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  1. Painted Mohawk, ours is so far worse than yours that they defy comparison .....

    Our PM has already committed 3 Crimes that carry minimum specified sentences of 10 years for each offence.

    Good to see you are still alive and Kicking ...

    When are you coming to shoot up here ? 2022 is a good year .....


    Jabez Cowboy  

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  2. CLK;

    Pard, yes it is Hard to watch your loved one's health fail.

    And even though this is hard, you are not alone and you have the good times to remember.

    On Jan.29 of this year my wife said the hardest part of almost loosing Me was Having to go home because of COVID, and not knowing if She would ever see me again as they sent me off to Calgary and she had to go home and isolate.

    We will be praying for you both, God Bless  Walter


    Jabez Cowboy


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  3. Sure is miles better looking than you :P


    I will keep her and you in my prayers , if you would like to tell me her day and month of birth , I would add her to mine and the Bosses Prayer list ... Each month we pray for the people having Birthdays in that month each day, so added to prayer for spoken needs , they get a full month before the Lord ... You are welcome to do the same ...


    Jabez Cowboy 

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  4. Sorry ta hear that , can SWMBO travel ?

    If you had someone to care for her at a shoot Would that work ?

    Anyway Take care, All the best to you both .. 

    Eat Cake and Drink Coffee and Shoot ...


    Jabez Cowboy

  5. If you mean the puddle left when you wipe the table with a damp dishrag you would be closer to the truth !!!

    A real Puddle gives him way too much credit ...


    Coffee is Hot and fresh and Banana Loaf fer da Grumps ...


    Jabez Cowboy 

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  6. I'm a kind Shephard, our Kneeling benches have padding for your Knees, still oak tops to make wipe-downs easy and keep Ya on task ...

    Club Shoot at the range this afternoon, to bad I'm busy with Church work :angry:.


    Jabez Cowboy

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  7. Sure glad my Doc. don't require that much work from me, thought my kidneys is sure working overtime ...

    Had the old Stent removed from my left Kidney and a new one installed a week ago. then next day of to our shoot 

    Shot all 12 stages, the wife didn't think I could, and i'm sure there were others that thought the same ...

    Well Grump on !


    Jabez Cowboy

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    Where did all the Red Heads Go ???

    I ain't seen no Younkers on da Lawn trespassing fer Months ,,, Miss the good old days before the Old came and settled in on Me ...

    Shot 6 stages on Saturday, 4 Misses ,,,, them spotters done needs Glasses ,,, What's a little smoke ?

    Was plum tuckered out by the end of the shoot , still peeing RED ...


    Jabez Cowboy

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