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  1. Pre-Covid, I'd fill my gun belt loops with Rockets (They fit .45 loops just right) and stick I bananas in my holsters for our Spring and fall Round ups at Church. We'd have an outside picnic and BBQ in the Church garden. Our Priest in Charge gives me the nod, I'm dressed cowboy with the dinner triangle and a loud voice to "COME AND GET IT!." She* and I wear Stetsons and lead the parishioners out for food and fellowship. *We're Anglicans and we ordain female Priests.
  2. A small, pill like candy and the toque is pronounced "TOOOK" We'll make you an Honorary Canadian before you know it Alpo.
  3. Nothing special Uno. I just thought Allie would like these beautiful creatures. I hope you are doing well.
  4. I've had to pop a couple around our tent/bivouac when we were moose hunting up North. Didn't want to, but they kept coming around and we couldn't drive them off. They were far enough out in the boonies that we knew they weren't Dump Bears and butchered they tasted just fine. I don't go after them specifically but I always have a license to keep myself legal - Just In Case.
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