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  1. The enacted Gun ban is an illegal Ban, to enact legally the Full house must be in session ...

    Further 3 Provinces and The territory of Yukon have stated they oppose these Gun Laws.

    And under our Confederation agreement if 3 or more Provinces and or Territories  say No Way , it can Not and Shall Not be brought into effect...


    But little Crime Minister seems to be above the Law...  For now!


    Jabez Cowboy

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  2. The ones we use up here can run up to 5 miles of four strand fence...  These are commercial units used on ranches ...

    There are smaller ones as well my Neighbour uses one to run two stand fence for 3,500 feet ...


    And yes they do work ...Gallager is one Name brand... There are other brands some better, some worse...


    Trust this helps 


    Jabez Cowboy   

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  3. My Wife picked me up a little over 39 years ago...:D :D


    It's been quite a ride ....


    My message this Sunday was an over view of the Book of Isaiah then a closer look at Isaiah 43: 1-7 

    Did you know that Isaiah, means " God Saves" ?



    Jabez Cowboy 


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  4. So very True ...


    Now git out and Shoot, some critters...

    Ya got's to bring da winter meat supply...


    Coffee is hot ... and Strong been a stewing fer 3days ...



    Jabez Cowboy

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