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  1. Here's my favourite .45-70 from my herd. It's a Pedersoli Sharps with a vernier sight and a Hadley eyepiece. I found shooting a near max charge of TB under a 350 grain lead bullet was very pleasant to shoot and very accurate. Varget and some other powders, while doing the job did produce a lot more felt recoil. Not that it was too hard to handle, due to the weight of my Sharps. (You do know they sold them by the pound don't you?)
  2. All that Holy Black. Imagine if they all fired at once!!
  3. Warmer here, but our Square Circle Wranglers, April 24 Spring Round-up match is cancelled due to Provincial Covid Lock-Down. Just can't do it or risk the fine$$$$ Lefty, our on-site wrangler, who lives at ranch headquarters, was a bit disappointed, but we got him a new jug, from the saloon, so he's happy for now.
  4. You know, part of me at some sadistic level, wants to say, OK, Go Ahead! I Want to Watch!!
  5. I've been thinking about getting one just for around the city here, but the way our Hydro has been trending the past few years, I'm a bit hesitant, in addition to the lack of infrastructure once you get out of the urban centres has me hesitant. North of me, along the Trans-Canada Highway, are areas where it's a REEEAALLLLYYY long way between towns let alone fuel stations. While there are currant bushes along the roads, there doesn't seem to be a spot to plug into them for a charge!!
  6. I had the honour of meeting the Prince here in Ottawa, during our Centennial Year, (1967) and again in 1973. A quick light hand shake before the party moved on, but for me, memorable.
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