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  1. When I open the SASS website, it works just fine; when I click on "Forums", I get a warning from Norton that there is a problem with this site's security certificate, and recommending that I do not open the site. Is there something happening here? LL
  2. I usually prefer high scoring games; but there were some great defensive plays on both sides of this one. Denver does have some offensive line problems, apparently. Hey, a win is a win....and I'll take it. And Marshal...Brady is now 22-9 in play-off games - a more relevant stat given where we are in the season! There are a lot of players out there that have never been in a play-off game - let alone 31 of 'em! LL
  3. So, as a Bears fan, you get to freeze your rear off at the first two games, and then sit comfortably warm in your Barcolounger at home for the third game, watching two OTHER teams play for the Championship?? LL
  4. Is there such a thing as a "pre-ban" larger capacity magazine for 10/22s? We have had a 10 round limit since 09/13/1994, so I would need to be able to prove that the magazine was manufactured before that date. Are Ruger BX-25s date marked? LL
  5. What I want to know is what happened to the $6 Million she raised from the weak minded individuals who thought they were paying for a recount? I heard on the radio that she claims to have spent over $1 Million in a week and a half on "overhead"; that's a lot of floppy discs.... LL
  6. It seems that most ancient cultures have a similar instrument - one of these played at my wedding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCBDhH_b8-c LL
  7. I finally decided that the game, as designed, doesn't fit my personality. You can change it, though. I've renamed mine "Let's Shoot Ralphie in the Eye"; the goal is to score as many hits on the kid as possible. LL
  8. I get tired of this game pretty quick; anybody got any other (free) online shooting games they like???? LL
  9. Our 95# Lab was always a bed sleeper; started at the foot each night, but inevitably found him up between us in the morning. He's so arthritis-bound now that he can't jump up in the bed (or the Jeep). We miss him, even though he sleeps on the floor right next to us. I've heard others say they would never let a dog in the bed, and some would not allow one in the house. To each his own, but I would not be without a dog in the house. LL
  10. It's - 2 degrees F here this morning, -15 F with the wind chill. Need another log on the fire. LL
  11. But..but...where's Christie Brinkley???? If you're going to dream, you might as well dream about the whole package!!! LL
  12. The part I found hilarious was Jill Stein's explanation on Fox, when asked how Russia could have affected voting machines that are not connected to the Internet; she deftly asserted hackers walk around and "... use a floppy disc thing". I wondered what had happened to floppy discs..... LL
  13. No, they didn't. Although there were times during that game that the Pats almost beat themselves.... LL
  14. Leave 'em be, UB...at least until after next Sunday's game; I wouldn't want them developing any sudden capabilities when they play the Pats. LL
  15. Actually, we are not talking about "public transportation". We're are talking about a common carrier, to whom I must pay a substantial ticket price. In exchange for that fee, I expect the carrier to keep flaming morons out of my face and my space. I can't just get up and walk away. Expect some nasty confrontations if the airlines force us to endure the boorish big mouths as they berate their employees and brag about their conquests. LL
  16. Too much hot water in a shower can be worse than not enough. I have a client that manufacturers shower valves. They were sued a couple of years ago when a hotel guest was scalded to death in their shower. This was odd, as the valve was equipped with a mechanical "stop" to prevent such occurrences. By law, the plumbing inspector was obligated to check the tub outlet in each bathroom with a thermometer, making sure that the "stop" prevented the discharge of water in excess of 120 degrees F. If this is done, the faucet cannot be turned further, and 120 deg. is the max that can be produced at the spout. However, this hotel was built on a thin budget, and to save money, the owner deleted one of the boiler systems called for in the plans. This over-worked the remaining boilers, leading to guest complaints of insufficient hot water in the rooms. To counter the complaints, the owner sent his handyman around to each room, with instructions to fully open all of the "stops". (You should have seen the looks on the hotel's lawyers' faces when that admission came out at deposition!) With the limits removed, the tubs discharged water as high as 190-200 degrees F. The victim, an elderly woman, was unable to get out of the stream of scalding water, and basically cooked in the tub. LL
  17. Aw, come on! You cannot allow water that flows into the drain to re-enter the supply; that's unsanitary and violates every plumbing code that I'm aware of. And the cost of treating that water to make it potable again would usually exceed the cost of simply heating and pumping more water from a fresh water supply. Somebody is telling Tall Tales! LL ps: Some very sophisticated buildings have self-contained wastewater treatment systems, capable of treating gray water and bringing it back to potable standards; but those systems do NOT simply allow waste water to "drain down" into the supply system below. Drain water is piped to the treatment system, filtered, chemically treated, and after meeting certain purity requirements, reused. I'd be surprised to see this in your local Holiday Inn.
  18. Yeah; mine too. But thinking about it some, that water ends up running through soil, and then in an aquifer, and then in your neighbor's well, and then in his mouth. I'm not sure that natural filtration through soils removes the fibers, either. LL
  19. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JNYFYFY/ref=atv_hm_hom_1_c_ptreac_5_brws3?_encoding=UTF8&pf_rd_i=home&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=2750832042&pf_rd_r=4XA7KRASD6MZF67A3K50&pf_rd_s=center-11&pf_rd_t=12401 LL
  20. I love fleece; much to my surprise, my local paper ran an article last week regarding an environmental concern regarding fleece. It seems fleece garments shed fibers like crazy in the wash, and the wash water (if it discharges into a municipal system) then deposits those fibers into streams and oceans and beaches - not good. Take a look here: http://www.outsideonline.com/2091876/patagonias-new-study-finds-fleece-jackets-are-serious-pollutant I may be headed back to wool and real fur. LL
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