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  1. Remember your HS science class, when the teacher rubbed some fur on a glass rod, and then picked up bits of paper with it? I'm not sure that a glass hopper addresses the issue.... I like OLG's grounding info; gives those electrons somewhere to go. LL
  2. Put a little current through that fence...Barbecue!!! LL
  3. They were indeed. Mom was a WAVE Pharmacist's Mate; Dad was an Electrician's Mate on the minesweeper USS Chimo, serving in the North Atlantic and off Juno Beach on D-Day. Transferred to Princeton for Officer's Training, Dad was partially blinded in an accident - end of his dream of a military career, but led to his meeting Mom in the naval hospital. LL
  4. Trying to get organized, going through old family papers. Stumbled on these two, one each relating to my Mom and Dad. The one to my mother struck me as something we are not likely to see again - a thank you note from the Secretary of the Navy. The one to Dad is a copy of his orders, transferring him from France after D-Day to Officer's Training at Princeton. I had never seen these before; I'm glad that I found them. LL MLB SEC NAV.pdf FWB JR ORDERS.pdf
  5. I read that quickly, and thought we were sending slime to ISIS...... LL
  6. Sigh...where is the Kingston Trio when you need them???? The MTA is now the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority); The subway fare has increased from 10 cents to $2.90 (if you pay cash); The highest paid MBTA employee in 2017 was an electrical foreman, who made over $270,000; MBTA employees have the potential, on average, under existing rules, to receive a $1.9 million retirement payout; As for that puddle in the corner of the Orange Line car that Charlie was riding on? It's still there.... LL
  7. Like most folks, we are on the "Do Not Call" lists, and screen our calls at home. We don't answer if we don't know the caller. This has cut down on the telemarketers greatly. However, we initially got 3-4 calls a day from the same cell phone. I made the mistake of answering one of these calls, thinking that I would deter the caller by pointing out that this is a Do Not Call number, and asking to be removed from his calling list. No such luck. Now we get 8-10 calls per day. The cell phone is apparently in common use by multiple users, all of whom sound Indian or Pakistani. They each have a pitch, from telling me that I'm a lottery winner to threatening me with "IRS prosecution". It's all phony, but it's damned aggravating. Lately, when I tell him to stop calling, he unloads a ton of crude language and hangs up. I want to stop these calls; any suggestions short of air horns or homicide? LL
  8. +1000! I got the feeling that something else was going on with the red pickup before the video began - like a cut-off or competition with the KW for a lane or position. The later left hand passing action by the pick-up certainly felt like pay-back. Both these guys should think about lowering the level a bit...somebody is going to get hurt, and the paperwork will be killer. LL
  9. Liverwurst, onion and mustard on Jewish rye....mmmmmmm!!!
  10. Ben & Jerry's Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz, or Brigham's Cookies 'n Cream. LL
  11. Red, unless the have already been squeezed, bottled and properly aged. Actually, we don't usually get white cherries around here. LL
  12. There are a lot of great stories about Henny, leaving a performance, passing by a wedding reception, finding the father of the bride, and offering to do 10 minutes of stand-up for $100. He apparently was never one to pass up a chance to make an honest buck. LL
  13. Every once in awhile, UB, God reminds us that we are but mortal men. You've done your mea culpa; I hope others have the grace to forgive and forget. I've always admired your dedication to honoring others. LL
  14. Hmmm...I never thought about the difference between Forest Service and Park Service; can't say that I know anything about the Forest Service in the East; I'll need to look that up. LL
  15. When my dentist is getting ready to stick a 4" needle in my gum with Novocain, he says "You may feel a bit of a pinch"; well, I'd like to pinch his butt. LL
  16. I guess it pays to be ugly...nobody wants to steal my image. LL
  17. So....eating lunch last week, when I felt something hard in my mouth....turns out to be a piece of molar. Into the dentist I go, only to discover that I need a crown (aptly named at $2200 - fit for a King!) So I was waiting for a second appointment to "prep" that tooth and take the impressions, when I start having the sensation that the tooth is cracked further, and that part of it is mobile. Back to the dentist. Arggh!!!! Another tooth is cracked, and will also need a crown. Per the dentist, my 60 year old silver fillings are doing what they do at that age - expanding slightly, putting pressure on the tooth, and splitting it. This makes 3 for me. I can hear the cha-ching when I enter the dentist's office. LL
  18. Henny Youngman...the King of the one-liners..."Take my wife...please!" LL
  19. "Stock water"...no signs like that in National Parks in this part of the country...more likely to be "Restrooms". LL
  20. Well, there's nothing in the NSP posting that says she was driving, or that the vehicle was on public road...she may have been a passenger, or the truck may have been parked in the farm yard or a along a farm road......(Sheez...over-analyze much, LL???) Those are some well-worn work boots; this young lady has spent some serious time doing chores; I'm more curious about the tire; it may just be shadows, but is the top of the tread ruptured wide open? At any rate, you can't look at a photo like this without feeling a little warm inside at the thought that a young female knows how to do this and isn't reluctant to get dirty doing it; Mom and Dad did good. LL
  21. We have a solution for poisonous plants, most poisonous snakes, most biting bugs and spiders, and too many octogenarian drivers - it's called Winter, and it either kills 'em off with the first frost or drives them south to Florida. Life can be harsh in the Northeast. LL
  22. Maybe because it was shot in B&W, My Darling Clementine with Fonda and Victor Mature always seemed more historical. At the least, it was certainly grittier, and much less pretty than Tombstone. As much as I love Tombstone, it can feel artificially colorful and shiny - a bit too neat and clean for the time period and the locale. "Awfully toney for a mining town." But still a great film. LL
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