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  1. 17 minutes ago, Chicken Rustler, SASS #26680 said:

    Why do you want to take cops away from fighting crime so they can respond to a call that should be handled by social workers? Your absolutism is not any better than that on the left.


    Except that it may be impossible from a 911 call or a citizen complaint to determine whether you need a police response or a mental health professional. at least in the first instance.  Would you prefer to send an unarmed responder into a potentially deadly scenario?  If there were a reliable way to differentiate between "real" crimes and social needs, I'm sure that the police would prefer to handle the crimes and leave the "soft" matters to others.  But until that separation can be made quickly and reliably, you can't expect the police to NOT respond, or to respond with less than complete precautions for their own safety.

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  2. Any reason a tent trailer wouldn't work here?  My family (3) spent a Summer and Fall of weekends and vacations living in one while our summer cottage was demolished and rebuilt.  I loved sleeping in it; it reminded me of sleeping on the screened porch of a relative's home in the summer as a kid.  We had it set up next to a patio, with our grille, fire pit and lawn furniture all set up; like an outdoor living room.  Even when it rained, we were high and dry.  Wouldn't want to spend an extended time cramped inside, but that's generally true for all tents and most trailers.  And it was super easy to pull and set up/take down.



  3. For the past couple of hours. I've had a plane registered to FAA Flight Inspectional Services, flying a large oval course over my house.  The flight path is adjacent to Hanscom Air Force Base. from which the plane departed early this A.M.


    What does Flight Inspectional Services do?  



  4. 1 hour ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

    Communists that call themselves  Antifa.
    I wouldn’t doubt that it was just for show so that certain politicians that are aligned with communistic ideals can say they abhor what is going on so they appear more moderate. 


    More like useful idiots, I think.  Anarchists with no real agenda except to tear down and burn anything they can touch.  These are not the army of the proletariat; they are a mob of the unwashed, entertaining themselves on someone elses's dime, and going home to Mom and Dad's at the end of each "protest".  



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  5. According to the Approved List in MA, there are now two Bond derringers cleared for sale in MA.  Unfortunately, the Model designations do not show up on the Bond site - "MASS" and "MA TD".   I'm guessing that the MA TD is a MA compliant version of the Texas Defender.  No idea if the MASS is something new or a variant of one of the other models.


    Anyone have any better info?  Any info on  MA dealers?





  6. 8 minutes ago, Badger Mountain Charlie SASS #43172 said:

    I have a pencil point imbedded in my right hand, a gift from a clumsy BMC, age 8. 

    Ha!   I have a #2 pencil lead in my upper chest, right on top of my scapula.  The product of running down the stairs with a sharpened pencil in my hand at around age 4, and falling.  



  7. I think it is more likely that the NRA is using bankruptcy to strip itself of debt, while protecting what assets it has from the claims of creditors.  It cannot escape the NY litigation by re-incorporating in Texas; it will remain liable to suit in NY for some time.


    Still, a prudent move looking forward.  Too bad they didn't do it a couple of years ago.



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  8. 16 hours ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


    By happenstance I had just finished setting up a crock pot with pork, onion,  garlic,  carrots, celery,  sweet  potato  Worcester sauce,  and Pepsi.


    Hey SDJ: 


    "Worcester" is a city in central MA; if you are from around here, it is pronounced "Woosta"; if you are a tourist or in the out-of-town news media, it's "War-chess-ter";


    "Worcestershire" is a seasoned sauce used in cooking; that's "Woostasheer" for locals and folks in the know,  and  "War-chess-ter-shyer" for the rest.


    And there is no connection between the city and the sauce, except that they both took their names from the city of Worcester, England.



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  9. On 12/31/2020 at 3:40 PM, Marshal Fire, SASS 10064 said:

    Over the course of several weeks I made several attempts to speak with with a USPS supervisor. Not getting ant where within that I sent an email to the Post Master and copied the postal service supervisor. The email requested under the freedom of information act copies of the USPS employee instructions for the cashing of money orders. It shows that before cashing a money order the Postal employee is to obtain correct ID and record the ID on the back of the money order. This was not done for the money order I had mailed. I also requested the name and contact information for the Postal employee who cashed the money order so I could bring legal action against the employee for failure to adhere to USPS policy. It took a few hours after that email to get a couple of calls for the Postal supervisor informing me they have reconsider their position and that they would refund my money for the stolen money order.

    Edited 18 minutes ago by Marshal Fire, SASS 10064


    Hoorah!  No whining, no defeatist attitude.....just logic and pursuit of the truth!!!   I salute you, sir!!!


    When confronted with bureaucratic nonsense, you need to defeat them with their own tools - the regulations!  Every agency has them, and they almost always contain detailed procedures and requirements that, if not closely followed, will spell doom for the bureaucrat who tries to hide behind them.  FOIA is your friend!  Use it!


    Nice work!!



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  10. 1 hour ago, bgavin said:

    Congress has the authority to change the size of the court, and to impeach its members.
    IIRC, more impeachments have been brought against justices than against presidents.

    IMO, the Democrat trifecta will either stack the SCOTUS or impeach Gorsuch, Kavanugh and Barrett.
    The Democrat Senate will rubber stamp the convictions or stacking.

    Next, the Democrat trifecta will introduce a slew of gun laws and gun taxes.
    Biden will sign them.

    Then the fun begins.


    Just a couple of observations:

    • There has been only one SCt Justice impeachment in history - Samuel Chase - and that impeachment was NOT followed by conviction in the Senate;
    • Such a conviction would require a 2/3 majority vote; even with a slim majority in the Senate, the Democrats would need to persuade 15 or so Republicans to vote with them - most of whom already voted to confirm the three referenced Justices; very unlikely.  
    • This is not the impeachment of Trump - a widely disrespected and unpopular President who has been regularly trashed in the press.  Without a huge public uproar, and more convinving evidence of actual bad behavior by the Justice, such a result is, again, highly unlikely.
    • Stacking (or more properly packing) has been bandied about, but is in my view, also unlikely.  The pendulum swings rapidly these days, and if the Ds were to expand the membership of the Court in order to pack it and acheive a favorable majority (no sure thing with no guarantee of deaths/resignations), it is clear that the same might occur in reverse with the next R administration; packing is easily recognized as an illegitimate political maneuver, and those who cause it to occur may be rewarded with public scorn and voter rejection in the next election cycle.
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  11. 1 minute ago, Sixgun Sheridan said:


    So two makes a triad now? :huh:


    What is it people usually say about military intelligence?



    I don't read it that way.  The nuclear triad used to refer to the 3 delivery systems - land based missiles, nuclear armed subs and nuclear bombs dropped from aircraft, I believe.  I take the reference to the "triad" in the speaker's statement to mean that the described planes will, together, provide one of the three legs of the triad, i.e., the nuclear capable aircraft.  Now, I'm not military, or defense, or even nuclear, so I may be all wet.  But hopefully, if I'm off the mark, someone will translate.



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  12. 2 hours ago, Charlie Harley, #14153 said:

    So this morning I was sitting in a WebEx that talked about the new B-21 bombers coming to Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota.


    An Air Force secretary was talking about how important the new bomber would be to our strategic deterrence and actually made the following statement...


    ”The B-21 will gradually replace the B-1 and B-2 bombers, and join the B-52 to form the aerial wing of the nuclear triad. “

    Cant make this stuff up!


    Can you please let the rest of us in on the inside scoop and/or the joke?  





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