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  1. Sent you a PM. These are really nice and have very little use.
  2. Actually the first and last picture is for the item marked #3. 1. Shotgun belt, 50" to center + 2 holes up or down. Holds 18 rounds, made by Hunter Co. Price is $50.00 shipped. 2. Holsters with belt for 38 New Vaqueros. Belt is cut for a lady 46" to center hole plus 2 holes up or down. Made by Tom Harris. Price is $135.00 plus $15.00 shipping. 3. Matching holster and Shotgun belt set made by Tom Harris. Holsters were made for Ruger Single Sixes. The bullet loops on the shogun belt were for 32 H&R but with some work they could be made to hold 38s. The shogun loops were for 20 gauge but with time and wet molding they could be made to hold 12 gauge. Again these belts were cut for a lady. Holsters & belt 39" to center with 2 holes up or down, shotgun belt 38" to center with 2 holes up or down. This is a really nice set of leather! Priced as a set $$220.00 shipped. Will consider selling separately.
  3. SOLDI have had this gun for probably 15 years and never shot it. Bought it used with no box or papers. Condition is very good with only a small spot of wear on the left muzzle. Do not confuse this with the Cimmaron Thunder. The Thunder is rated for 357 Magnum but the Lightning is only rated for 38 special. The other difference is the Thunder has a hammer mounted firing pin while the Lightning has a frame mounted firing pin. I am selling a 38 special Cimmaron Lightning. It will be shipped in a Cimmaron Cattleman box. Shipping to an FFL only who will accept from an individual for $450.00 shipped. If it must come from an FFL please add $40.00. Pictures below; SOLD
  4. Yes they are right and left. Original price was $75.00 for the pair. Now $50.00 for the pair, a $25.00 discount. Sorry for the confusion. Marlin
  5. Sold pending funds. These revolvers are now in Bisley configuration. They stated life as birdshead grips. Sold those grips to Singin Sue probaly a decade ago so she could go to End of Trail one year. Took the Bisley gripframes, grips, hammers and triggers off a pair of Single Six 22's I had and put them on the 32's. So all the parts are original Ruger parts. Now the rest of the story. The guns are consecutive serial numbers and come with their original Ruger grey boxes. Not sure about all the original paperwork. Caliber 32 H&R, fixed sights and 4 5/8" barrels. These guns were sent to Wes Flowers (West Fargo) for his basic action job, the rear sights were regulated for windage, front sights were not touched and the loading channel was adjusted for easier loading and unloading. Guns are in like new condition with little or no wear. Actions are very smooth. Price is $1550.00 shipped.
  6. I have 1 pair of holsters for sale. Without a belt. 1.Sold Holsters for 3 1/2" Vaqueros. Made by Tom Harris in Montana. Medium brown finish, basket weave and the holsters are lined. $50.00 plus $10.00 shipping Sold to Sgt Duncan Discounted $25.00 2. Holsters for 7 1/2" 1875 Remington's. Again made by Tom Harris. Medium brown finish, basket weave, enclosed toe and they are fully lined. $100.00 plus $10.00 shipping 3. Sold Pair of Military Flap Holsters for 7 1/2" revolvers.Don't know who made them or the specific model of revolver they were made for.Black in color unlined.$40.00 shipped Sold to Wildcat O'Shea
  7. This rifle started life as a 24" half round half hex barrel with a magazine that only held 9. With the help of Spur and Cowboy Carty from Illinois it is ready to go to a new cowboy home since I have had to retire from shooting. This is what we did; On the outside, shortened the barrel to 20", put a new magazine on so it will hold 10 rounds and added a leather butt wrap & lever wrap. Inside, we put in a C&I 3rd generation short stroke, Smith Shop lifter springs and an aluminum carrier. Plus all the normal polishing and fussing those 2 great Cowboy Gunsmiths do. Price $1460.00 shipped if your dealer will accept from and individual or $1500.00 from my FFL. Pictures below. Let me know if I can answer any questions, don't know that I will be able too, but I will try.
  8. Boom Pop take a look at this 2011 post from the SASS Wire about recoil suppressors. If you come to a decision after reading this you are lucky! https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php%3F/topic/175070-mercury-recoil-reducers-a-waste-of-money/&ved=2ahUKEwjLr_ek8beFAxVvAjQIHdlYBW0QFnoECCoQAQ&usg=AOvVaw0-1b5FvvB-1xYYz51rtipS
  9. It can help. But if your grandson is using your gun the main problem might be that it doesn't fit him properly and that can cause him a lot of discomfort. Like I said it can help but a proper fitting shotgun could help more. Ask at your club and see if anyone might have a gun with a shorter stock. If they do and he is more comfortable shooting that then adding a recoil reducer and a gun with a shorter stock could be your answer. I don't think the recoil reducer alone will solve your problem, Sorry Marlin
  10. Heard say that the only difference between Intelligence and stupidity is that intelligence is limited but stupidity is limitless!
  11. Title says it all but the price. This has been used but they don't wear out. I used it in a Stoeger double barrel. Cheapest price I saw new for one of these was $59.00 +shipping, I sold this one for $40.00 shipped to Squish. I put a 1/4" carriage bolt in the end of the reducer to use to take up the space in the stock that the reducer didn't fill. First I will take it here on the classifieds gets it.
  12. The pictures show the color and condition of the hat. Picture 1 shows some irregularities on the crown of the hat. Don't know what they are, just that they are there. The hat is marked XXXXX. Don't know what it means but there are no other markings on the hat or the box. Little or no wear or staining on sweatband or liner. No barcode on the box so I assume the hat is from the sixties or earlier. I don't really know. If you need more information you can ask but I don't know if I can answer. Price is $150.00 plus $30.00 for shipping. Original box will be placed inside another box for shipping. Thanks to a Wire Pard I have learned the Model name for this hat was "Stampede" and was produce for about a decade starting in 1972. Also those little depressions in the crown of the hat are called moth "nips".
  13. I have a pair for 3.5" barrel Original Model Vaqueros. Basket weave, lined and medium brown in color. Made by Tom Harris, Heritage Holsters, Thompson Falls, MT. $75.00 for the pair plus shipping
  14. Mr Okie Wire says you can't receive messages. Must need to do a little house cleaning in your messages.
  15. Since my health has driven me out of the game, and since I also have a Dillon 550 and Lee 4 Hole Turret press. I have decided to sell my Square Deal B because I can still load 38 special on my other presses if I need to. Selling Only As a Package Dillon Lifetime "No-B.S." Warranty Included from Dillon Square Deal B with 38 special dies Dillon Price $629.00 Strong Mount Dillon Price $110.00 Bullet Tray Kit Dillon Price $69.00 Cartridge Case Bin Bracket Dillon Price $42.00 2 Small Primer Pickup Tubes Dillon Price $22.00 Misc. Spare parts & Maintenance Dillon Price $60.00 more or less Total Dillon Price $932.00 more or less + freight Thanks for looking, Marlin
  16. Cat Consider it sold. Sending PM with my address, how to you want the gold?
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