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  1. My understanding is that only medalists receive "prize money"; the Olympic Committee does offer some stipends to some athletes, mainly those that win national events and appear to be poised to be competitive in the future - but even then the money is nowhere near enough to "pay all their bills". Most hopefuls need jobs and private/family money to have time to train. I do not think it is accurate to portray Olympic athletes as spoiled rich kids or entitled little jocks; for the most part, they are ordinary kids with extreme dedication and a dream. LL
  2. Well, Charlie..... We could use a little of that promise "not to let that happen" hereabouts. Every gun store in MA is locked up tight. Appears that someone did not get the memo. LL
  3. Suicide may be a bit much, but while most of us are dealing with rather ordinary restrictions and disappointments, folks who wholly devoted themselves to the goal of Olympic excellence, only to see their dream disappear, might experience an extraordinary sense of loss. I can understand that. LL
  4. After lots of testing and talking, my current doc's opinion is that diet has next to nothing to do with timing or intensity of gout attacks. I've been on my current meds for the last 8 years, with no attacks and no bad side effects. I agree with the advice about lots of water; I still avoid organ meats. So far, so good. LL
  5. Chili It's not "Jewish lingo" - it's Hebrew. In this context, it means an act of human kindness. LL
  6. The books or apps are called amortization tables; they show the principal and interest breakdown per month over the life of the loan. While your monthly payment (less taxes and insurance) may remain the same, the division between interest and principal changes each month; banks front load the interest, so you are paying much more of the interest due on the whole loan during the earlier months. Banks know that most folks sell their homes every 5-7 years, and so they want to maximize their return (interest) on the front end. In my mind, a gross inequity that banks have been allowed to use despite the fundamental unfairness. LL
  7. All this talk about home haircuts gave me a brilliant flash of childhood recollections. Must have been around 1960 or so. We had a utility room in the basement of our split level house in Warminster, PA. Water heater in one corner, washer and dryer along one wall, canned food storage (with the gallon jugs of homemade Dad's Root Beer) in the other corner, and a combination step stool-chair. The Kenmore washer and dryer had seen better days. Mom and Dad lived through the Great Depression, and nothing got replaced until it had been fixed so many times that further repairs were impossible. I can see Dad on his hands and knees in front of that dryer, dropping out the panel that covered the heating element, finding a busted coil, and twisting the ends together to restore the circuit. Even the outside of the machines were well-worn. No problem; a couple of cans of spray enamel (Pink, no less) and Mom had a "new" laundry. And the chair (see image below). Every 4th Saturday night, in anticipation of Church on Sunday, Dad would pull out that chair, sit me in it, drape a sheet over me, and get out the buzzer - an ancient set of electric hair clippers that sounded like a nest of angry bees. Never failed to catch and pull a hair on every pass. But for a crew cut, fast, cheap and within his skill set. I can see that room and that chair like I just saw them yesterday. Man, what a flashback. LL
  8. I had one of those bag phones! Installed in the car, removable if you had to go somewhere on foot. Boy, did I feel special. Looking back, it was for the most part silly. Today I shut my phone off unless I need to make a call; and I mean NEED, not just to chat. LL
  9. German D/W (Miele) has screw-driven adjusters for all four legs, driven from the front; no awkward need to get to the back corners or to jack counter; just an Allen driver and you are done. I've bought 4 Miele units for two houses over the last 25+ years; they are pricey, but the design and quality are superior. LL
  10. Mrs. LL put me in the chair and snipped away yesterday; not a bad job, if I say so myself. First home haircut I've had in 50 years. LL
  11. Fallen into Last Man Standing lately; one of few shows that Missus and I can agree to watch at the same time. Also caught a great PBS documentary about the Roosevelts - Teddy and FDR. LL
  12. WSJ this morning - losing $1M per day. LL
  13. My son works for Amazon. No hand sanitizer, no toilet paper, but he knows how to take care of Dad when he's locked up inside: And an indoor range for us quarantined old shooters: Thanks, son. LL
  14. Attached is the Longshot Logan guide to stock refinishing. I doubt that steam would be effective if your stock is still varnished. LL LONGSHOT LOGAN STOCK REFINISHING.pdf
  15. There is something stuck in my memory that this was a"freebie" game that would not affect the Pats' playoff position, and also likely Flutie's last game with the team; Flutie was well-liked, and Belichick gave him a chance to set a record in the Pats' history - which still stands today. The scoring was inconsequential. It was also a thumb in the eye of Miami. LL
  16. Seems the security guy at The Cowboy and National Heritage Museum in OK has taken over the museum's social media account during the virus close-down, and has set Twitter on fire. https://www.wsj.com/articles/meet-the-museum-security-guard-whos-now-an-internet-sensation-11585598395?mod=hp_lead_pos12 https://twitter.com/hashtag/HashtagTheCowboy?src=hash LL
  17. Sorry, no; I was 13 or 14 at the time. I had to laugh about your grand niece, outfitted like a flowering cactus....she's adorable. LL
  18. All of these pics are bringing back some memories. When I was a youngster, we had some relatives who owned a huge Victorian home in Jamaica Plain (Boston). They sometimes took in boarders. One such fellow was a botanist/photographer, who tended their gardens in Spring/Summer, and wintered in Arizona, where he photographed desert plants for Arizona Highways magazine. He got me interested in cacti, to the point that I had 20+ varieties. Won some local flower shows with unusual flowering cacti - kind of outside the norm in New England. I really enjoy the desert flora; too bad most of it will not thrive outside around here. LL
  19. Oh, I don't know. One guy in a plastic kayak, with light tackle, fighting a 500# marlin. Sounds like a pretty fair chase to me. And in the end, release. Unless I'm missing something, I think that's OK. And the marlin did win in the end. LL
  20. Who says the Grumpy Lobster Boat Captain never smiles? Great play! LL
  21. Some time back, I bought all of the Selleck Westerns, all of the Jesse Stone episodes, all of the Endeavor episodes, all of the Justified episodes , and several others, all on Amazon Prime Video. This gave me a great cloud library of programs, and no need to have CDs on hand; anywhere I went, as long as I had a computer, I could get my favorite shows. About a year ago, Amazon dropped many of the Selleck movies and a few of the others; if I selected one, it would say "No longer available"; I assume they lost whatever licensing arrangement they had with the owner of the rights to the film. Now, some have come back onto Amazon, but are not restored to my library. If I want to see it again, I need to re-purchase it. There are some advantages to buying hard media. LL
  22. Or used to decorate neighbors' yards on Halloween.... LL
  23. Still waiting; may happen at any time. At least one Rep. was threatening to block a voice vote, and force more debate. He has been roundly booed by his compatriots, who now had to get back to DC in time to vote. LL
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