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  1. Clay: As best as I can tell, the "panic" is primarily due to overblown reporting, fed by groundless gossip and uninformed social media speculation - not the government. For the most part, the folks involved in the government broadcasts have been very controlled. The media, on the other hand, are like a bunch of bush league weathermen on the day of the first snowfall - "The sky is falling; we're all about to be buried; worst blizzard in history expected" - and then we get 2" of light powder. Like a lot of folks here, I'm in the "delicate age category", as well as a life-long vivtim of various respiratory diseases. I'm also very concerned about the reports of a gross lack of respirators and other life-saving equipment in hospitals, likely to be rationed if/when the number of admissions swells beyond the ability of the health care folks to effectively respond. I am anxious to avoid a situation where someone has to decide between life-saving treatment for a 25 year old or for a 68 yr. old crusty curmugeon; I think I know how that analysis will come out in the end. So, anything I can do to avoid the virus in the first place is of paramount importance to me, and anything that others can do to reduce the load at hospitals would be greatly appreciated (in other words, stay well for the benefit of all of us). LL
  2. Somehow, doesn't bother me in the least. I expect the government to do something on a state-wide and/or national scale, when we are threatened with an epidemic. What is the alternative? Saying "pretty-please", and hoping everyone will voluntarily close down? We can already see that won't work. If the primary method of infecting others is social contact, closing down venues and doing everything possible to stop the spread is logical and wise. As for conspiracy theories ("They are just doing it to seize power"; :They want to blame it on Trump by wrecking the economy" ) - ridiculous. Close it all down, and stay home. The burden is relatively slight, compared with infecting everyone you know. LL
  3. So, I see several advocates of .308 guns. Never owned one; but there's a fellow at my club with an AR in .308. Dang thing sounds like a cannon when he sets it off. Everybody on the line stops what they are doing, first to stare and then to check to see if they actually have their ears on. Are all .308s super loud? Depend on the rifle? LL
  4. Catholics do not have a monopoly on Lent; it is commonly observed (in varying forms) among many Protestant, Orthodox and other Christian denominations. LL
  5. Charlie: My Dad was deaf, also from exposure to machinery (and Navy engine rooms). We were able to arrange for a captioned phone, with which speech was immediately transcribed to print and displayed on a screen for him to view in real time. Neat system, called Caption Call. If I were you, I would check with the phone company and/or your local senior service agency. LL
  6. Ease up and laugh a little, Pard.....it's all in good fun. LL
  7. Pat: Give it a try; I'll bet your employer may be concerned about denying such a request, given the widespread "official" advice for folks of our vintage to stay home. Your health comes first, and this is no joke. LL
  8. From MSN: Dear Boomers, We've had our differences. You don't like that we're still living in your basement, not paying rent and taking selfies with our avocado toast. We don't like that you sat back and let so many terrible things happen, like Steely Dan and climate change. But today, we're going to move past "OK, Boomer." We're going to stop posting EmojiGrams, put down our phones, and have one of those Serious Talks you like so much. Are you ready? See, Boomers, we're worried about you. We're worried you aren't taking this virus seriously enough. We're worried you might get very sick at a time that hospitals are overloaded with other sick people. We're worried you might die from Covid-19. We know, we know. You're healthy, for your age (somewhere between 56 and 74)! You're strong, all things considered! You exercise regularly! You went hiking in Peru just a few weeks or years ago or hunting with your buddies from your old job. Anyway, we know, disease barely touches you! But there's a reason the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending all people over 60 years old — not just unhealthy ones — stay home. Today and for the foreseeable future while this pandemic plays out. Look at the numbers from South Korea, or Italy, or China, Boomers. For those between ages 60 to 70, the case fatality rate is somewhere between 1.44% (in South Korea) and 3.6% (in China). And it goes up from there dramatically if you're older. That includes a lot of relatively healthy people, like you. Please don't assume this thing will pass you by. As annoying as you are sometimes — and we say this with love — we are not