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  1. This.^^^ Plus you can add calibers by changing uppers.
  2. I got the Deadwood movie that came out a while back as a Christmas gift, so I watched the series again before watching the movie. Started on the Justified series now.
  3. Thanks Traveler, I'll talk to Junky. And thanks to all the other posts info as well. Chase
  4. Looking to have my 73 barrel cut down to 20'' or less. Anyone had this done? Who did the work for you? Thanks, Chase
  5. Thanks for all the replies. Maybe it's something specific to my phone Chase
  6. I have an A1 I bought back in the mid 80's
  7. I've tried several times to reply to topics on the wire forums from my (Android OS) phone. After I type my reply and click submit, the reply doesn't show up in the topic. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks, Chase
  8. Hey Chase    dont mean to mess you around  I have sent Kid Rich 2 IM's  no reply. If he doesnt reply by the morning I would probably sell the brass seperately.



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