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  1. OH quit bellyaching Utah. At least it isn't your stove that pooped the bed - Like mine did a few hours ago, just in time for our Thanksgiving this Monday, October 10 An expen$ive KitchenAid built in model as well, after I spent nearly 3K on repairs to it since 2020 Nine years old. Going shopping for a new one tomorrow morning and hopefully I can get it installed before it's time to cook the turkey.
  2. The Canadian Constipation Constitution, written by our current Prime Moron's Minister's Father, Pierre Trudeau, did not enshrine property rights. For that reason, we cannot defend our property, when say a home invasion occurs. We have a duty to retreat if possible, according to our Supreme Court Justices who interrupted the question, when it came before them. So, we actually don't really own property. Nice EH?
  3. OK, I'll admit to admiration for you as a SOOT LORD ! I used to shoot Holy Black, but as I aged, cleaning two revolvers, a rifle and a shotgun when I got home, tired and a little hungry, just got to be too much. Shot some FF from my SASS stainless RNV's a few weeks ago and spent too much time, tired and hungry, trying to clean them properly. THEN, I had to make supper. (ALL RIGHT, It was a one pot Sweet & Sour stew I made previously and froze, but still, I had to boil water for the Egg Noodles, but still.........)
  4. Quit my pipes and cigars when Sherron became pregnant with Big Red, after years of trying after losing our first. Still get a craving the odd time, when I smell a nice blend.
  5. Maybe he just wanted to ensure they got rid of them??
  6. If you want to see a classic example of excessive, intrusive government, with an agenda, look to your North.
  7. Once you pull that trigger, the fun is over!! Up here we've learned to hold off pulling the trigger until it either starts to get away or it gets into a better position to drop it. Nothing like pulling a moose out of a Northern Ontario swamp, in the dark, then having to start cutting it into commercial cuts you can pack out, otherwise the wolves will clean things up. I grew to detest the Canadian Army Pack Frame, "The Iron Maiden".
  8. CAS these days. Used to shoot Duello and National Match, then PPC etc. on our departments indoor range. Today, other than CAS, It's my Buffalo Rifles with my Sharps and my HI Wall. .45-70's of course.
  9. My wife and I found we enjoyed the drive from Canada down t Florida etc, rather than flying.
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