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  1. So a bunch of knuckleheads from RI, members of a sovereign citizens group, get arrested on Rt. 95 near Wakefield, MA.  All dressed up in camo gear, carrying rifles and pistols.  Supposedly headed to ME for "Training".  Not a single gun permit among them.  They were in the process of refueling their vehicle from gas cans on the side of the road when a State Trooper happened by.  They are all in the hoosgow for now.  

    The truly humorous part is the reactions of so many readers, many of whom jumped to the conclusion that they were white, white nationalists, or white nationalist Trumpers.  They were Black, to a man.

    Can't wait to read the follow up stories; I sense that they had some other purpose, and it may be legal, not violent.  Some of these guys were previously arrested for squatting in and attempting to assert legal claims on NYC condos.


    Happy 4th!





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  2. Maybe I'm just dense, but what insurance are they trying to require?


    As the gun owner, you can buy property insurance, which protects you against the risk of loss to your own firearms due to fire, flood or other casualty - but offers no protection to anyone else.


    You can also buy liability insurance, which will indemnify you against claims or verdicts due to your own negligence in owning or handling firearms - for example, negligent discharges or negligent failure to secure your firearms.  

    But any such policy will specifically exclude intentional acts (like shooting your neighbor on purpose), and will not provide coverage for illegal acts or acts of third parties (like gun thieves, or others using your guns without your permission).  The law frowns on any attempt to insure against the risks of your own criminal behavior.


    So how, exactly, will any commonly available liability policy provide coverage that will help injured innocent third parties IF you are not merely negligent, but rather acted intentionally or criminally?  Most legal gun owners already have, I am sure, some form of general liability coverage that will cover claims arising from their own negligence.  Beyond that, I'm not sure that there is anything that you can buy on the open market that will come into play for any injuries caused by intentional acts or criminal acts, which are the cause of the overwhelming majority of gun crimes and injuries, and excluded under general liability policies?


    This sounds like a totally bogus ploy.



  3. 1 hour ago, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

    How are the prices?


    I'm afraid to go look.  Still have sufficient supplies, so I'm not shopping yet.  Just the fact that there is ammo in the pipeline is cause for some cheer.



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  4. My LGS posted the following re ammo availability today:


    Ammunition Update. In stock as of 6/30/2021:

    • 9mm FMJ
    • .40sw FMJ
    • .45acp FMJ
    • .223 and 5.56mm
    • .308 and 7.62x51
    • .22LR High Velocity
    • .30 M1 Carbine in 50 round boxes
    • .35 Remington
    • .243
    • 7.62x54R

    2 box limit on the following hollow point pistol ammunition

    • .380 hollow point
    • .38 Special +P for short barrel handguns
    • 9mm hollow point (We have this in 124, 135 and 147 grain)
    • .45acp hollow point
    • 12 gauge 00 Buckshot (no limit)


    Things are looking much, much better....





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  5. 12 hours ago, Chili Ron said:


    Bears won the superbowl in 1985 

    so does that help??




    12 hours ago, Chili Ron said:




    Arrrgh.....you Chicago types just have to keep bringing that up !!!!


    So where is Jim McMahon now?  


    Sorry...sensitive area!





  6. 1 hour ago, MAYOBARD SASS #13025L said:

    It is too bad that this is the last season.


    Don't be too sure.  There is talk on line of a sequel on YouTube, including Titus Welliver and Madison Lintz.  


    Think about that after you finish the last season; I was up at 4:00 AM to start watching, and binged all of Season 7.


    It's neat to be retired.



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  7. The seventh and final season of Bosch starts on Amazon tomorrow, June 25.


    The teaser for this season includes a neat reference, in a conversation between Bosch and Jerry Edgar, to characters in The Wire - an HBO series that Jamie Hector, who plays Edgar, also starred in.  Good for an insider laugh.



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  8. 3 hours ago, Chantry said:

    I have a small electric grill* on my deck that is rated at 1750 watts.  I use an outdoor extension cord rated for 1625 watts.  After 15 minutes the female end of the extension cord is very warm to the touch.  Am I correct in thinking that extension cord isn't rated for the electric grill?



    *The People's Republic of Connecticut feels that it is unsafe to have a propane, charcoal or any other grill that actually produces flames on apartment or condo decks.


