the time off and enjoyed hunting trips in the fall, far out of cell phone range.
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