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  1. Can we all say Dictatorship... Kind of like that of China or Cuba... So very sad ... Jabez Cowboy
  2. Stupid is as Stupid Does.... And that sure fits in her Case... Jabez Cowboy
  3. Deacon's Brat... Water Boy... Now you're Grumpy... Jabez Cowboy
  4. Yep it is wise to keep your hands out of a dog Fight ... Hope ya heal up just Fine, but for now ya got another reason ta be Grumpy.... Jabez Cowboy
  5. Nay... I was at a Shoot... Then a Children/Youth Worker's conference .... But I is Right Grumpy and Home Now... Jabez Cowboy
  6. Now i'm both GRUMPY And VERY MAD.... Turdeau is a waist of skin , and a traitor to Canada... Jabez Cowboy
  7. I Wonder How much Grass would get cut, if I had this Contraption ... Jabez Cowboy
  8. It sure is Fun watching the Young Foxes play on the den hill... Jabez Cowboy
  9. Back from Page 4... I saw the 5 new Fox Kits playing in the Yard today under the watchful eye of the Pappy... Jabez Cowboy
  10. Well today we saw 5 little Kits out playing on the hill, with Dad Watching... They sure are cute Fuss Balls... Jabez Cowboy
  11. I love it when they raise a new bunch of Kits and I can watch the Kits playing King of the Castle on the hill out my south facing Windows... I don't have any stock and they get some of the Gophers that Eat the Hay I do grow.... Jabez Cowboy
  12. CLK he wern't Whining,,,, He was Sniveling, with a tear of self pity in his eye... Done got a fox den in my Yard again... Jabez Cowboy
  13. I didn't think this was Legal for our Game... Jabez Cowboy
  14. I know a bit about that, we came home from Uganda One year to find our 1,840 for basement with 3 feet of water in it... The sump pump was running steady, but couldn't keep up... Some one jimmied both outside taps so they ran wide open down the side of the house... The person ( watching ) the house didn't notice... This was 10 days before the SASS Canadian Nationals.... Made it to the shoot, but a little worn out.... Jabez Cowboy
  15. Blackwater, I'm sure some of da tales will come from you... Have a great time . I was down in your neck of da woods a couple of years ago. But I didn't know then that Ya was hanging out there or I would have looked Ya up.... Jabez Cowboy
  16. Nice warm Spring Day Forecast for tomorrow... Up here in Canada we have Four Seasons,,, In winter We get Snow and Cold this is the season of Snowmobiling, Skiing, Icefishing and slip sliding down Roads,,, Fall is when we have warm days and cool nights, The leaves turn colors, and We go hunting. Summer when we try and jamb pack all we can into those days of Hot weather, fishing, Water Skiing And Camping... So we have the seasons of Summer, Fall, Winter and Disapointment... When we can have all of the Worse of the preceding seasons... Jabez Cowboy
  17. CLK; Are you coming out here to shoot this year??? Jabez Cowboy
  18. See I done fixed CLK's Post ... Ya can thank me later... Pull up a Stump an tell me about all Yer woes... Coffee is Hot an fresh... Jabez Cowboy
  19. That Hammer will leave him a nice shade on Blue an Black ... Most would get Black an Blue but some just have to be different... God Bless big Hammers... Jabez Cowboy
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