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  1. The ultimate expressions of the philosopy of the free man of the West: “I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted. I won't be laid a-hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.” John Bernard Books "You can't have no idea how little I care." Monte Walsh LL
  2. In my area, The Smithsonian Channel is showing a program on gun trucks during the Viet Nam war; great images, interviews and people. 359th Trans figures big. One truck named "Brutus" - Twin 50 cal. guns on the sides, mini gun on the rear; trying to protect fuel truck convoys. Includes actual battle footage. LL Found the link: https://www.smithsonianchannel.com/details/show/gun-trucks-of-vietnam LL
  3. I think that is a black plastic gun hanger - replaces a holster. LL
  4. Ah....that's "metes and bounds", unless it's Christmas, and then it's little lords a-leaping..... LL
  5. To paraphrase Karl Marx's cousin Groucho, I'm not sure that I would want to be a member of any administration that would have me as a member.... LL
  6. I may be profiling, but if you were to pull this guys black hoodie up, and add a black bandana, he is every Antifa protestor that we have seen on the news over the past 6 months. Such a look of anger and disgust. What do you bet that he blames the police for this whole episode? So, who goes out to rob a hardware store with a sofa strapped to the roof of their car? Unless he had just previously robbed a furniture store..... Class act; runs away leaving his girlfriend in the car with the gun.... LL
  7. Funny how that happens. Enter politics with an attack on the rich for their "obvious" inability to understand and sympathize with the less fortunate; stay in office by revealing new plots by the rich to "deny" the underclasses their "rights", and by supporting legislation that will "fix" this problem by stripping away the rights of those who pay taxes; retire or die in office, rich beyond any reasonable legal and ethical explanation, and secure in the knowledge that they will be personally unaffected by the rules imposed upon everyone else. No one can represent me adequately unless they had to fight and work for everything they have; unless they have to dig into their own pockets for health care, groceries, transportation, a mortgage or rent, clothing, and federal, state and local taxes; unless they had to beg, borrow and earn to pay their own kids' tuition; unless they have honorably borne the burdens and tragedies of military service; and unless they have a full understanding of and belief in the content and original meaning of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That probably disqualifies at least half of the serving Congress, and rightfully so. LL
  8. Pleanty of does and young'uns in my area; bucks are rare. Saw the first one in 3-4 years last week; he was trailing these two. LL
  9. Given your other parameters, I'd use the pick-up instead...... LL
  10. Actually, that's a relatively modern description. Try the older descriptions from a 1700's deed, using terms like "rod" and "chain" as units of measurement, and referencing "the end of Farmer Jones' stone wall" and "the center of the Thompson's well" as starting points for measurement. Even today in New England, unless you are dealing with the more modern (and uncommon) system of registered land, land descriptions are unchanged over centuries, to guarantee that what you are buying is the same as what your seller bought and owned. Stand in the middle of an open field, and try to figure out how you could describe the outline of an irregular shaped lot, without fixed points of reference. LL
  11. I sold cars between college and law school. I was fortunate to work for a family owned dealership - 3rd generation. Their reputation was more important than the bottom line, and they worked hard to maintain it. No high presssure sales tactics, no unnecessary options or packages, and no lying. I can't tell you how many customers told me that they were relieved not to have to deal with the stereotypical hard sell. Ironically, one of the grandsons worked weekends with me; he had two other full time jobs - local politician and attorney. Add on car salesman, and he hit the trifecta of professions held in low esteem by the public. Somehow, he managed to excel at all three, rising to become Governor of MA and then US Ambassador to Canada. We were not all slime. LL
  12. Does the ASPCA know what they did to that horse? LL
  13. Neat...but how did they get on the anchor? Climb down the chain? Nah.... Pull up in a small boat, climb onto the anchor, have a third man pull away in the boat? Maybe... LL
  14. Fun, Fun, Fun - the Beach Boys - 1964 Girls! T-Birds! What else could you want????
  15. Red: Easy. Scroll to bottom of your draft post or reply; Click on "choose files"; Select your image from the directory that appears; Once you click on the image, it will appear in a small block in the lower left corner, as an "uploaded image" Click on "Submit", and your post/reply will appear with the image. full size. Easy peasy. LL
  16. See https://www.cbsnews.com/news/seal-team-6-rescues-us-citizen-philip-walton-nigeria/ Mr. Walton is described as a farmer. I do not see anything in any of the reports of any connection with the Walmart Waltons; I would expect that such a connection would have been prominently reported if it existed. LL
  17. https://www.foxnews.com/world/american-hostage-rescued-west-africa-seal-team-6-daring-raid LL
  18. I live in a Deck House - post & Beam contemporary with lots of floor-to-ceiling glass. We've had trouble off and on with birds, who apparently look straight through the house, don't see the glass,and crash into the windows. Somethimes just knocked out briefly, sometimes dead of a broken neck. This year, I'm dealing with a forlorn woodpecker. Seems to be lost. Fltters endlessly against the windows, moving around the entire perimeter of the house. Never moves away more than a few inches then raps his head and/or beak into the glass; repeat; repeat; repeat ad nauseum. Has the same issue a few years ago with a robin, but only involving one window. Tried plastic owls, suspended CDs, and, eventually, nettting (DO NOT USE NETTING, unless you enjoy removing dead birds entagled in netting, or looking at dead birds suspended outside your bedroom). Any insights into bird behavior? I'm getting downright tired of Woody......
  19. 18 degrees here this AM; I'm shopping for a dire wolf robe........ Loophole Lannister
  20. Now, THAT"S what I would call "Mixed Martial Arts"! ll
  21. Hmmm... I guess I was surprised to see the system based upon groups of 80; I would have expected 100. LL
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