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  1. Randy, I'll be happy to split shipping. Send me your address if this is correct. I'm all messed up, it must be political or the virus....please let me know if it's a go. Happy trails QDG/Mike 12-4-21 Need your address once again, send to "E" mcory514@att.net. thank you! Mike
  2. Folks, it's all DOUBLE TALK and SMOKE & MIRRORS to confuse those who don't have any common sense and who refuse to think for themselves. Happy trails QDG/Mike
  3. Randy, if you'll accept $160.00 shipped consider them sold, please let me know. @ mcory514@att.net. happy trails QDG/Mike
  4. GENTELMEN, Thank you again. Now I have several places to start and it looks like the funs just beginning. QDG/Mike
  5. Howdy Folks, I'm in need of some information on reloading the 38-55 Winchester Your suggestions will surly be appreciated as this is a new caliber for me. Happy trails QDG/Mike
  6. Hoss, not sure as I don't have the 1855 yet, I think your guess is better than mine, but when in doubt 2.125 will work out. If you ever need 44 Mag. Brass just let me know. Mike Cory 2904 Bralorne Ct., BAKERSFIELD CA 93309. Thanks a bunch, Happy Thanksgiving QDG/Mike "e" me if you ever need 44 Mag Brass (mcory514@att.net) as I only shoot 44 Special.
  7. Hoss, interested in 38-55, how many and maker? I have 1 bag 50 round and small USPS box of 120 once fired if your interested, maybe we can make a deal? happy tails QDG/Mike
  8. Tommyknocker sixgun 108668 I interested, can you send pictures and price if it's not sold? Happy trails QDG/Mike
  9. Howdy, have you checked out GUN BROKER under gun parts? I've had some luck there. Happy rails QDG/Mike
  10. Cherokee, got the holster this afternoon, it's the right one. belt holster with snap strap, basket weaved. Thanks again Mike
  11. It's correct sorry for the delay 2904 Bralorne Ct Bakersfield, Ca 93309. Will need your address. QDG/Mike
  12. Cherokee, can't figure this out, but I want the holster. Any suggestions pardner? QDG/Mike
  13. Cherokee , I'll take the 2nd to last holster, the basket weaved holster. Happy trails, PM shipping information and I'll do the same. QDG/Mike
  14. Howdy, Fence Cutter. Michael D. Cory

                                              2904 BRALORNE CT

                                              BAKERSFIELD, CA 93309


    Thanks partner

    Happy trails


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    2. Fence Cutter

      Fence Cutter

      The freight has been dropped off at the depot.  Sent it priority, expected to arrive on Friday. I have the tracking number if we need it.


    3. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Russ, appreciate the information, have a great weekend pardner!

      Looking forward to arrival and cold weather.

      Happy trails and shoot straight.



    4. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Russ, the jacket arrived Saturday evening, many thanks partner, QDG/Mike

  15. Howdy, looks to be just what I need, another jacket. PM shipping info and I'll do the same. I'LL TAKE IT. happy trails QDG/Mike
  16. Stoney, clairification needed please 7th picture, the holsters with belt buckles. What's the story? Do you still have them and the price is shipped, right? Happy trails & thank you. QDG/Mike
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