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  1. If you fly Delta, you are probably familiar with with Lotus European biscuit cookies, sold under the name "Biscoff"; they are served on Delta. I am addicted to those things; bet you can't eat just one (package). Lotus also makes a cookie butter product under the same label, with the same flavor; either smooth or crunchie. Oh, man, cookie butter spread on the same flavor cookie; mmmmmmm.
  2. And on the same Amazon page, also available as an arc... LL
  3. My son has been hunkered down in Chapel Hill since the pandemic began; he got on a plane this morning to head home to Seattle. Sounds like it was none too soon. I lived in Minnesota for awhile during the 1970's; I've heard that freight train sound, and seen approaching funnel clouds. I don't care to hear it or see one again. LL
  4. CR: My Dad gave me a couple of these a few years ago; plain black chrome cases, no maker's name, no marking other than at the charging port. Format and print face of printed instructions suggests China as point of origin. I don't smoke anymore, and the design is not much good for anything other than cigarettes; there is no tall flame, just two electric arcs in a small opening. LL
  5. Well, I still need to know what "not easily" means. "Cannot"???? If not, then it still can. And if it can, (even if not "easily"), then there is still some risk that it will. Problem is, we have no reliable information regarding the extent of that risk. So, until someone can tell me differently, I will still treat it as a real risk, and take appropriate steps to protect myself and my family. Life was easier when government science folks gave us accurate information, rather than politically influenced gobbledy-gook. And I do not believe anything coming from the Congress or the White House; their inability to be truthful is staggering. LL
  6. Or maybe not..... https://www.bostonmagazine.com/news/2015/01/26/wicked-big-stawm-sign-isnt-real/ LL
  7. Pat: You need a new search engine.... I use Duck Duck Go, and the first article associated with the search that you suggested includes the following: The personal qualities of a good citizen include the following: Honesty – tell the truth. Integrity – be morally upright. Responsibility – be accountable for yourself and your actions. Respectfulness – treat others how you want to be treated. Compassion – show fellowship with your compatriots who are down on their luck by volunteering and/or making donations to charities. Kindness – be friendly. Tolerance – be tolerant of other races and religions. Courtesy – be considerate of others. Self-Discipline – have self-control and cultivate the ability to follow through on what you say you’re going to do. Moral Courage – stand up for what you consider to be wrong and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Love of Justice – be fair and ask that others be so as well. Sometimes you need to reflect on the sources of your information. LL
  8. The structures with the gingerbread decoration brought to mind the Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association, in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard. A striking collection of uniquely designed and decorated cottages, that began as tents as part of the 1800's campground movement, and has grown to hundreds of family owned cottages surrounding a cast iron Tabernacle that serves as the religious and cultural center of the summer community and is now a National Historic Monument. Some great history here: https://www.mvcma.org
  9. No offense, Pat...but that sounds like something the folks in HR say when they give you a pink slip. And then tell everyone else that you "decided to pursue other opportunities". I'm not really disappointed about packing it in; I had a long run, and enjoyed most of it. It is depressing, however, to think that the Court system is being reduced to a video game. LL
  10. Some of you know that I'm a lawyer who tries civil cases - fires, explosions and product failures are the bulk of my work. I primarily represent defendants, although a plaintiff sneaks in there every once in a while. I tried my first case in 1977 - that's 43 years. The work can be frustrating, nasty and exhausting, but overall, I wouldn't trade it for any other field. I received a letter yesterday from the administrators of the primary courts in the Commonwealth, letting us know that life as we know it is probably over. There is no predictable date for restarting jury trials; in fact, we may not ever see them again, at least not with live people in the same courtroom. The courthouses remain closed to the public for most matters. The clerks are all enthused about using conference calls and video conferencing to resolve certain matters; I consider them to be grossly inadequate. Can you judge the credibility of a witness during a teleconference, when you cannot see their facial expressions and body language? Can you establish a connection with 12 jurors who are