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  1. "Alvord then turned to a profitable career as a train and bank robber, and finally, he traveled to the West Indies and disappeared from history."


    A Man after my own heart; make the big bucks and head for the Caribbean.



  2. I got the sense that the writer of the story accompanying the photos was not terribly well versed in the subject matter, either. But the comments were at once hilarious and sad.


    The text of the article is almost word-for-word the same a the Wiki article on punt guns, and most of the photos appear in both places.



    A bit more balance, and less false drama, can be found here: http://www.wideopenspaces.com/duck-cannon-past-punt-gun/ along with a great video of a punt gun in action (I love the way they tied it down to the table before firing!)



  3. I've had it with my local paper of record - The Boston Globe. If I read one more hand-wringing, doom predicting, sour grapes diatribe concerning the end of civilization as "we" know it, I'll puke on my boots. Have folks up here always been so self-absorbed and dismissive of any thoughts except their own? Wait...don't answer that.....


    So I'm looking for a new "primary" source - that paper or mag or broadcast on the Internet that you go to FIRST when you want some reliable facts. Like most of you, I cruise multiple sites (Fox, MSN, CNN, etc.), looking for some balance; but TBG has always been the paper that I look to first. But not anymore.


    Suggestions? Nominations for reliability, breadth of scope, fact checking and multiple quoted sources, and suppressed political agenda/tilt?


    So far, I'm leaning toward the Wall Street Journal, if I can cut through the jungle of financial stuff and squeeze the extra change out of my wallet.. There's something about a paper that still has living reporters, and calls everyone "Mr." or "Mrs." or (shudder) "Ms.".







  4. I wasn't going to write this and then I thought "what the heck".


    Anyway, back in late 2000 I was invited to go on stage and meet and shake hands with Bill Clinton at the Staples Center when I worked for the transit agency there in Los Angeles. I was one of four "invitees". I declined.


    Forget your rubber gloves?



  5. Once represented the LA Lakers, including Mitch Kupchak and Kurt Rambis, when they were both still playing. Two of the most down-to-earth, regular guys you could ever meet. Regular except for size. Kupchak was so tall that he had to have his Volvo dealer remove the sunroof and install a dome to get enough headroom; the dealer also installed a 10" steering wheel to give Mitch room to put his knees up alongside the wheel.


    Rambis was John Denver on stilts. A laid back surfer, every doorway in his house was raised to 9', and his bed was extended to the same size. His wife coached the LA professional tennis franchise at the time; while watching a match, I also met Billie Jean King.


    Have met a whole bunch of Republican politicians. Mitt Romney is undoubtedly the smartest guy in the room. Any room.



  6. Well, unless I knew the person who approved the release, or who actually made the release, and had some understanding of their personal political motives, I'd be reluctant to express an opinion on whether the release was accidental or not.


    Hereabouts, we have a specific statute outlawing the public release of gun owner information by the state (yes, you read that correctly; MA actually has a statute designed to protect gun owners). If a bureaucrat violated that law, I imagine that there would be some screaming; but the information would still be out there.



  7. PETA, and other humorless fanatics, will not be satisfied until there are no zoos, animal acts, animal actors, or even pets, and until we all eat nothing but tofu, dress only in synthetics and ban animal names for athletic teams and automobiles.


    The first time I can remember being overwhelmed by these wonders of Nature was when I saw the circus in Philadelphia around 1958. We had seats on the end of a row, and the elephants entered the ring via a walkway to my left; they were no more than 20' away. The smell was overwhelming, but I could have cared less. For a moment, I was in the jungle with Tarzan.


    I hope the crazies live nothing but boring, uneventful, drab lives.



  8. Looked to me like t owner shot both of them....I thought I saw two weapons slide across the floor. That's okay. He got one of them anyway.


    If you watch the video again, you can see that the first robber walks in with one gun drawn (right hand), and then reaches into his waistband and pulls a second gun (left hand). He seems to be briefly distracted by this maneuver, and is not concentrating on the owner as he draws; big mistake.



