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  1. The Constitutional prohibition against warrantless searches exists for good reasons. If the police have probable cause, let them present it to a judge and get a warrant. If they don't, there is no reason to let them shuffle around in your bedroom looking for something illegal. If they go back to the school looking for affidavits in support of the warrant application, let the teacher and the administrator go on the record, under oath, about what they saw that caused such great concern. Someone will end up looking silly, and it won't be you. LL
  2. Without rubber tires, very few folks could get to a match...... LL
  3. Say "No" when the police ask to search without a warrant. And kill the video on your end for the on-line classes; audio still works, and your kid can still see the teacher. LL
  4. Just spreadin' the gospel, Pat. By all means, contribute to your own charities as you see fit. I too have some pet charities that I regularly support. The thing that attracted me to this program was the chance to tell Amazon how to spend its own money. I use Amazon a lot; I hate to shop in stores, and I'm basically lazy when it comes to running out to shop. Amazon was made for a guy like me. And after the stories I've seen circulated about how Amazon does not support the 2nd, there was something delicious about telling them to contribute their funds to a 2nd non-profit to help defend gun owner's rights. Now, if I could just figure a way to get EBay and Chase Bank to do something similar.... An even bigger score would be to persuade the ACLU to take on a 2nd Amendment case; it frosts my gonads every time I see their claim that they stand up for and defend the Bill of Rights...except for that messy 2nd. LL
  5. Amazon Smile is a charitable giving program, in which Amazon donates to certain charities that you designate. I designated the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, When the NRA steps up and offers legal assistance to a person wrongly charged with a firearm offense, or takes on a case involving 2nd Amendment rights, very often some or all of the funding comes from this Fund. I have to chuckle at the irony of money generated by Amazon (a company with a leftist slant to its politics) going to this Fund. This is a message I recently received from the Fund: This is your quarterly AmazonSmile donation notification. Your charity, NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, recently received a quarterly donation of $6,300.47 thanks to customers shopping at smile.amazon.com.To date, AmazonSmile has donated a total of: $104,163.96 to NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund $183,120,221.33 to all charities Thank you for supporting NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund by shopping at smile.amazon.com. You can track your impact throughout the year at your My Impact page.AmazonSmile is also available in the Amazon Shopping app on iPhone and Android phones. See how to activate here. Give some thought to designating the Fund as a beneficiary on your Amazon account. LL
  6. Grand Cherokee has a rated towing capacity of 7200. Hope they had a crane to lift those weights, and a spare transmission on hand. LL
  7. Even the Cape Cod Baseball League, which features some of the most promising college players from across the country, has cancelled its 2020 season. Watching games on a warm summer evening, with the ocean breeze blowing in from Falmouth Harbor, is as close to Field of Dreams as you can get in this part of the world. Fingers crossed for next year. LL
  8. Ah, the costs of aging. Ophthalmologist forbids cigar smoking, given my diagnosis with macular degeneration. Back before such limits, I smoked Cuban Upmanns in Bermuda (1970s), and smuggled Cuban Cohiba Esplendidos (1990) later, I went to CAOs, the quality of which which started slipping around 1998. I really don't miss them much except on a summer evening, while listening to a Red Sox game on the back porch. LL
  9. FKCGG: Sorry, but there's something creepy about someone spending that much time and effort to track a cowboy's posts..... LL
  10. Beneteau 37 draws a bit too much water for my area. Too bad you can't carry on; I know that day will come for me, sooner than I want. But in the meantime, I'll sail as much as possible. LL
  11. I can't imagine living at 4000-5000 feet. I live at 10....yep, 10. And as far as view, I can see to the horizon except for one island that lays 7 miles offshore to the Southeast (Martha's Vineyard). There are pluses and minuses everywhere, I guess, I'm just one of those folks that needs to be on or near to the sea. Luckily, Mrs. LL feels the same way. LL
  12. We learned from our Depression-era parents. Retirement home is paid off and waiting for us to move in full time. Cars are paid off. Jr.'s college is paid for. No credit card or other debt. Not bragging. It's just a matter of doing without unnecessary expenditures, watching your credit spending, and planning ahead to stay within your means when retired. Even with all of that, it's a bit of a shocker, after years of having the ability to buy stuff on credit, when you need to realize that you do not have 10 or 20 years of earning in front of you to cover the cost of a car or boat or a home addition. LL LL
  13. Chase has been gun unfriendly for some time. When I first found out, I called to let them know that I would be closing my accounts, and why. They practically laughed in my face. The arrogance of big banks is unmatched. I use small local banks now, where they know your name and are responsive to your concerns. LL
  14. JK: Many, many thanks. I had no idea that the generic looking link that was included in my post could be used to reach my personal info - I tried it, and had my eyes opened. LL
  15. I don't; I called the former owner, and he agreed to look for it. He called back, and said he thinks it went up in smoke...
  16. Just send me the check, Rye.....It's a dollar three eighty, plus shipping. LL
  17. Tom on Guns: https://stupid.news/2018-12-10-tom-arnold-claims-80-of-gun-owners-shoot-themselves.html LL
  18. Kind of ironic that this misfit, who has long advocated for gun control, now wants his followers (whoever that may be) to take up arms in open rebellion against the government....well, at least he now has an understanding of the true purpose of the 2nd Amendment,. Too bad his sudden conversion will only last as long as it takes for another "crisis" to arise and deflect his attention......"Squirrel!!!" LL
  19. The Kid was (and is) on Amazon Prime. I got through the first 15 or 20 minutes, but found it slow and uninteresting. LL
  20. Got an email from Pay Pal today, announcing that they will be reporting any money received into my Pay Pal account as income to the IRS. Are they actually going to send out a 1099 on $45 ? Anyone have any experience with this? Please don't make this a general dump on Pay Pal; please lets stay on the tax reporting issue. LL
  21. I've noticed a lot of new shooters on the Wire in the past couple of weeks; folks looking for guns, clothing and gear, or with questions about CAS. I'm assuming that the virus shut-downs have left folks with time on their hands, and that they have spent some of that time browsing through YouTube or other sites and finding CAS shoots or the Wire. For those of you in this group, can you tell us how you found out about CAS, what sites you have browsed, and what made you decide to start shooting with us? If you're comfortable with the question, could you also share some demographics - age, occupation, location? Seems like a ripe line of inquiry for a game looking to find ways to expand its membership. Welcome to the fire! LL
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