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  1. 49 minutes ago, Turkey Flats Jack said:

    I was there that day and I'm sorry Rye I shoulda tried to run the timer. But I'll be there next week and give it a go since I found out no one seems to care if I've had the RO classes or not. 

    Please bear in mind that it is an extremely good idea to go through the RO-1 course before stepping up to run the timer. The TO needs to be VERY knowledgeable about how shooters should be going through a stage so he/she can stay a step ahead and recognize when a shooter is about to err.

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  2. The spring on the opening lever is too light. I used to see it all the time when I would be TO'ing. They would fire first barrel and you see the gun turn into a hump back whale. but most of the time the shooter has some upward pressure on the forearm and this closes the gun before the next trigger pull. Replace that spring and I think your problem will go away.

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  3. Got word yesterday that longtime North Texas shooter Coyote Claude passed this past Friday. He will certainly be missed for his attitude, good natured wit and willingness to do any posse chore asked. Vaya con Dios, my friend.


    ( Chore, I meant CHORE, Miss Moe!)

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  4. And we're off! Good job starting this up again, it ran for quite some time before. The key is everyone pitching in, listing something when they get something. It can be cowboy related or not. Pistol magazines, recoil pads, old grips, choke tubes, reading material, research material, arts and crafts, the list is endless. Everybody needs something!

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  5. 23 minutes ago, McCandless said:




    23 minutes ago, McCandless said:


    "As always, there are lots of ways to shoot a stage. If you look closely, you will also see there are lots of ways to carry ammunition as well."






    So, you USED to be able to do that? Reckon why they changed the rule. Seems harmless enough to me.

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  6. 50 minutes ago, McCandless said:


    Four of the five international shooters at EoT 1988 came from Germany and were all named "Fritz"!

    Big Fritz, Fast Fritz, Small Glassed Fritz and Red Fritz.



    'On The' didn't come over?;)

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  7. Mr Mars and Mr Rattler,


    Your checks both arrived at my house yesterday and ut was my intention to get the parts to the post office today. However, I have been home with the flu all week, this being my first day back at work. I have been too swamped to leave, so I will make every effort to get there tomorrow. If I can't I will update again.

  8. All parts in VG condition, extremely low miles. All parts will fit any 1851 or 1860 currently made by Pietta. Possibly other models as well that I am not aware of. All parts are from a 1851 brass frame 44 calibre. All parts plus shipping, will ship direct in any state where legal. Please know the laws of your state before ordering. First 'I'll take it" posted here.


    Barrel assembly. Includes octagonal barrel, load lever assembly, front site and wedge. $75 SOLD PF

    Cylinder, includes stock nipples. $35 SOLD PF

    Brass Navy grip assembly. Includes trigger guard, back strap and fitted one piece wood grips. $60

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