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  1. It's about time MD started sticking it to the Gunfighters ! and all the other Smokie Less shooters....

    For most of two decades Stages were written "starting on the Left " ,,,, so often those that shoot the real powder are blowing smoke onto their next targets...

    Or stages ... Dump five on target 1 then dump five on target 2... Probably Starting on the left ( with-out regard to wind direction )

     A double tap sweep could be written ,,,, STARTING ON EITHER END ...

    Or if you want two shots on each target, allow the shooter to decide how he wants to do that ... ( to avoid confusion the shooter can tell the TO how they plan to do it, and he can inform the Spotters...)  

    A ten shot string with my 38-40 burns 340 grains of powder and if i'm using my .45s I burn 377 grains of powder for ten shots this makes a sizeable cloud of smoke,

     I really don't need the stage writer to add to the difficulty in getting it done...

    So let's pick on the Gunfighters and the Lot, for a change ....


    Jabez Cowboy


  2. I use a Lyman Blackpowder Measure and drop-Tube , I batch process, I resize a bunch, Clean a bunch, Seat the Primers, (Watching a Western) Flair the case mouths, put them in loading blocks, (50 or 100 to a block ) drop powder in, Seat and crimp bullets.

    I usually process 400 - 800 cases at a time ... I use Goex 3F, 34 grains under a 181 gr RNFP, lubed with SPG. I use the same load in both rifles and Pistols...

    I get very little fouling, Tons of smoke and my guns will run a 6 stage match with No attention ....  I take the side plates of my 66 every 2 or 3 years to check for fouling and to lube things up and inspect for wear... My 66 has a 24.5/8 inch barrel and the bullets carry enough lube out to the end of the barrel to make a nice soft lube star at the muzzle... My revolvers are 7.5 inch Uberti Cattlemen... I have recut the throats to 19 degrees, squared up the barrel faces slightly opening the cylinder Gap to better work with Blackpowder... I buy Star - Line .44-40 brass in lots of 500 or 1,000 ( it is cheaper than 38-40 brass ) run it through the size die like normal and load ...

    Up here a batch of 500 cases in .44-40 is $45 bucks cheaper than the 500 38-40 cases, both being Star-line ... 


    This year marks my 60th. year reloading with-out supervision, started out under the watchful eyes of my dad before that... You could say I apprenticed under his care.  


    Jabez Cowboy



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  3. Any barrel Length over 4.2 inches or longer on a pistol is Just Restricted on revolvers, except those in .32 and.22 caliber those are a No go (prohibited).

    Lever guns can be in .22, .25, 32 and bigger calibers.  Long range rifles are not a problem.

    The twit is trying to force through a bad on 10 gauge shotguns ( not a law yet )

    Alberta where I life has instructed the RCMP not to enforce the new Federal Gun Laws...  I guess we will see how that goes...

    The 2023 SASS Canadian Nationals will be held 7.2 miles from my place... Stop by for a visit if you come up this way.


    Jabez Cowboy

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  4. Da Grass is mostly Brown around here, least it doesn't need cutting as much ....


    Da hay needs bailing, at least there is some bein so hot lately that the Grasshoppers is carrying water bottles ..


    Jabez Cowboy

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  5. What's this place coming to ??? smiley Faces...


    Where oh Where have all the real Grumpy Gone ???


    Just for that No Coffee Today !


    And I have 5,000 Small Pistol Primers Just sitting around Gathering Dust,,,,,, There that should make Ya all Grumpy


    Jabez Cowboy

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