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  1. https://www.wcvb.com/article/high-point-university-student-removed-from-campus-after-security-officials-confiscate-two-guns/28846196 So this misguided Yute from Boston decides to go to college in NC because its easier to buy guns there? Can you picture his family around the dinner table during his junior year of high school? Dad: "How about Boston College?" Son: "Naw, Dad; too many formalities when you try to buy a gun." This all sounds a little ridiculous. The school year just started; how did he know that he would not get into a frat, and would need to prepare for an armed assault? And even if it is NC, he would still be disqualified, as a non-resident, from legally buying a handgun there. As usual, not enough facts reported. LL
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Extreme-Tumblers-Rebel-Reloading-Tumbler/dp/B00IOE5K5Y/ref=sr_1_2?hvadid=4965839270&hvbmt=bb&hvdev=c&hvqmt=p&keywords=rebel+17&qid=1566920649&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  3. Smoke is partially unburned particulate matter and gases...... Doesn't say much for my love life....... LL
  4. I appreciate the enthusiasm and energy of the young; it's just that some times, they are blind to the realities of life. That, and I don't like being scolded by a 15 year old. https://www.ted.com/speakers/greta_thunberg LL
  5. Yeah...but...like...that could never happen here, right? LL
  6. Well, that was my first reaction too, until I looked more closely and realized that these were not Civil War era bodies in shallow graves. All I saw at first glance was grey and tan, some faces covered, and a stone wall in the background. The 1800's focus of this Wire may have pre-disposed me to think of Confederates rather than contemporaries, but it then only took a few seconds to realize that these were living modern soldiers. As for the folks at FB, I really have no expectation that they have either the ability to perform a reasoned analysis or the inclination to understand the importance of sacrifice and service. Look elsewhere for serious people. LL
  7. I never really knew how demanding family responsibilities could be until I took my elderly father into our home. Some really tough, draining lessons. Some cruel realities that I never would have gotten through had it not been for the love that he gave me as a child. I spent a lot of nights sleeping in a chair in his room, but I never even considered doing anything less. I hope the rest of your family appreciates what you are doing; I am absolutely certain that your father-in-law does. LL
  8. So, it is basically an extension, giving the government 10 days, instead of the old 3 day limit, to perform the background check and object.
  9. I had a neighbor with a similar disability. Absurdly loud stereo on week-ends; lawn perfection crew with mowers, leaf blowers and line trimmers twice a week. But the real deal breaker was the high powered car detailer vac, run in reverse, to blow the water droplets off of his Cadillac Escalade after he washed it every 2-3 days. Sounded like a jet engine test from 50' away. A job I could have done (silently) in 15 minutes with a good chamois. Without a $1000 electronic blower. LL
  10. Well, CM, I guess you have to have SOME level of trust; otherwise, you may as well find that shack up in the woods, install some extra reflective foil on the roof, and spend your days reloading and nights walking guard on the perimeter. I'm a Reagan kind of guy...trust, but verify. LL
  11. I did a quick DuckDuck Walk, looking for any reasonably reliable anaysis of whether UBC legislation could have or likely will help prevent mass shootings. TIME says it hasn't and probably won't; so does CNN. I can't find any source, other than politicians and political advocacy groups, that claims that it has or will. Feel good proposal, I think. Someone above suggested that going to your LGS to run a UBC creates a record of the transaction. Is this an accessible record? I thought that Federal law made records of sales inaccessible unless the government is actually investigating a crime? LL
  12. Is it really necessary to transfer ownership of guns held for deploying soldiers? I can give my guns to any properly licensed fellow gun owner to hold pending my return; in MA (and many other states) , it's a "bailment", and title to the guns does not change hands- just bare possession. We have UBCs here; even in a private sale. Fine by me; let's me know that I'm selling to someone who can pass the NICS process; not perfect, but it should screen out most felons. Personally, I think that there is very little that can be done to effectively screen the unbalanced folks who shoot up chruches and schools. For those events, the best preventative is still a trained armed team in the building - the "good guys with guns". I go through Courthouse metal detectors, manned by armed deputies and Federal marshals, several times a week; personally, I certainly value the lives of children as much as I do lawyers and Judges; I see no reason why the same security should not be at schools, and I dismiss the "traumatic for the children" argument as political hyperbole. LL
  13. Maybe he backed up to get a spot that he missed? LL
  14. Sorry... When someone says "lav on deck", I get an entirely different mental image.... portta pottie on deck.jfif
  15. GR died in 1991, in the middle of the Next Generation run. From Wiki: Roddenberry intended the show to have a progressive political agenda reflective of the emerging counter-culture of the youth movement, though he was not fully forthcoming to the networks about this. He wanted Star Trek to show what humanity might develop into, if it would learn from the lessons of the past, most specifically by ending violence. An extreme example is the alien species, the Vulcans, who had a violent past but learned to control their emotions. Roddenberry also gave Star Trek an anti-war message and depicted the United Federation of Planets as an ideal, optimistic version of the United Nations.[12] His efforts were opposed by the network because of concerns over marketability, e.g., they opposed Roddenberry's insistence that Enterprise have a racially diverse crew.[13] LL
  16. I had always thought of Star Trek as being focused on the unique value of the individual; it's the lesson that Kirk teaches Spock, and that seems to underlie many of the plots. But then I caught a repeat of the Next Generation episode where Picard is trying to head off the Borg as they try to stop the First Contact with the Vulcans. Picard lectures one of the characters about how Earth in the time of the Federation is "no longer focused on accumulation of material wealth", but rather on "improvement of the species". Wait...isn't that part of the 2020 Dems platform????? Where, oh where, is my Safe Space? LL
  17. Mo: The funeral home that buried both of my folks made the arrangements for the marker; they are buried in the National Cemetary, and the plots and the marker were provided at no cost. All I had to do was present their Honorable Discharge Certificates. Where is Mr. Fisher buried? LL
  18. Just how long will a metal roof last? Depends on the type of roof, the quality of the installation, the environment, and the maintenance performed. I had a Galvalume standing seam roof (steel coated with mix of zinc & aluminum) installed on a coastal cottage 15 years ago. The installation was per the manufacturer's recommendations, and the work was flawess. Despite the salt air environment, there is not a mark or a bit of rust on the roof, and it has retained the full depth of the colored resin coating. Maintenance consists of nothing more than spraying it with a hose a couple of times each year. Great product. True lifetime guarantee. See https://www.englertinc.com/ for more information. On the other hand, galvanized corrugated roofing was popular on barns, sheds and even rural homes during the time periods you mentioned. This product lacks any specialized coatings, and is much more likely to rust and degrade. How effective is the fiberglass paint? Does anyone have experience with these things? The house looks fairly solid over all. Not sure what you mean by "fiberglass paint". There are specialized coatings and sealants for commercial corrugated roofing, but I haven't seen any described as "fiberglass" paint. Most are elastomeric products. (See https://www.metalguard.com/metal-roof-elastomeric-coating). I would definately be asking a roofing contractor to look at this roof before buying the house. Looks can be deceiving, and hidden corrosion can spell a very expensive repair. LL
  19. Hey, it's the 1950's in Acapulco....the shorts were fashionable. But those rope soled canvas shoes....my wife wears those!!!!! LL
  20. What's wrong, CM? After all, he has a great set of.....legs! LL
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