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  1. Merry Christmas one and All...


  2. As a Fellow minister of God, I was trying to lighten the mood somewhat.

    This was not meant in any manor to slight the Pastor, he saw the chance to correct the situation and bravely took action . Good on him.

    Fortunately we haven't had that kind of Gun Trouble in our Churches in Canada Yet.

    Jabez Cowboy  

    1. Charlie Harley, #14153

      Charlie Harley, #14153

      Hello Jabez.  I took no offense in any fashion from your joke. My time as a pew-jumping charismatic (Pentecostals were another division of the church) would more accurately be called a cult from which I escaped. Being “slain in the spirit”, or at least pretending to be, was so common that we used to joke that it looked like people getting shot. Hence, my reaction. 

      Im glad this kind of trouble has not come north of the border yet. 

  3. Good to see you are still a Kickin....


    Jabez Cowboy

  4. Howdy Pard;

    I am looking to get your Number so we can talk . 

    What is the best time to talk ?


    Jabez Cowboy AKA: Walter 

    1. Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646

      Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646



      My cell phone 615-305-2621. It would probably be better if you would text your number to me so I can put it in my phone since I dont usually answer numbers that I dont recognize, even if I am expecting a call. Im retired, caretake my dad Blue Boy sass 36773 and am around the house most all day , most every day so any time between 7amcdst and 10 pmcdst..

      looking forward to hearing from you


      Imis  aka Doug

    2. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129


      My phone Number is 403-697-2595 

      I will call tomorrow , Talk soon .



  5. Howdy Trigger Mike ;

    I pastor a Small Nazarene Church in Alberta Canada ...

    What flavor of Church do you Pastor ?


    God Bless you and yours in these trying times ...


    Jabez Cowboy  aka. Pastor Walter

  6. Howdy Rev.

    I was wondering about traveling through Illinois across the N.W. part of the State , I think  

    on I - 94 ... Are there special rule about traveling with Cowboy Guns ?  MBPGA is S. E. of there ...

    Good to see Ya is Still Grumpy ...


    Jabez Cowboy

    1. Rev Willy Dunkum, SASS # 61027

      Rev Willy Dunkum, SASS # 61027

      Did I miss this message?  Are you still needing info on this or is this an old message?

      I'm old and fall asleep easily... HA HA! 

    2. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Looks like The boarder is to remain closed ,,,, So ...

      Keep on Grumping ....


      Jabez Cowboy

  7. Thanks for the offer to include me, but I seem to be able to get a lot more work than I really want ...

    I have missed more than my fair share of Meals at major shoot due to fixing Pards guns so they could be back in service same day often with lose of use of one stage or less ...

    So while I am always ready to help out a fellow shooter , i'm getting less and less inclined to do more work ..


    Jabez Cowboy

    1. Tequila Shooter

      Tequila Shooter

      Thanks JC, I completely understand.  Is there any other smiths up your way that you’d recommend?



    2. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      The short answer is No, the last one in the area that I never had to fix the work done by that person died about 2 years ago from Cancer ... He was trained By Rigby in Scotland, we sometimes worked together on guns .... 

      I have seen a lot of Quote "Cowboy Jobs" that rendered the firearm unsafe ,things like shotguns not staying closed when the first barrel is fired , Leverguns that will not stay properly closed and in battery unless the lever is held fully closed , 97s pumps that are so loose they open on firing ....etc ...

      This kind of work is the reason I have not fully retired....


      Jabez Cowboy


  8. Howdy :

    This Slightly over Weight FCD Shooter of Open-Tops with 7 1/2 barrels is looking at Maybe getting better leather that stays open for reholstering ....

    I'm not big on Flash, except at the Muzzle, or Bling ...

    I am also considering going FCGF ....

    Have a great day ... I can be reached by Pm , Or E-Mule  JabezCowboy@shaw.ca


    Jabez Cowboy

  9. Howdy Pard;

    I am thinking about a nicer rig for my Twins "Buck" and "Boom", they are 7 1/2 inch barreled navy gripped Open-Tops in .44 Spl.

    I shoot FCD, I am also toying with trying Gunfighter , I use Left and Right Strong side holsters ...

