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  1. Heavy seas made the oak create and "shiver" Lower deck slang mostly.
  2. I recall seeing these in homes and on farms, in barns etc. a few decades ago. The ones I saw had a red die inside them. (LORD, I'm getting old!)
  3. Perhaps SASS HQ can get in touch with him and give him YOUR phone number?? (Privacy thing and all that)
  4. When I saw the title to this thread, I thought Utah Bob's EARL the Squirrel had returned.
  5. I always admired the US for it's "Melting Pot" concept. Too bad both our countries decided it was cool to emphasize all our differences rather than our commonalities.
  6. I met up with Irish Gal visiting her Mother and I my wife, in a LTC home.
  7. 1 in 5 Americans! WOW! Good thing I live in Canada! Our Aussie members are safe as well..............Maybe.
  8. I had a Priest, who as an Ordained Deacon, served as a medic in WWII, doing medic things and giving comfort where he could. When the aid station he was working at was overrun by infiltrators, who started to shoot the wounded and the medical staff, wearing Red Cross arm bands, he picked up a weapon and killed the enemy who were attacking his patients. I learned this story when I entered his study, in the Manse, for help with my French lessons and found him cleaning a captured pistol. He said he carried it, concealed, for the rest of the war. Just in case. I guess you might consider him a Warrior Priest.
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