reduced to little boxes on your laptop screen? No more Motion Sessions, where lawyers gather and argue disputes to a clerk or judge; now, you submit your written arguments electronically and wait to receive an email deciding your motion - no oral arguments, no thinking on your feet, no give-and-take, no intellectual challenges between lawyers and judges. No more live depositions - all done on Zoom. This is hard to explain, but so much of what we used to do involved the intangibles of personal contact. Spend two or three hours in the quick exchanges of questions and answers, and the good stuff often spills out unintentionally - admissions, contradictions, and outright lies. Much less likely in these semi-scripted video events, where I can't really see if I am making the witness sweat or not; where I cannot lean across the table with a clear look of disbelief on my face. We may as well just exchange written statements and go home. I was playing with the possibility of retirement a few months ago; this may accelerate my plans. It may just be my time. I heard that the snappers and schoolies are running in Vineyard Sound, and that sounds a lot more attractive at his point in my life. LL
  11. Same here. Mall anchor stores gone. Automotive center gone. Sears surplus store gone. Kmart gone. You can still get Craftsman hand tools at Ace Hardware, but that's about it. I need some new tool cabinets; I would have bought Craftsman to match my 3 existing cabinets, but now I'm looking at Harbor Freight. A study of the demise of America's premier chain store brand would make for interesting reading. LL
  12. When FB was popular a number of years ago, I began to feel that I might be missing something. I opened an account in the name of my dog. Used his pic. Created a bio. From every corner of the FB universe, I was befriended by cute blonde girls. It was looking like a good deal. Participation with anonymity. But then I started to read posts like this one....jail for speech? People of questionable intelligence assigned to read and pass judgment on my thoughts? Why would I willingly participate in such a perversion? Now I satisfy my need for electron-based gossip here. Heck, we're required to use an alias! LL
  13. Out of context selected statistics don't mean much. We've had over 5000 deaths in this state. According to the medical folks, the RATE of spread is the issue. So they are looking for four straight days with declining rates, not just a day or two of lower numbers, before they think about re-opening anything. I understand that a lot of folks do not have the ability to work from home; that for some, not being able to go to work means no income; and that some folks are stir crazy. But I don't see the basis for fearing a vast government conspiracy to "take away your rights" for some undisclosed wrongful purpose. When you have no medicine to fight this plague, what else can you do but try to slow and maybe break the chain of transmission? And pray. I'm still in my cave, and I intend to stay here until there are real signs that the risk has fallen. That may be tomorrow, or it might be December. LL
  14. 1165 new cases in MA today; 174 new deaths. Probably not the right time to reopen, yet. LL
  15. Or maybe some Dolphins players and coaches..... https://yourteamcheats.com/MIA LL
  16. Huh! I was just watching him last night in a Law & Order episode, where he played the well-intentioned but bumbling real estate lawyer trying to represent a criminal defendant. He was funny even when he wasn't trying. RIP LL
  17. Hmm..... 45 co-sponsors, only one of whom is a Republican....does not bode well for passage in both Houses. LL
  18. I know it was a different time, but seeing that makes a part of my heart ache. Sort of like the pictures of punters with hundreds of dead ducks and geese. LL
  19. And the alternative would be what, exactly? LL
  20. Chantry: Will you shoot it? If so, will you do anything special to verify the integrity of the barrels? Gorgeous gun! LL
  21. I went through a brief flirtation with single malt Scotch, but it was more effort than reward and I let it go. In Summer, I'm a gin and tonic drinker (Bombay Sapphire, Schweppes Tonic with quinine and Rose's Lime Juice), as well as a variety of tropical drinks using Pusser's rum and fruit juices. In winter, I don't drink much; if I do, it's usually Bailey's on ice, or a local substitute made at a farm-to-table restaurant using their own cream and unidentified Irish whiskey; they will mix it to your taste or tolerance. LL
  22. Most of us have only one way to be effectively heard.....by changing how we contribute. For years, I justified ever-increasing levels of NRA membership, as well as responding to special requests for funds, with the rationale that the NRA was the only effective voice for our 2nd A freedoms. I believe that is no longer true. I will no longer fund the NRA. My contributions will go to the Second Amendment Foundation. LL
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