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  1. Three famous Texans come to mind. All met through my serving on a committee planning and hosting a county-wide agricultural civic event and selecting key note speakers.


    1. George W. Bush - While he was Governor of Texas and just beginning his campaign for U.S. President.


    2. Rick Perry - Then Texas Commissioner of Agriculture and later the longest serving Governor of Texas and candidate for U.S. President. Now, the President-elect's pick for Secretary of Energy.


    3. And, . . . uh . . . Oops. (A little joke for those who remember that debate moment.)





    I can top those! ;) I was on the Howdy Doody show! :lol:



  2. In no particular order:

    Melin Olsen

    Gorgeous George

    The invincible Bat

    Gentleman John

    Roman Gabriel

    Jim Turner

    Gov. Calvin Rampton

    Dr. Terrel "Ted" Bell

    Shirley Maclain

    Tom Selleck

    Dr. Wilber S. "Bill" Thain

    Kareem Abdul "Trinidad Slim" Jabar

    Gen. Curtis LeMay

    John Russell

    James Garner

    Edmund O'Brien

    William Bendix

    Rodd Redwing

    Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

    Chill Wills

    Gary Burghoff

    Lisa Whelchel

    Johnny Cash

    Dan Haggerty

    Dub Taylor

    Buck Taylor

    Jack Elam

    Sammy Davis, Jr.

    David O. McKay

    Alma Sonne

    Melvin J. Ballard

    M. Russell Ballard

    Donny and Marie Osmond

    Paul Cardon

    Keith Kelson

    Rocky Marciano

    Bob Munden

    Thell Reed, Jr.

    Bill Jordan

    Parker "P. O." Ackley

    Louis C. Hickman

    Quentin L. Cook

    David Janssen

    Paul Newman

    Art Williams

    Glenn Williams

    Harland Sanders

    John Addison

    George "Gabby" Hayes

    Arthur Hunnicutt

    Pau Paddila


    ... and many many more



    SHOW OFF :P;)

  3. SOLD--THANX FOR LOOKING! You women shooters know all about these culottes. FABRIC IS A PECAN COLOR and still has sizing [stiffness]. They are like trousers with wide straight legs and an A-line shape. There is a double row button down apron in the front, so they appear to be a skirt. The waist band comes to a point in the front and back with one belt loop center back. There are two long side-slit pockets. The length is to mid-calf or ankle depending on how tall you are. They have a lovely tight pleat at the back seam, and hug the rear-end nicely.


    The star buttons are bronze color. I replaced the first button with a flatter larger one for ease of use and to keep closed much better; but I will include the original one.


    Seldom worn, never washed, no holes or worn out areas. No problems that I can see; may have dirt smudges, hanger marks or stains I missed. Some dust from long time hanging in the closet. Recommend washing in cold water only or dry clean.

    IRON INSIDE OUT--or the fabric will get shiny--100 % COTTON



    Waist 14" across

    Length abt 40"

    Bottoms 22" across at end of pleat -- about at the tail bone/hips


    Asking $20. with $14. shipping


    Thanky, CC CaliopeCupcake@msn.com Will try to post pix on here :blink:


    Link for photos: http://www.ebay.com/itm/162347691439?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

  4. Happy New Year Pards!


    I began SS benefits last May at 65. I needed some added income now, and glad I did it. I've had 8 careers, but never worked in the system long enough to accumulate any real retirement nest-egg. Even after delivering the mail for 6 yrs, I took out what I earned the last year they let us, and bought the kids braces! Not even teaching school for 15 yrs, or working in beauty salons 20 yrs, it just didn't pay off to wait any longer, you need 30 yrs for many participation plans. I still tutor 6 mos a year for a nat'l company 8 yrs, and teach swim lessons the other 6 mos. for 55 yrs. self employed

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