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  1. All gun stores here are still closed per order of our Republican governor, who first ordered them closed, then ordered them open as "essential", and then deemed them "nonessential", closing them all again. Since even private sales/gifts require background checks here, it's been over a month since anyone in this Commonwealth could buy or sell a gun. Lawsuit is pending; good luck; Courts are closed except for emergency matters. LL
  2. I'll probably take some heat for this, but there is an alternative that does not require a smoker. Start with a bunch of country style ribs - thick cut, with lots of fat, on the bone. Simmer in a big pot of boiling water for about an hour. Dip the ribs in barbecue sauce (recipe below), and slap 'em on the charcoal grill (Weber kettle preferred, with the lid on to slow cooking to medium heat) Don't overcook; 3-5 minutes per side, or until the meat starts to separate from the bones. Turn and brush with more sauce frequently. Serve with more sauce, fresh French bread, and corn on the cob. Sauce: Chili Sauce - 2 cups Catsup - 3 cups Worcestershire Sauce - 2 tbsp Mustard - 2 tbsp Diced Onion - 1 cup Brown Sugar - 1/2 cup Juice of a fresh lemon (add at the end; you can use slices, but remove them before you grill the meat) Butter - 2 tbsp Garlic salt - to taste This recipe makes enough for 4 servings; multiply as needed. I usually double it for a group of 4-8. PS: if you are having a bunch of folks over for a picnic, fill a moderate sized cooler with boiling water, and put your husked corn in it before guests arrive. By the time you are ready to eat, it will be ready; it will also keep the corn hot during the meal, rather than cooling in a bowl. LL
  3. Pietta 1851 Navy U.S. Marshal .44 - 5.5" Barrels Pietta 1851 Navy Captain Schaeffer .36 - 4" Barrels I favor the shorter barrels. LL
  4. Mrs. LL and I saw our check a week ago; great. But yesterday received my Dad's check; problem is, he's been dead over a year. Some online sources say "Send it back"; others claim it is a a benefit that he (his estate) "earned". I'll put it aside and plan on sending it back. LL
  5. I suspect lots of regional variations. Things here are still pretty quiet. LL
  6. Unfortunately, James Garner is deceased. LL
  7. The list omits the fella to the right of Jackie Coogan - George Montgomery??? LL
  8. One trip to the Bugatti dealer, with a down payment on a new Veyron, will do it. Simple and easy. It's the payments that will crush you. And the sales tax. And the insurance. And the visit from the Feds regarding your large cash transaction. LL
  9. Robert Taylor (the elder) was born Spangler Arlington Brugh; if anyone ever needed a SASS alias, it was him. Great actor of the 40's, 50's and 60's; once played Billy the Kid, and starred in many other Westerns. Died in 1969. Robert Taylor the younger is an Australian who stars in the current Longmire series. LL
  10. The (surviving) Carradine brothers William Devane George Eads Timothy Oliphant Robert Taylor Lou Diamond Phillips Graham Greene Vera Miles (The Searchers and Liberty Valance) Katherine Ross (Butch Cassidy and The Shadow Riders) Robert Redford Michael Biehn Stephen Lang Thomas Haden Church
  11. Same here; except that we back off feeding when the snow is gone; gotta let those creatures use their innate skills to forage. Much to my surprise yesterday morning, as I was exiting the garage with the dog around sun-up, I was met by two fat groundhogs, jogging up the driveway. All four of us froze in place for a second, and then the hogs bolted, one left and one right. Dog headed left; the old man stayed put, and anchored the dog about 3 feet short of a mouthful of groundhog. I'll bet that they stay a bit further away from the house from now on. LL
  12. Actually, kinda cool, and not self-centered at all. Some folks need a visual reminder that it is not all about them. Most folks are not at personal risk - but us old geezers are. Average age of fatalities due to virus in MA is 81. So before you decide you're tired of being denied your right to tan, consider that you may be helping to kill grandpa and grandma. LL
  13. Gee...$83 for a print, but only $18,000 for the original!! Step up! There is a feature on the website that allows you to view full resolution sections of the print; looks like a Wanted poster of Lee Van Cleef on the far left margin LL
  14. Driftwood: Yup...Country Pond - my first or second match. There was another fellow there with a smokin' Henry..... LL
  15. No cowboy clothes....but Dad made sure I wasn't defenseless.... Still have it...but no grips and a broken main spring.
  16. I'm disappointed that there is nothing from The Revenge of the Creature ......
  17. As long as its Tyrone Power and Razzle Bathbone, no problem.
  18. Looks like you and Birdgun used the same bootmaker..... LL
  19. Yeah, we've got that problem, too - all the knife and gun laws are written by urban politicians, who live in continual fear of being waylaid by the Jets or the Sharks. No auto openers, no switchblades, no double edged blades - on and on for almost 400 words straight with no meaningful punctuation. Bottom line, carry any kind of knife, and they can get you on something. LL
  20. Let me guess...you folks elect your judges down there, don't ya? LL
  21. Paddles were common when I was in elementary school. My 4th grade teacher caught me passing notes with a cute blonde in my class, and she was unhappy with the disruption. She told me to go home, and to bring a piece of lumber to school the following day. I told my Dad, and he knew exactly what she had in mind. He made a custom 3' long paddle that night, and sent me off to school with it the next morning. Tanned my britches. I was a one-time offender. LL
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