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  1. Same style as ever ....... No change ... Except More Grey ... Been a Cowboy before I could grow Hair under my Nose ... Jabez Cowboy
  2. Painted Mohawk ; I'll be sure and Tell him when he's old enough to understand, Or perhaps you can tell him that in person when Ya comes up here ta Shoot ... I have plenty of space ta put Ya and the Boss up for an extended stay ,,,,, Shooting Spree ... Now I have the next Grandchild tying ta get born a little early she is 31 weeks and causing Mom to have High Blood pressure issues so may need to come out a little early ... Prayer for Charlene, Baby and my Son Vince is in Order ... Jabez Cowboy
  3. Remington 1100 Special Skeet ,,, It truly was the worse patterning gun ever .... Each shot produced 3 clumps and lot's of holes that clay bird could fly through .... Tried lots of different loads both factory and handloads nothing helped ... Jabez Cowboy
  4. Howdy All Ya Bunch Of Grumpy Old ..... Announcing the Birth of My First GRANDSON ,, May 21 at 12:30 6 Pounds 3 Ounces ,,,, 19.5 Long ... He is Named Gideon and Joins my Two Granddaughters .... Jabez Cowboy
  5. I'll Stand behind Him i've heard about how he Shoots ........... And i'fen you is riding Da River with him Make sure it's you that's got da paddle ... Jabez Cowboy
  6. Only a Working on year 36 .... Got 3 new Grand Babies Scheduled in for this Year ... One any Day ... Jabez Cowboy
  7. Remember a Married Man can Either Be Happy Or Right .... Jabez Cowboy
  8. I kinda like the Self propelled Version , they carry their own Rifles and Cartridges and Can clean-up after themselves just toss the body in the Duce and a Half ,,, and Mount-up ....And Bullets is still cheap when bought in bulk .... Jabez Cowboy
  9. I derive a portion of my income from Ballistic testing various Loads in Many calibers from .204 Ruger -to .460 Weatherby... Like many in the 1970s I had a bunch of RCBS Dies, mostly because they were Available in every gun shop up here in Western Canada.... They were decent dies for the Times ... But it seemed that RCBS was Happy to retain those standards while other manufactures were working hard to improve theirs , the first time I noticed this was In setting-up some Lyman Dies in .270 Winchester for a friend in 1973 . I noticed that the bullets seated straighter than my RCBS dies , make a long story short to equal the amount of bullet run-out his Lyman dies produced just seating bullets normally ... I had to seat a bullet about 70% turn the case 180 degrees and seat it the rest of the way ... Not to put to Fine a point on things my above post states my die choices , one of my remaining RCBS sets is in .38 Spl./ .357 Mag and is a carbide set and is ok . I do not use .38 Spl. much and .357 Mag even less , and accuracy is not of great concern , so they stay around for use... I must say I was Favorably impressed with my 2017 made RCBS Cowboy Dies in .38-40 ,,,, I just couldn't get a set of Hornady New Dimention Dies in .38-40 ... Truth be told I got Impatient and bought the Cowboy Dies, because the Kid in me wouldn't Wait ... They are nicely made and will see much use ... I put Hornady and Redding as the very best in die sets, baring Custom made usually Bench Rest dies ... Redding cost a bunch more than Hornady hence I have more of the Red Brand ... Jabez Cowboy
  10. Make enough Smoke and Folks can't see what Ya is doing Wrong .... Twenty of My cartridges , make More Smoke than 50 "Smoke Standard" ones .... Have Fun , and the rest will take care of it's self... Jabez Cowboy
  11. For the Rifle take a A-Zoom and Machine a groove For a "O" ring for tight Fit in the Chamber Then cut-off part of the Rim it stays in the chamber ... Then dry-fire to your hearts content .... Jabez Cowboy
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