    We've seen a number of very bad fires involving gas and charcoal grills on condo decks.  Causes vary, but for the most part, they involve (1) deck being constructed of combustible materials, with no meanigful protection under or around the grill; (2) inadequate or incorrect grill maintenance, often resulting in degraded cylinder hoses or inoperable regulators/valves; and (3) lack of proper grill cleaning, leading to grease fueled fires.  All of this is magnified at most condos, where deck space is limited, grills are positioned too close to combustible siding, and/or are placed under overhangs or even under decks extending out from 2nd and 3rd story units.  In this particular circumstance, I do not blame the authorities for trying to protect the folks who innocently live in these structures from the stupidity, carelessness or forgetfulness of their neighbors.  And I have not even mentioned how often these fires are abetted by the intoxication of the grillers.



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  9. My Starline order arrived today, only about a week after I placed it.


    1000 .45 ACP and 1000 .40 S&W.  All showing "no backorders" at this time; .45 was showing "out-of-stock, backorders accepted" when I placed the order.


    Looks like they are refilling their supply and moving product out to customers at a decent clip.



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  10. Per their site, no backorders accepted for .38s


    They took my order for 1000 .40 S&W


    My order for 1000 .45 ACP is backordered.


    Little by little....



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  11. I feel bad for you folks in S. California and elsewhere where the temps are clearing 100.  It's 76 on Cape Cod right now, and will not get any warmer for the next couple of weeks; there is a very pleasant 10-15 mph breeze off the ocean, and humidity is 47%.  I don't have A/C, and really don't feel the need for it.  If it gets warmer in a couple of weeks, I'll walk across the street and take a dip in the ocean, or turn on the sprinklers.  Spoiled and feeling downright entitled; but we worked hard for it, so not feeling bad about it.



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  12. 2 minutes ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    State and National Preserves  are also public beaches. They are just generally a bit more difficult to get to. That keeps them nicer. I used to be a Ranger at an off shore park. Deserted most of the time. A big crowd was 50 people. The beach was 7 miles long. ;)


    That's our situation here.  With access limited to boaters, it eliminates the overcrowding.  


    Of course, there was a time when the government was using our beach somewhat heavily for training purposes....





    amphibious training1 wwwmassgov.jpg

    amphibious training2 wasburn island wwwmassgov.jpg


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  13. I realize that if you are not a local, this advice may be hard to apply - but I don't do public beaches.  Too many crowds, unruly behavior, smoking, heavy alcohol use, etc.  We most commonly go to beaches on the barrier islands that are State preserves - no bridges, no roads, no parking lots; you need a boat to get there and back.  Very family friendly.  If that is not possible for some reason, we head for Town-owned and supervised beaches.  Here, you need to be a local with a parking/beach sticker on your windshield.  Very well supervised, no craziness allowed, but no Nazis either.  Rules are posted and enforced, but reasonable.  My bottom line: if possible, stay home and use your State/local beaches that are not open to or frequented by the tourist crowds.  


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  14. 15 hours ago, Alpo said:

    So that's what it was all about? I never had a Pinto, or even ever rode in one, so for me it was just hearing about how Pintos exploded when they got rear-ended. Never knew why. Never was interested enough to find out.


    How quickly this stuff passes from our social consciousness.  Ford manufactured the Pinto on an accellerated design/build schedule, and missed the fact that the rear bumper and gas tank design left the tank exposed to a higher than normal likelihood of penetration (and resulting ignition) in the event of a rear end collision. (Note: there was a continuing debate over whether the result would have been any different even with the redesigned fuel system; the Pinto was stopped in the right travel lane while the driver searched for her car's missing gas cap, and was struck from the rear by a 2 ton van with a modified plank front bumper, doing 55 mph; the other driver was in possession of alcohol, drugs and other mind-altering substances, and never braked or changed course.)  After some dramatic accidents, it came out in litigation that Ford knew about the "defect", but after performing a risk benefit analysis concluded that the cost of recalling and retrofitting the cars grossly exceeded the likely cost of litigation and judgments from injuries and deaths in resulting accidents.  It was a method of assessing risk that had been suggested by courts in prior decisions, but on paper (and in front of a jury) it looked like cold-blooded greed and absolute lack of concern for the human lives lost in the accidents that followed.  The jury punished Ford with $126 million in punitive damages in one death case, sending Ford (and much of the auto and financial industries) into a tizzy.  Even after agreeing to retrofit the affected cars with gas tank protection, Ford could not give away used or new models, and one of its best sellers was poisoned and lost.



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