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  1. Two years ago I had Mr.Fox and his Vixen raise 7 Kits in my yard about 40 yards from my kitchen window on a mound of dirt ..

    They dug a den there with two entrances both facing my house, Kits were fun to watch playing King of the hill ...

    My boys and I made life a little easyer for them by trapping Gophers and piling them, one pile across the driveway to the S.W. of the den about 60 yards away.

    The other pile on the North side of the house about 100 yards N.W. of the den . 

    We got new neighbor's in the fall, with dogs , that kept coming over here and bothering the foxes. So they packed up and left.

    The foxes still stop by and check the lunch piles now and again...

    I sure was tempted to take care of the problem from the east side of my fence with a gun.


    Jabez Cowboy 

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  2. Howdy Linn;

    It was good to talk to you the other day, it sounds like things are Going Melissa's way !

    And yes it seems that prayers are being answered YA HOO but there is still a way to go for Both of you .

    You need to stay strong both in body and Spirit so that you can keep a watchful eye on things .

    My Wife Marilyn sends Melissa lot's of Hugs and her walking group is also sending up prayers .

    Tears are a part of the healing process, so just hold her tight .

    My 2 year old Granddaughter was delighted when she saw my arms, "Purple " she said with glee as this was her favorite Colour !

    Any way GOD Bless and Keep you both .


    Jabez Cowboy   

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  3. Lynn i'm so glad that your wife has had such amazing results and seems to be on the road back to a full recovery.

    This really hits home as my wife almost lost me on Jan 29 2021 to multiple Pulmonary Emboi, the doctors said there was a miracle that evening .

    Both lungs were full of Mega Clots with some also in my heart and one Free Range Clot headed for my Brain .

    Every thing worked in my favor, they just about lost me again in the CCU with two Doctors and four Nurses there .

    In my case they don't seem to be able to find the cause, so i'm on blood thinners long term it seems.


    Have they been able to find the cause in Melissa's case ? 

    I have been praying for you both, and I wish I had seen this post before .

    I will have my church praying for you both .

    Please be aware that this trauma can be hard on ones Mental state as well as on the body.

    Rest in the arms of God for he cares for you above All . 

    If you ever have a need to talk call me 1 403 370 6214  


    God Bless ;

    Jabez Cowboy ( aka ) Walter

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  4. How many people in the truck?

    Each Person reduces the payload.

    Bigger Heavier shocks ,,,,, same thing.

    2 hours ago, Injun Ryder, SASS #36201L said:

    This is what I tow. Note that I do have AirLift shocks to assist the suspension and 10 ply tires.


    The trailer is not hitched in the photo. When hitched with the weight distributing hitch, the trailer is level.


    I have only towed this combination about 500+ miles so far.





  5. Congratulation's Widder ;

    You are very deserving of this Honor ...

    So does this mean you are coming to Western Canada to shoot this August -Sept ? 

    It looks like The SASS Nationals will be held the first weekend of Sept.  Great timing My birthday Being the same Weekend ...

    We can probably string a Aberta Shoot and 2 B.C. Shoots together  .... And maybe a Sask. Shoot too .



    Jabez Cowboy 

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  6. Most F 150 trucks come with 4 ply CAR tires , Up here in our province of B.C. they are pulling about every F-150 over that is pulling a trailer over 16 feet, or with a Camper on it and Ticketing over 85% for being Over-Weight .  And over 20% are being Impounded because of Being severally Over-Weight to the degree as to warrant a Court appearance ...  I'm glad I live in Alberta and have a Class C Motorhome .


    Jabez Cowboy 

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