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  1. My understanding is that if you want to store powder in an old fridge, you should remove the latch/lock.  Otherwise you have a potential bomb in the event of a fire.  As far as using it as a gun "safe" it's not very secure - more like a cabinet, a hindrance to access but not a safe.  Kinda cute, tho.



  2. 8 minutes ago, Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474 said:

    Ah yes. The Duck and Cover drills; Hide under your desk drills at the teachers command.

    I lived and went to school, on an advanced interceptor base, (RCAF Cold Lake, strangely enough) where we had regular 1 second siren blasts signaling a scramble of the CF-100 squadrons.

    We had a teacher that came to us from the south, (Edmonton) who thought these drills were going to be important for our potential survival and intended to start weekly drills, in her class. 

    She stopped when we started to laugh and paled when the kids told her the base was a priority target and our school was in the direct blast zone, if the interceptors let one sneak through.


    For a couple of years we lived near the end of the runway at Willow Grove Naval Air Station in PA.  For a kid, watching the jets take off and land was great entertainment.  We thought of the fighters as our personal protection; it never occurred to us that they might make us a target.



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  3. 1 hour ago, Go West said:

    Back in those days, some people with money built their underground shelters. I wonder what they use them for today.


    Great gun room.....


    I was born in '52.  We had nuclear war drills during the early '60s, if I recall correctly.  Bells would ring in the classrooms; teacher would tell us to take cover; we were supposed to sit under our desk, with hands folded on top of our heads.  Sure protection against an atomic bomb blast...:wacko:


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  4. When I wrote that response, it never occurred to me that somone might not know about duck and cover drills; if you are not a boomer, you missed out on so much fun :blink:



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  5. 1 hour ago, Charlie Harley, #14153 said:

    Sounds like the boss man is a gun guy as well as a businessman. 


    I've been cruising through internet sites that mention him.  He claims to be a lifelong hunter; he has a deep background in paintballing, includng a couple dozen patents for paintball components and gear; he disses the MBA type, referring to them as "shirts and ties"; he has promised that his management team will be hands-on people with real product experience; he's not big on unions; he's an interesting character.



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  6. 17 hours ago, Raylan said:

    Respectfully, there is no anonymity on the internet and very little off the internet anymore. 


    Well, for the average person, the identity of most posters, using screen names and not sharing personal information, is not easily uncovered; that's about as "anonymous" as you can get.  I'm sure that if you have superior computer skills, and the time to devote to more intense investigation, you could find more information; but my comment (the cited language is not mine, but rather that of the OP in response to which I posted a "Like") is, I believe, more accurate than claiming that there is "no anonymity"; I know the real names of only a handful of folks on this Wire, and even fewer of those whose comments I read on most other sites I follow.



  7. 45 minutes ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

    I don't think about it much, except when a State legalizes it. I outgrew it over 40 years ago. I graduated from HS during the Summer of Love. We called it pot.


    Me too.  I never tried it.  Glad I didn't.  I have the kind of personality that tends to excess when I find something I Iike.  And I decided early on that I did not care for the stupidity that others in my age group displayed when they used it.



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  8. 49 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    Practical jokes are neither practical nor jokes. The perpetrator should be beaten with a horse whip, tarred and feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail.


    I take it you were the kid that everyone enjoyed pulling the pranks on??



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  9. 7 hours ago, Waxahachie Kid #17017 L said:

    I passed a kidney stone last week. I consider that something good.


    I've had several.


    The only thing good about them is when they pass and the ridiculous pain stops.


    Problem is, you can just about guarantee that there will be another one along shortly.


    Last one I had sent me to the ER at 2:00 A.M.  I knew exactly what it was (experience is a good teacher), and told the admitting folks what was happening in terse but definitive words.  Only thing I needed was a morphine drip - which no one was going to give me based solely on my non-credentialed diagnosis.  So I spent 2 hours on a guerney in the hallway, writhing in pain and supressing screams.  I finally couldn't take it anymore, and let out a scream that scared even me.  That was it for my wife; like a rocket she was in the nurses' station, making it quite clear that if they did not medicate me immediately, she was headed for her lawyer (that's me, but they did not need to know that) to pursue a malpractice claim.  Out of nowhere, two doctors and a nurse appeared, and decided in about 15 seconds to hang the drip and get some joy juice into my system.  Sweet euphoria......what you can't feel can't hurt you.


    Good luck, Kid....I've seen a dozen urologists and other "experts"; they've all had theories about diet, meds, and varied treatments; no two alike.  My present doc says the old food theories are humbug, and suggests drinking a ton of water and a prescription for alipurinol.  Seems to work OK, with only a couple of stones in 10 years (rather than the 2 per year that were my norm previously).  



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  10. 1 hour ago, Whiskey Business said:


    Do you need a bank account to cash a treasury check?


    Depends on the bank.  Some will not cash any check unless you have an account; others will do it even if you are not an account holder, but may charge you a fee.



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  11. 26 minutes ago, Whiskey Business said:

    The card thing does not sound right. 

    The first two covid payments were either direct deposits or a treasury check. No fees or interest rates.


    Cards were sent to folks without bank accounts, or who had not approved direct deposits by the Feds.



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