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  1. It does not hurt to understand the social and political structures of your allies...and for that matter, of your enemies, too. LL
  2. Try this; should keep you busy for a month or two http://www.edwardianpromenade.com/resources/titles-and-orders-of-precedence/ LL
  3. That may be true....but I still can't help but chuckle when I thnk of the two of them living "on a ranch"..... LL
  4. Picked one of these up a few years ago; $65. SS. I don't like the plastic sheath. Need a horizontal belt sheath in leather, that will work behind my back. LL tanto.jfif
  5. How about disarming the Indian? I feel threatened! Revisionists! Leave history, good or bad, alone! LL
  6. I know that I am late to the technology craze, but a few months ago I tried Kindle. Not a Kindle, but Kindle the service that allows me to download e-books and read them at my leisure on my computer or phone. For $1.98, I got a collection of 24 works by Edgar Rice Burroughs, including several Tarzan tales. I love the service. It's my own portable library. LL
  7. Actually, he recovered his dead father's hunting knife from the cottage in which both his parents died. LL
  8. Holographic wills - written by the testator in his/her own hand, usually require no witnesses or other formalities. If the will is otherwise valid under state law, it can operate to revoke prior wills, even those that follow traditional form and formalities. LL
  9. Actually, Googling "How to Escape from Overturned Car", or "MV violation lawyers" LL
  10. So, I guess I cannot travel to SF for fear of arrest as a member of a terrorist organization. Somehow, that doesn't seem like much of a loss. LL
  11. I've never used WalMart or Dicks for guns or ammo...but these developments scare me. As soon as the big box stores no longer sell guns for "social" reasons, it sends a signal that gun owners are outside the mainstream, and alienates us even further. Any restriction or contraction of gun/ammo availability is a bad thing. Here, we are already banned from mailorders for ammo or components. That leaves us with only LGS, which have been badly thinned out by regulation and (former) big box price competition. The only bright light is that with the big boys gone, a LGS may prosper' but that may take time to have an effect. LL
  12. Well, somebody is pushing back. Judge refuses to dismiss cases against protesters that DA wants dropped. Defense lawyer argues that cases should be dropped, Judge JAILS her for contempt. Police union cheers. DA fumes. Losing battle; higher Court will overrule trial court judge, and cases will be dismissed; the decision to prosecute or not is solely the DA's. Sometimes, I feel like Alice in Wonderland. https://www.wcvb.com/article/suffolk-da-rachael-rollins-appealing-highest-massachusetts-court-to-overrule-judge-who-won-t-drop-charges-in-straight-pride-arrests/28916233 LL
  13. Three dozen people were arrested over the week-end in Boston for violence at a "straight pride" parade. From the videos posted in the news, it was primarily "the opposition", most of whom were dressed in black with masks and headgear, who were involved in violence with the police. According to Ayanna Pressly, a US Conressperson from Boston, these people should not be prosecuted because they were "protesting a racist, fascist demonstration." So, if your political beliefs coincide with those of the ruling government, you will not be expected to comply with the law, and are free to assault the police and the public without consequences, I guess...... Maybe new Congressfolks need a lesson in what "fascism" really means. https://www.wcvb.com/article/dozens-arrested-in-straight-pride-parade-due-in-court/28896471 LL
  14. Well, that's a bummer... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/in-natick-world-war-ii-museum-abruptly-shuts-down/ar-AAGI6ze No one should enter into a complex, high value transaction without a written contract and a documented understanding of what is going to occur. Having an admirable purpose does not protect you from deceit, changes of mind, or plain old misunderstandings. If the seller had a lawyer, something went awry; why would you allow the purchaser to walk away with the valuable part of the deal (the collection) and not be required to perform the other part - moving the Museum. Something ain't right. Real shame. Seems as though something may be missing from the article, or from the owner's version. LL
  15. OK, I'm confused. Some folks seem to be indicating that SASS numbers and aliases are transferrable and inheritable. Other seem to indicate that numbers (and aliases) are personal, and should not (or cannot) be sold or inherited or re-assigned. Which is it? LL
  16. As a kid in PA, we had them delivered to the house - chips and pretzels in cans. Also had the milk man (Martin's Dairy) who left milk, chocolate milk, orange juice and lemonade, all in glass bottles with paper lids, in the metal milk box on the front step. It was a different time. Friendly personal service, no plastic, no stealing what's on your neighbor's stoop. LL
  17. Unfortunately, it is possible...here's the Attorney General's ban-by-fiat in MA, re-interpreting our gun laws to effectively ban all ARs, AKs, and other similar "assault weapons". You can no longer buy, sell or transfer one here. The AG's order includes a not-so-veiled threat to sue violators under MGL c. 93A - our consumer protection statute, which can carry treble damages and attorney's fees as part of the penalty for violations; in other words, if you try to find a way around the restrictions, we will crush you with litigation and penalties. LL assault-weapons-enforcement-notice.pdf
  18. http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?57992-Alcan-primers and for samples: https://thea.com/Tins-Alcan/ LL
  19. https://www.wcvb.com/article/high-point-university-student-removed-from-campus-after-security-officials-confiscate-two-guns/28846196 So this misguided Yute from Boston decides to go to college in NC because its easier to buy guns there? Can you picture his family around the dinner table during his junior year of high school? Dad: "How about Boston College?" Son: "Naw, Dad; too many formalities when you try to buy a gun." This all sounds a little ridiculous. The school year just started; how did he know that he would not get into a frat, and would need to prepare for an armed assault? And even if it is NC, he would still be disqualified, as a non-resident, from legally buying a handgun there. As usual, not enough facts reported. LL
  20. https://www.amazon.com/Extreme-Tumblers-Rebel-Reloading-Tumbler/dp/B00IOE5K5Y/ref=sr_1_2?hvadid=4965839270&hvbmt=bb&hvdev=c&hvqmt=p&keywords=rebel+17&qid=1566920649&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  21. Smoke is partially unburned particulate matter and gases...... Doesn't say much for my love life....... LL
  22. I appreciate the enthusiasm and energy of the young; it's just that some times, they are blind to the realities of life. That, and I don't like being scolded by a 15 year old. https://www.ted.com/speakers/greta_thunberg LL
  23. Yeah...but...like...that could never happen here, right? LL
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