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  1. 11 hours ago, Warden Callaway said:

    I've shot it with 4 pistols and shotgun and another time with 5 pistols.  I loaded the "shotgun" pistol with number of targets to be shot.  One stage required 6 shots on shotgun.  I loaded 5 at loading table and 6th on the clock.  Approved by time keeper before start. 


    I dont see what difference it makes about time advantage but I was the only one shooting that unofficial category so came in first.  But time wise, I came in dead last.  Fun wise, I had the most fun. 


    One stage POV. Shooting Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter.  Not mouse phart loads.



    COME ON, BREEZE!!!!!!!!!

  2. 48 minutes ago, Abe E.S. Corpus SASS #87667 said:

    No mention of the Cowboy version, either.  I don’t think .45 Colt was ever offered except as a Cowboy variant so that might explain his not mentioning that chambering.

    No, they were made in 45 Colt in carbine form. I have one.

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  3. Right off their website.


    "Light-weight aluminum carrier weighs only 1 ounce. Lighter weight means less drag when levering your rifle. Anodized color, fits 38/40, 44/40, and 45LC calibers for your 1866 & 1873 Uberti rifles."

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  4. Had some yerars ago. Th ey would not load reliably in all my guns. Miked the cases and they were thicker than any other  brands I had on hand, Winchester, Starline and Remington. Therefor loaded ammo was too fat. Threw them away. Lifes too short.

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  5. Gunzilla shot a 10g with Berdan primed brass shells. He had fashioned a couple of tools to remove spent primers hydrolically. A wooden dowel that was a fairly close fit to the ID of the shell and a boad with a hole drilled through the middle and a larger hole sunk into board that the rim fit into. He would put water in the shell, then insert the dowel and hit with a mallet. TThe resulting pressure drove the primer out through the hole in the board. He did sau it was messy and best done out of doors.

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  6. 8 minutes ago, LawMan Mark, SASS #57095L said:

    IIRC, in everything but Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl.  No rimless cartridges there.

    Add not in B-Western

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  7. I wonder then would the gun be legal? Several years ago I had a club member who had placed a spring under the extractor to raise the extractor. Not enough to clear empties, just enough to help them extend. I checked and was told that would not be legal.

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  8. 4 hours ago, A Boy Named Sue said:

    I think I pm'ed you just now. I'm only 70, you'd think I could figure out a simple thing like a pm... But as the saying goes...you have to be smarter than the equipment you are using. Lol

    Howdy Sue, good to see you back around. To send a Private Message (PM) click on members name you want to send it to. That will bring up a new page. Just to the right of the members name you'll see a box that says "message". Click there and type away. When you get a reply the envelope next to your name will turn red. Click there and read the reply.


    Drago : [Fires a shot in the air]  Yeehaw! People, people, people! Come on all of ya. Gather 'round!

  9. Depends on the age. There were some early 73's made by Armi San Pauli that are about 7/8 scale. No parts for those. Also early 66's, although Uberti, were different as well. Very few parts will interchange. We need more specificity as to what model and age.

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  10. 3 hours ago, Dusty Devil Dale said:

    I tried to update my shortcut, but I can't find a new website path to the Saloon.  All the new website menu now shows is "CONNECT" which leads to this forum and the Wild Bunch forum.  I cannot find a new path to the Saloon.  


    Go ahead and click on the "Wire Forum", this will bring up the old same menu as before, with Wire Forum, Saloon, SASS Merchants, Classified. Or copy this link.



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