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    1. Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967

      Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967

      Hi, Cheryl!


      I'm good!  LOL... Good and retired and plugging along.  Winding down from some of my BSA stuff...  I keep threatening to get back into shooting.  Heck, not sure if I ever will or not, but I've started hanging out at the range a bit.  


      There've surely been some changes!


      How 'bout you???  :)

    2. Caliope Cupcake #13981

      Caliope Cupcake #13981

      EoT was really nice and fun.  I hope they do it again in AZ.  That range is enormous--like a square mile at least. I moved into my childhood home La Mirada 2019 [ abt 30 min from Raahauges] after Mom & Dad passed 2017-18. I cleaned out the house, back pool room, garage in 5 mos. and saved the treasures, then moved in here as Dad said I could in a handwritten codicil [addendum to will]. It has been lots of work but no rent, just $1200 prop tax ea. yr. --Less than my apt. rent for 6 yrs after selling my houses 2013. I retired from teaching 2015 so every day is Sat. Now it's been 2.5 yrs here and my sister has demanded her half and to sell, or I buy her out.  She gave me 3 weeks to leave in Dec.!  I couldn't even pack it all in that time. l hired an atty specializing in estates and he filed petition on my behalf so a judge will determine the validity of Dad's codicil since she left that part out! ...and he will tell me how long I may stay here. Online court date is June. Swim lessons start soon; parents are calling already. The city came knocking the last 3 days to nofity my they are removing our giant 65 yr old trees out front. I told them I got the message, don't come back. It will be Mar. 30th :( 

  2. hi

    1. Major Pain

      Major Pain

      Cupcakes, pie, donuts, turnovers, cookies, Ding Dongs, Twinkies, cakes, brownies, strudel, crime puffs, tarts, bear claws, cannolis, Danish ad infinitum! Soooooo many, so little time!

      Will you bring me some cupcakes to EOT? It's vital I keep my blood sugar at a high level. I shoot faster when it is. I don't want to be a "pain."

      Major Pain

      SASS #86,012

      Dixie Desperados

      St. George, UT.




  4. yur a Territ. Gov'ner or a yahoo? which is it? lol

  5. Howdy pard! so glad yer my friend. my avatar is o' you n me,,,take a look :D

  6. fame n forchun aint affected this pard at all. he be true.

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