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  1. Acre and a half with primary home - taxes are $10,000/yr. House will be for sale shortly. Cottage on the Cape is $2500/yr. - a much more affordable option for an old retired guy. LL
  2. I had a regrettable experience where a gun of mine ended up in the hands of the Boston Police Department. No crime committed or suspected; just a custody issue. Took over a year to get it back, and then only after threats of litigation. When finally returned, a ton of fine numbers and markings (erasable) all over the gun; it had been fired and not cleaned; all ammo (2 mags) gone; spare mag gone; leather case gone. No doubt in my mind that they test fired it; for what, I don't know. But I suppose something is now on file. LL
  3. Definitely the first time anyone ever put me in the same class with Steve McQueen regarding anything.....Thanks! LL
  4. Apparently not available in US; you need a friend that's traveling to the UK. https://www.masterofmalt.com/liqueurs/glayva-liqueur/ LL
  5. I have a smaller safe, maybe 12-15 long guns. One shelf above. Not enough room for a stand-up handgun rack. So I use the S-style wire hangers. I have 10 handguns neatly suspended below the shelf, ranging from 2.5 - 5" barrels. I could easily accommodate 7" barrels. They are plastic coated, so no scratching or marring. My only criticism is that in the darkness below the shelf, it's sometimes hard to see the end of the hanger to re-hang a gun; I need to add a light inside the safe. LL
  6. Actually, at several times in recent history, there have been large scale migrations of folks from the South to the North in search of jobs or other economic benefits. After WWII, thousands moved to the Detroit area looking for jobs in the booming auto industry. See: https://www.historians.org/teaching-and-learning/teaching-resources-for-historians/teaching-and-learning-in-the-digital-age/the-history-of-the-americas/migration-and-the-american-south/migration-and-the-twentieth-century-south-an-overview LL
  7. Scroll down on the Fox story, and you'll see that it is Huntington Beach, CA; the story is about extremes in the weather, including 121 deg. in S. California and a threat of snow in CO. And your title (above) is edited from "Heat wave in West bringing wildfire threat as Colorado prepares for winter storm". LL
  8. Boston is overrun with pigeons, due in large part to people who think its cute to feed them an endless supply of cracked corn, peanuts and bread. I was walking through the Public Gardens a few years ago, near the duck pond where the swan boats reside. Crowds of folks, young and old, including some youngsters feeding the pigeons. There was a flash across my field of view, and when it stopped, I saw an explosion of feathers at ground level, followed by the screams of children. A peregrine falcon had swooped down and snatched its lunch, pausing long enough to eviscerate a pigeon before carrying his take-out meal away. A mother and her 3 or 4 year old were steps away from me; the mom yelped, grabbed junior, and hurried away. No mention of survival in Nature at their dinner table, I'd wager. LL
  9. Somehow, I just don't see a shooting civil war in this country in the foreseeable future. Sure, there are folks concerned about their personal safety, but that's more due to uncertainty regarding riots and hoodlums, not a real worry about armed rebellion. For all of their fiery rhetoric and nastiness, few of the extremists on opposite ends of the spectrum have the resources or the testicular fortitude to engage in all out warfare. I would not mind seeing some responsible folks run for President in 2024, and hopefully remember that they were elected to represent ALL of the people, not just a narrow majority (or perhaps fewer) who put them in power. LL
  10. Well, how would that work? A gold Eagle has a face value of $50, but is worth over $2000. I can't picture a bank agreeing to "cash" one for its gold value. Or is a "Golden Dollar" something else altogether? LL
  11. Uh...sheath for a Finnish filet knife? LL
  12. i use the same agent that the NRA recommends, but select higher limits for more coverage. https://locktonaffinityoutdoor.com/armscare-plus/ LL
  13. Maybe not; but the odds are better now that they are gun owners, exposed to folks like you and me. It's a process. LL
  14. Be kind and patient. That "Karen" is now a legal gun owner - another vote for 2nd A. freedoms. Encourage them; guide them; and don't call them "Karens" anymore. LL
  15. Great; so now the pilots at LAX have to keep an eye peeled for .....lawnmowers? LL
  16. Uh...wouldn't you want to be UPWIND, so that their spit moves away from you?
  17. A single US District Court judge entered the original injunction, suspending the CA law against "large capacity" magazines, back in 2018. The initial appeal was heard by a 3 judge panel of the 9th Circuit, randomly chosen from among the 48 judges in the Circuit. The panel upheld the decision below. The CA AG then requested an en banc hearing, in which 10 randomly selected judges and the Chief Judge will make up the panel. That hearing is pending. The problem seems to be that the original judge stayed his order pending final appeal; since the appeal process is not yet final (and may not be until the en banc outcome is appealed to and decided by the Supreme Court), the original ban has not yet been lifted, and retailers who took orders may be jumping the gun. LL PS CGB beat me to it; didn't see his reply while I was typing. LL PPS: I'd love to be a bug on the wall in the Chief Judge's office when the 10 judges are "randomly" selected.... LL
  18. Au contraire, mon ami.....half the fat, half the calories, and a sweeter taste. I never saw or tasted mayonnaise until I got married; our household was a pure Miracle Whip palace. To this day, I prefer it, but will suffer mayo if nothing else is available. Nothing beats a tomato sandwich on fresh bread with Miracle Whip - preferably using fresh tomatoes still warm from the sun. LL
  19. Kiwano, or the horned melon. I'll pass. I don't eat anything that looks like it might contain an incubating alien. LL
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