  9. There's a nagging little bell ringing in the back of my head, and it's saying "This may not be such a good idea". Anything we build to be autonomous may escape control, or be remotely affected by someone else. Weaponizing a drone raises a huge question of morality - do we want to give machines the ability to kill humans without the intervention of human judgment? Is that a good idea? Did the hair on the back of your neck stand up a bit when the Naval Officer described how the drones in the "village" had control of the weapons on his craft, and could have fired rockets at that location? Like nuclear weapons - there's a genie about to be let out of the bottle.



  10. Since we started talking about retirement, let me tap your collective experiences on making the transition:


    1. Did you stay in your home or move elsewhere? Why?


    2. Did you buy/build a smaller house? How has that worked out?


    3. Are you a snowbird? How do you make that work?


    4. What would you do differently?


    5. What was your biggest mistake?


    Very subjective, I know; but I'm just looking for your best thoughts.


    Much appreciated.



  11. I'm having one of those days when you can feel the anger and bile rising, inch by inch, with each new piece of news.


    What makes it even worse are the comments by my fellow citizens, so uninformed, so slanted, so poisonous that I want to spit.


    We started with the FL airport shooting. Before any of the details were printed, we had MA politicians calling for more gun bans, bans on checked baggage shipment of guns, bans on ammo on airplanes, etc. And then the great unwashed chimed in, excoriating the NRA and Trump and demanding that we all give up our security and right to defend ourselves because some mentally disturbed individual decides to kill people.


    And then we move to nut case # 2, a guy in a Boston suburb who can't tolerate his black neighbors, so every day when he walks around the block, he throws a banana peel in their driveway...a banana peel. They complain to the cops, who set up surveillance, and determine that he is, indeed, throwing banana peels. So they arrest him for civil rights violations, and in the process, discover that he has 83 long guns, 10,000 rounds of ammo, and 50# of "black powder". More charges follow, as he apparently had no permits whatsoever. But now everyone who reloads is an enemy of the state, and our AG is talking about new restrictions on "home reloaders". I can hear the freight train headed my way.


    And now, to top it all off, Senator Elizabeth Warren, our gift to total irrationality in government, announces that she will run for re-election, and intends to oppose Trump in 2020.

    And these poor working slugs, who think that they will get something for nothing from this hack, are cheering.


    Excuse me while I clean the spittle off my screen. Arghhh!!!!




  12. "...only then do you get a head by a $100 or so each month. "


    Man, if that was the spread on my benefits, I'd retire today. For me, the difference between retiring at 66 and at 70 is about a $1000 a month. I can wait, I guess.




  13. Apparently a topic that a lot of us are considering.


    5 years ago, I was certain that I would work to 70 to maximize SS.


    Now I'm 63, and seriously thinking about calling it quits at 66. This year is my 40th in the business, and the bloom is off the rose. Some mornings I have absolutely no desire to pick up the phone.


    More and more, my mind is on things that are not related to work.


    Time to move on, I think.



  14. I've never been inside a cabrlas. I think my wife is afraid if I go in I won't ever come back out. Glad to see that things are looking good.



    Hmmm...come to think of it, there's cots to sleep on, jerky and survival food to eat, camp stoves to cook, a fish pond in which to catch dinner, and more ammo and targets than you could ever use up.....you may be on to something!!!



  15. I was hoping for a patriots and raiders rematch, but this time without the cheating (or at least somewhat limited) and that bogus tuck rule. Looks like that's not going to happen.



    Me too; the Raiders have a long history of cheating, but it's unlikely that the League will do anything about it. ^_^





    The Tuck rule was in effect in the Raiders v. Pats game, and properly applied; it has since been repealed.



  16. Took a stroll through Cabela's yesterday, and the difference from last October was staggering.


    Row after row of ammo, in every size, shape and maker (except .22s, which are still thin)


    Full gun racks (except percussion pistols, which I attribute to the Christmas rush)


    An actual SALE on .223/5.56 - which may be related to the new AR15 ban in MA, and an unanticipated resulting overstock.


    Just about every other shooting related item in fully stocked shelves (including powders, bullets and brass).


    And a full parking lot.


    I haven't felt this hopeful in years.



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