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  1. For sale is 160 rounds of once fired 45 Colt brass cases. This is not range brass. All cases are originally purchased and once fired by me. Tumble cleaned and polished. Mixed case stamps Winchester, Remington, Starline. About half brass and half nickel cases. $25 with free Priority shipping to the lower 48 states. Paypal or USPS money order please. I am in Mount Dora, Florida about 30 miles northwest of Orlando.
  2. I've sold my Dillon press and have some supplies yet to sell: Bullets – 1) SOLD -Precision Delta 45 ACP FMJ – Three 500 count unopened boxes plus 100 loose bullets. $50 per box & $10 for 100 loose bullets (loose bullets free if you buy all 3 boxes) 2) Sold - Space Coast Bullets – 45 Long Colt 250gr RNFP .452 (Cowboy). 500 count unopened box - $30 Cases – Once fired by me. Not range brass. Cleaned & polished 1) 45 Long Colt – 160 cases about 50/50 brass & nickel; large primer. $24 (.15 ea) 2) SOLD - 45 ACP – 570 cases all brass, large primer $23 (.04 ea) 3) SOLD - 45 ACP – 360 cases all nickel, large primer $25 (.07ea) Case Tumbler Kit - SOLD - Midway #1292 Vibrating Tumbler plus Rotary Media Separator basket and bucket adapter. (Fits onto a 3 ½ or 5 gal. paint can). Comes with both the opaque and the clear top. Used but not abused. $40 All prices are plus shipping. I'll work out a package price if anyone wants everything. Paypal F&F or USPS money order are acceptable methods of payment. I'm located in Mount Dora, Florida 32757
  3. I'm waiting to hear from the gent who is buying the 550B as to whether he wants all the extras or not. Once I hear from him, probably tonight, I'll let you know about the puller. Sorry for the wait.
  4. I'm selling this RL550B Press with everything needed to load 45 ACP and 45 Colt calibers. The 45 ACP caliber is fully loaded into the press and the 45 Colt caliber conversion and tool stand is an option. I've used this press over the past few years and it was sent to Dillon for a full service and replacement of worn parts on their refurbish program. It has not loaded any ammo since getting it back last year so it should go to another cowboy home. (See photos of everything below & note that the pictures of the RL550B are at the end of all the others.) The package includes The RL550B Press Auto Powder System Auto Primer System 550B Spare Parts Kit 4 Powder Bar Assemblies (Extra Small, Small, Large, Extra large) 6 Large and 2 small primer tubes Extra Primer Slides Manual Powder Loading Die with funnel RCBS Primer Loading Tray Various cartridge prep accessories Three Cartridge Collection Bins w/ mounting bracket RL550B Manual & Parts breakdown Optional: Complete 45 Colt Cartridge Conversion Kit on Dillon Tool Stand The complete package is $450 plus shipping in the lower 48. The optional 45 Colt Conversion with tool stand, Tool head, and dies is $30. Payment by USPS Money order or Paypal F&F. I'm in Mount Dora, Florida 32757. I also have other items for sale as follows: 1) Lee .45 ACP Reloading Die Set in Original red case - $20 2) Lee Powder Measure Kit - $10.00 3) Lee Safety Powder Scale 90681 in box - $12.00 4) Lee Auto Prime Hand Primer in box - $10.00 5) Lyman Powder Dribbler - $10.00 6) Two (2) Midway #6 (44, 45 Colt, others) wood reloading trays w/powder funnel - $12.00 7) Two (2) Midway #5(45 ACP) wood reloading trays - $10.00 8) RCBS Bullet Puller w/4 collets - $10.00 If you want to discuss buying everything, please contact me to discuss.
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