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  1. Da fellow on the right of the Screen is the Dictator of CUBA.... The one in the Middle is the PM of Canada, Also a Dic -Tater... Jabez Cowboy
  2. He Lied about Groping Women He Lied about Blackface He Lied about His Jobs He Lied About His Mom getting paid to speak at Liberal Functions... He Lied About about everything... Jabez Cowboy
  3. Mean Nasty and Stupid makes one unfit to even lead the way out of a dump... Jabez Cowboy
  4. And Harper Was Buying Brand Spankin New Jets... Not Matured ones.... Jabez Cowboy
  5. Now after the Liberals Opted out of the F 35 program that We had been a part of since 1997, the start of the program... We are Buying 88 F-35s, But we are buying "Matured" F-35s I take this to mean "Used" F-35s... And We won't be getting the First 4 ( not a Joke ) until 2026 and the rest bit by bit ending in 2034 ... At a projected Cost of 70 Billion Dollars, Being as Liberal Project Costs usually end up costing 4 to 12 times what they state this should be Fun ! Jabez Cowboy
  6. It is only my Government because of massive Fraud by the Liberal Party of Canada... And rigging by the " Old Stock " Canadians that our PM claims to dislike... Even though he is ONE ... That and Votes by dead People that all seem to Vote Liberal... Jabez Cowboy
  7. Back to the Top where We belong .... Grumps Rule ... Now pull but a stump and tell Me a Tale or outright Lie, I'm used to being lied to by my Government ... Jabez Cowboy
  8. Happy New Year ,,, I'm hoping for a NEW Government in 23.. Jabez Cowboy
  9. I'm Dreaming of a Warmer Christmas, We have sure been COLD lately... Don't mind da snow as much as the really Cold weather... Plan on being in Norther Uganda in a Month on a mission trip ... Jabez Cowboy
  10. Merry Merry Christmas... And a Grumpy New Year... Jabez Cowboy
  11. Ain't it funny that loss of hearing seems to be mostly, in the range which corresponds with the range of his Wife's speaking range.... Jabez Cowboy
  12. Come on Grumps gather up all Yer pumps let's clear Blackwater's yard of Water... Before it turns in to an Ice rink, or forget it and bring skates and Hockey sticks.... Merry Christmas Blackwater...
  13. Merry Christmas one and All...


  14. WoW !!! We don't have those Punch Cards,,, Here in the Fringe Country, YET! Merry Christmas to all YA Grumps... Jabez Cowboy & Pastor's Wife
  15. Amen ! When Pastors are being jailed for standing up for the rights of Canada's Citizens, something is very Wrong with that government... When Airsoft guns are being given Prohibited status, because they look like semi-auto "Black guns" you know they haven't a clue... These single shot pump action toys that shoot a 6mm plastic pellet, do not even meet the definition of being a firearm, velocity under 500 FPS. powered by compressed air. Way less powerful than even a "Red Rider" BB gun... Jabez Cowboy
  16. Page 3,bad form... Now our little Potatoe is back tracking, saying Trust Me... But he is the least trustworthy thing I know about... It makes me Sad that Canada a once proud Nation has slipped this far to allow this Twit to be PM.... Jabez Cowboy
  17. Euthanize about half the MP's and the PM, problem solved ... They think it's a good Idea for others, why not have them lead the way for once ... It would free up a ton of money for Vets and Seniors... Jabez Cowboy
  18. Since Liberals have never had the where-with-all to form an Original thought they relied on their Paid Puppies for advice... The "Woke" movement at it's best... But anyone that believes anything coming out of Turdeau's mouth needs to Wake up... Jabez Cowboy
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