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  1. I plan on entering the 2024  Canadian Championship.

    I'll be 88 on January 2nd



    1. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Great to hear from you again, looking forward to seeing you again it has been quite a while...

      88 Eh! , Well you don't look a day over 90...

      Now you will be properly Grumpyfied...


      Jabez Cowboy 

  2. Howdy Pard;

    I am looking to get your Number so we can talk . 

    What is the best time to talk ?


    Jabez Cowboy AKA: Walter 

    1. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129


      My phone Number is 403-697-2595 

      I will call tomorrow , Talk soon .



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  3. Howdy Walt. Hope all's with you and the Mrs. We are well and safe here. Different world isn't it?

    Idaho Muleskinner  aka: Larry

    1. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Howdy Muleskinner :

      This past year has been a year of blessings and Challenges .

      Oct. 2019 our Churches Pastor steppped down , leaving me as Church board Sec. to care for our People as well as the operation of the Church .... Then COCID hit in the spring of 2020,,,  May  of 2020 I was Granted My Local Preachers License , So I have been caring for and preaching for coming on one year ... 2020 saw the addition on two new Grandsons and one Grandaughter  .

      Since a lot of shoots were  cancelled and one of my friends riding Motorcycles , I dusted of the old Bike a Suzuki GS 650 GL and got back on two wheels, so since about Oct. and till now I /We 

      (da Boss ) over the winter have ridden around 2,500 KM.

      The Boss ( Marilyn ) Expressed interest in a bike with a more comfortable seat for her , So I'm sad to say I have to buy a new to me Honda 1,200 Shadow Spirit with Bags and Trunk .  Bought it from a 93 year old life long rider , it is a 2005 model and had only 16,400 Km on the Clock and looked like new .... He couldn't handle this heavy a bike any more, and was happy to see it go to someone who would appreciate it ...

      I used the rest of my slack time to catch up on some Smithing work and even recut the the breech end of the barrels on my new pair of Cattlemen SAA in .38-40 (squaring it up and making the Cylinder gap an even 6 thou.


      I hope I haven't bored you to death , and look forward to shooting with you again ,,, Soon I hope !!!



  4. Howdy Rev.

    I was wondering about traveling through Illinois across the N.W. part of the State , I think  

    on I - 94 ... Are there special rule about traveling with Cowboy Guns ?  MBPGA is S. E. of there ...

    Good to see Ya is Still Grumpy ...


    Jabez Cowboy

    1. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Looks like The boarder is to remain closed ,,,, So ...

      Keep on Grumping ....


      Jabez Cowboy

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  5. Thanks for the offer to include me, but I seem to be able to get a lot more work than I really want ...

    I have missed more than my fair share of Meals at major shoot due to fixing Pards guns so they could be back in service same day often with lose of use of one stage or less ...

    So while I am always ready to help out a fellow shooter , i'm getting less and less inclined to do more work ..


    Jabez Cowboy

    1. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      The short answer is No, the last one in the area that I never had to fix the work done by that person died about 2 years ago from Cancer ... He was trained By Rigby in Scotland, we sometimes worked together on guns .... 

      I have seen a lot of Quote "Cowboy Jobs" that rendered the firearm unsafe ,things like shotguns not staying closed when the first barrel is fired , Leverguns that will not stay properly closed and in battery unless the lever is held fully closed , 97s pumps that are so loose they open on firing ....etc ...

      This kind of work is the reason I have not fully retired....


      Jabez Cowboy


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  6. Quote


    Howdy Driftwood Johnson

    I trust these Photos are of use to you


    Jabez Cowboy








    1. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      I was that Cowboy that suggested it was perhaps a 250 ...

      A 325 is a Boxlock and a 350 is a sidelock , and I thought that might be the case with the 200 series as well ...


      I trust you are Well ...


      Jabez Cowboy

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  7. Jabez, you need to come down to Forsythe, Mt. for the Quigley shoot on Father's Day weekend. You can arrive a few days before the shoot to sight in. The ranges are from 350 yds. offhand out to 805 yds. shooting off cross sticks.

    1. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Howdy Blarney Kid;

      Thanks for the Invite, I will Keep that in mind.

      I will check dates and see if it conflicts with Our Match ....

      It sounds like fun ...

      Do you also have a class for Long Range Singleshot Pistol Caliber guns ?

      I have a nice .38 WCF. Lowwall  that puts the fun factor in shooting, Ladies and Kids really love this gun ...

      Must have had a dozen try their hand at 300 yards of my sticks , the grins and massive Smiles on their faces when the steel was ringing ,,,, Well they loved the lack of recoil lighter weight mild report and Hitting shot for shot ...

      It made me grin as big as the best of the bunch ...


      Sure wouldn't mind hearing more details about  the Quigeley Shoot ..


      Jabez Cowboy

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