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  1. Howdy all ye Grumps and ner-do -wells: 

    Page 5,,,, 

    Sorry I haven't been Keeping up with these posts, I have been taking a Course On-line at our Bible college, 6 weeks of intense learning. A semester compressed into 6 weeks... 


    Well Grump on!


    Jabez Cowboy

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  2. My Uberti's measure,  .3786 Cylinder Mouths (All the Same) Groove Diameter . 378,  I use .380 balls...

    I have a Pietta , (Boat Anchor) Cylinder mouths measure between .366 - .371, Groove Diameter .3825 .... a .380 ball will drop down the barrel from one end to the other.

    The  Pietta is lucky to keep 5 shots on a 8.5 x 11.5 sheet of paper at 7 yards, the Uberti's will keep 6 inch or better 5 shot groups at 75 yards...


    Jabez Cowboy

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  3. We can still make a difference in our World, through Prayer and Voting, we still out number them ...


    Coffee for the Grumps hay for the Steads, no snow left...


    Jabez Cowboy

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  4. Hey DDD; 

    I hear that you were given some "Pop Rock" candy and when it started to pop in you're mouth, you screamed and crawled under the table... shouting "Bombs get down every one"

    They finally lured you out from under the table with a lolly Pop...

    Are you planning to Shoot this year?


    Jabez Cowboy


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  5. More than a few years this way , seems ever since WB happened, Winter range 2016.. Buckles Ten deep in each WB category, Long range Only mentioned the top 3 in any category .  I finished 4 place in Pistol Caliber lever Rifle 1.31  seconds behind the third place shooter top three all shot Smokeless, I shot full case loads in .45 Colt under 270 gr. RNFP bullets  no category for Holy Black and no mention of my 4 place finish...  I think there were more shooters in this event than the total number of shooters in WB... 


    Jabez Cowboy

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