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  1. CLK;

    Thanks for the warning ,,,,,, But turd-pew is the stink that won't Go away ...

    Took the Shadow out for a ride , over to see the Grandson ......

    Yes I will try and Be Grumpy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, After I leave there ....


    Jabez Cowboy


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  2. Well That's sure to make Canadian's Grumpy !!!

    Puto and Coke to finish off Lunch , The Brown and Liquid Kind and Puto is A Pilipino Soft and Fluffy Desert ...

    Great fer folks with-out Chompers ...

    Warm a Windy out here Now ... Git often Da Lawn !!!


    Jabez  Cowboy 

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  3. Well i just finished my sermon on Pentecost, for tomorrow .

    Now off to our Cowboy Club planning meeting on the range , they said dress warm, I ain't wearing NO dress ...:)


    Be good ...

    And Grump on !!!


    Jabez Cowboy

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  4. Pretty Happy with the News ...

    Not so happy with all the Shoots getting Cancelled ..


    Coffee and Cake fer da Grumps and Lead fer da Younkers lurkin about da Lawn ...

    Thanks fer da Prayers and well wishes ...

    Need to get ta preparing my One year Pastors report to the District.


    Jabez Cowboy

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  5. Sent you my number ...

    Imis ;


    Got some great news this past week , it seems that the stent they put in my left Kidney is allowing it to function as well as the one on the Right side .  The Cancer Doc. says that he can't see any conclusive evidence of Cancer, so for now No surgery needed ... He will be monitoring my situation again in 3 months . Also keeping an eye on a lump in my chest ...


    Now all ya Younkers Git often da lawn !!!


    Jabez Cowboy 

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  6. Imis  Pard If I do come down your way I will for sure stop by for a visit ...

    How is Blue Boy ?

    I saw a map of a couple of Rides in TN. and thought of you right away .

    The way I see it right now is Option #1 Trailer the Shadow down behind the Class "C" Motorhome.

    Option #2 Or Ride and Hotel/ motel it ... This could take a while as 300 miles a day is more than the Boss will go for ...

    I'm thinking Option #1 is what is most likely... Got Shot #1 for COVID a couple days ago ....

    I'm going to Pm you for your Phone # , what is the best time to call ? 


    Jabez Cowboy 


  7. Howdy Imis Twohofon ;

    Pard how far are you From Johnson City Tn. ? 


    And do you have some roads that are fun to cruise Two Up on my Honda Shadow ?


    Looks like almost all our Cowboy Shoots are a No Go this year except the local ones .

    But it seems I can Cross the boarder South and Tour on my Bike .


    Jabez Cowboy

  8. 25 C here this past Wed. cooler today 15 C for a high .... Got down to 0 overnight ...

    Overnight lows were 7-12 C Tuesday though Sat.  Spring might have arrived .

    Going for a pre-surgery consult tomorrow.


    Jabez Cowboy 

  9. Rev Willy;

    I am thinking of reactivating the Wagon Train we had in 2019, Alberta shoot , two shoots in Sask. back to Alberta to my home Range , then onward to B.C. for 2 shoots ... 6 major shoots in under 4 weeks ... 


    Jabez Cowboy

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