    No Cross draws for me ... I want lined holsters with a flair on the top for easy re-holstering and I want them to stay open ....

  10. Quote


    Howdy Driftwood Johnson

    I trust these Photos are of use to you


    Jabez Cowboy








    1. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

      Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

      Howdy Jabez


      Thanks for the photos.


      My shotgun is clearly different than yours. Mine has side locks, yours is a boxlock. And the bottom of my shotgun looks different than yours. I have a book about Stevens/Savage, and it clearly shows the model 235, which looks just like yours.


      It does not show my shotgun.


      If you google Stevens Model 250 you will find photos of my shotgun. Only because at some point somebody, I don't remember who, told me that is what it is.


      However I just googled again and came up with a picture from an old catalog, which pretty well convinces me that mine is a Model 250.


      Thanks again for the photos.




    2. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      I was that Cowboy that suggested it was perhaps a 250 ...

      A 325 is a Boxlock and a 350 is a sidelock , and I thought that might be the case with the 200 series as well ...


      I trust you are Well ...


      Jabez Cowboy

    3. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

      Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

      Well, there you have it.


      Thanks for reminding me it was you who suggested mine was a 250. I did not remember.


      I'm glad we both agree on what mine is, there is no model number on it.


      Thanks again,



  11. Howdy Driftwood Johnson :

    Pard, it is my failing that I have No idea as to how to get Photos onto the Wire, but I have just taken some pretty good ones of my Stevens Model 235 ....

    I just noticed there is an Attachment icon below , will it work for getting you those Photos ???

    My gun has matching Ser.# and I bought it from the Son of the first owner....


    Jabez Cowboy

    1. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

      Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

      Let's see.


      I clicked on it and downloaded this photo from my hard drive. I did not have to go out to Photobucket to get the photo. Did you receive it?



      Stevens 355 and 250.jpg

  12. Howdy ya ole Friendly Curmudgeon:

    Sorry fer the Mistaken Identity,,, I'm sure that fellow wasn't near as hansom or up-standing as Ya is .. And probley older and stouter ....

    Anyway my loads have failed to damage any of our Targets ... Bullets are soft cast and the loads used by me are a ballistic match for loads left to me by my granddad, in other words I am shooting loads just like the real Cowboys of the 1870-- 1890s used ....  He left me loads in .45 colts dating from 1874 - 1919 all loaded with real black powder ( over 1,000 rounds ) I tested a few from each different lot ...

    He also left me ammo in .38 WCF dating from 1882- 1896 ....

    My first real job was working on a Ranch the Marketed 40,000 steers per year , My granddad started Ranching in 1866...


    Jabez Cowboy

  13. Howdy Deuce :

    Met ya briefly at WR in 2016...

    Watched ya go in the Shoot off ...

    Just saying Howdy ...


    Jabez Cowboy

  14. Jeb;

    First thanks for your clubs great camping spot ...

    You have a great club, and a lot of room to develop futher , and plans to improve even more ....

    I wish I had your range and it's potential ...

    As to your Sunday shoot , first let me say I enjoyed it and shooting with your club ...

    I really enjoyed your Knock-down targets  and found them to be fairly set , not hard to knock down ...

    Seems some folks used loads on the light side ...

    And I like stages with movement  forward , to bad your shoot the door open didn't work as intended..

    I think it was a good idea and fun to shoot ...

    I really like a mix of stage types with-out a lot of "Stand and deliever" stages ...

    I will certainly keep your state match in mind for 2018 ...

    Again I had fun and thanks to all my new friends in your club ...

    Tell Jughead and Smoke Nelsen Howdy ...


    Jabez Cowboy

  15. Howdy Crusty:

    I enjoyed shooting with you and your Bunch .

    Hope to get back your way in 18 .

    Thanks for your Kindness with the Camping and all ...


    Jabez Cowboy

    1. Crusty



      Man I’m sorry.  I just saw this post or I would have responded earlier.


      Yes, I had a great time too.  I always enjoy shooting with you and your compatriots.  You’re welcome any time, and I’ll make sure the gate is open for ya!

