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  1. I use Bit Defender and I have the SPAM filter set to max to segregate and help weed out the stuff that keeps coming in. It works well and allows me to review titles/headings/source to ensure it's not from something I want to look at, but all the Bit coin offers etc etc get binned in the SPAM folder for ease of deletion.
  2. As a tanker, he likely no longer needed ear protection. He was probably deaf to the sound of those shots anyway.
  3. Little known fact: Canadians cannot survive long without a Tim's fix and will go to great lengths to obtain it.
  4. Since you're getting so close to your retirement Pat, perhaps you should start thinking about new furniture for you and you wife. Here's a possible suggestion:
  5. Since I had it repainted, people no longer take things from the back of my truck.
  6. I heard Pat had trouble with a neighbour. The neighbour has now moved.
  7. They certainly are addictive! My favourite is my .45-70 Pedersoli "Sharps" with a double set trigger, a tang sight and a Hadley Eyepiece.
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