  16. Howdy Jeb ;

    I am thinking of heading down your clubs way in mid. Sept. , could you send me an invite ?

    E-mule works best ,,,, JabezCowboy@shaw.ca





  17. Howdy Rye ;

    We need  to talk about pricing on these pins , it has been suggested 5 bucks each fine ,,, As on a order that price includes $39.95 for shipping for 15 pins ... I see no need to tack on an extra 15 bucks for Shipping, to Canada . Unless this is let's stick it to the Canucks  move ... I will gladly pay the 5 bucks per pin for lots of 15 pins drop shipped to me , it shouldn't  cost more than $15.00 or $20.00 bucks ... And our group can pocket a extra $ 1.50 +  per pin ... But if we really wanted to be fair Canadians you could help me keep the costs down for our Northern Pards, we could charge me $ 65.00 Shipped  to my location Sans bubble wrap and envelopes and still retain a larger profit for the Pistoleros' ... Then I could sell them at $5.00 bucks US to the Canadian pards ,I would not be making any money but that was never my intent...  Nor did I think it was ever the Intent of the group ....  I will however not try and sell these pins at 10 bucks each because of  extra shipping aqdded on top of shipping....


    Jabez Cowboy

    1. Rye Miles #13621

      Rye Miles #13621

      I think you'd better send an email to Dorado, he's in charge of ordering the pins and he never said anything to me about you Canuks!! I have no idea what shipping is to Canada!



  18. Howdy ;

    I will be happy to help as I said , I Shoot in  Alberta, Sask. And B. C.  I have Shot every SASS Canadian National since they started ...


    Let Me know


    Jabez Cowboy

    1. Dorado


      I did a quick estimate on the USPS website. For a small package we'd be looking at around $15 shipping to some random town in Alberta. I'd like to keep the $5 each price. With that, 15 pins would be $75 and with shipping that'd be $90 U.S. roughly speaking.

      What I'd be sending is the pins, welcome cards, and bubble mailers if you need them.

      Since it looks like you're willing to purchase them up front then all you'd have to do is collect their payment for yourself at whatever $5 is in Canadian monopoly money.

      Y'all use paper money or beaver pelts? lol


      I've set up a Pistoleros gmail account that's also the paypal account the address is  PistolerosCAS@gmail.com

      I'll need your name, mailing address, PayPal (if you'd like me to send you an invoice), and number of pins desired.

  19. Hey ole Boy ;

    You still doing Ok ???

    Don't see ya around , are you shooting still ?

    When are you coming to Western Canada?


    Jabez Cowboy

    1. Rev Willy Dunkum, SASS # 61027

      Rev Willy Dunkum, SASS # 61027

      Yeah I'm still kicking and stirring up some BP heavy loads.  I've scaled back to about 2 shoots a month tho due to dad's poor health and my older brother's health as well.  I'm taking care of both farms and my household plus a full time job so takes up lots of energy.  I'd love to get up there but right now is only a dream.  I did make it to EOT in 2014.   I try to make some local annuals and our state matches for sure.  SASS Forums don't seem to be as active or as exciting as they used to be unfortunately. 


  20. Come shoot with us this year ,,,,,

    COG and TR from Orygun is comming

    Jabez Cowboy

  21. Welcome !!!

    Nice Handle ....

    Jabez Cowboy

  22. Howdy ;

    Thanks for your Prayers ...

    You are more than welcome around my fire,come North and shoot sometime and meet more fine Folks ...

    Jabez Cowboy

  23. Howdy ;

    From up here in Canada ...

    Seems ta me you have earned the right to shoot in your class ,,, looking at yer Tag line, good on you ...

    And yes it don't seem right to change the rules mid crossing ...

    Jabez Cowboy

  24. Howdy Fair Lady;

    Can't say that I can see a resemblance between you and "ole Clamity Jane" ....

    But a bigger picture of ya, would I'm sure clear things up...

    Anyway have a fine Day and GOD bless ...

    Jabez Cowboy

  25. Howdy ;

    On a more helpful note how about a pink leather fringed lever wrap.

    Jabez Cowboy

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