at all interested in taking a 1/30 chance on your life. (See, we were listening when you tried to teach us about probability all those times.) And we hate to say it but the time to act is now. We know that seems aggressive when there are just a few coronavirus cases in your neck of the woods. But it's what the epidemiologists are saying. Days matter, and the earlier everyone starts staying home and distancing themselves from others, the more people will make it through this OK. I know what you're thinking: "My children and grandchildren are saying they can't visit because of science and public health now? How convenient." But it's not an excuse, we swear, and we're happy to triple down on FaceTime to prove it. If you won't start exercising extreme caution, today, for yourself — which we really hope you will — do it for your friends and for everyone else who is older or immuno-compromised. The fewer people that get this virus at the same time, the less hospitals will be overwhelmed, and the better they'll be able to take care of the people who are sick. Staying healthy yourselves is an act that might save other peoples' lives. And if that means you need to hole up with a few seasons of "Masterpiece Theater" or "NCIS" or whatever weird shows you watch instead of "Game of Thrones," that seems like a worthwhile trade to make. (And if you do watch "Game of Thrones," we don't want to talk to you about all the sex scenes. Even though we're all grownups now, it's still, just ... don't.) So, what should you do? You probably know the drill. Reduce your social contact as much as possible, for everything that's not an emergency. Cancel bowling, singing group, yoga, your book club, your other book club, that book club you've stopped going to anyway, and beers at the bar. If you go to church, skip that for now and pray at home. Get vaccinated for flu and pneumonia. Wash your hands and don't touch your face. There's a more complete list here. In exchange, here's what we'll do. We'll happily help get you supplies. We'll talk through your plans if anything goes wrong. We'll provide free IT support to help you video chat, order groceries online, and start playing Minecraft. If this means that we must accept more viral email forwards, that's a trade we are willing to make. Ask us for help. Boomers, you're probably sick of us alternating between rolling our eyes and admonishing you. You're probably sick of us learning something and then acting like we were the first people in human history to ever discover it. You're sick of being told you're doing things wrong. But it's better to be sick of us than to get sick yourself. We're writing today because we care about you. And we want you to stay safe. Just like you wanted us to stay safe when we were kids. We love you, Boomers. We should probably say that more often, but we love you and we appreciate everything you've done for us in our lives. And we'll call you in a little bit to check in. The Millennials
  9. I absolutely detest these ads. My Momma would have tanned my hide if I used the word "Heinie" for buttocks. And they made a song about it. Sorry, but there is nothing cute about bowel movements, dirty rear ends, toilet paper stuck on your buttocks, or any associated issue. The whole series of ads is sick. Now that I have established my position as an arbiter of good taste, watch your step! LL
  10. Sage: Don't forget that the early symptoms of the virus are similar to a bad cold; if you start to run a temp, get to the dr/hospital. Stay safe. LL
  11. The State courts in MA just continued all trials to April 17. They are also banning anyone with travel to half a dozen countries within the last 2 weeks, anyone exposed to the virus, anyone with symptoms, and anyone who has had contact with such persons. Still clinging to some hope that it will all just go away. Shut it down, for crying out loud. The horse has left the barn.
  12. Much to his credit, Mark Cuban announced this morning that the Mavericks will pay their hourly stadium workers during the NBA shut-down. Some NBA players have also started funds, donating their own money, to help out team and venue hourly employees who will be left with no incomes. There are some thoughtful, caring people left in the sports world. LL
  13. Has anyone actually read the article that Grouchy Spike posted above? If it is accurate (and it looks pretty solid to me), we have already missed the best opportunities to beat this pandemic. Basically, we are left with quarantine in an effort to prevent further spread and full overloading of hospitals and healthcare. I'm sorry, but I think we have made a major mistake here, both by dismantling our governmental pandemic response structure (thank you Mr. President) and by pooh-poohing serious responses now. The analysis of the spread statistics seems to confirm that the only way to beat this is to shut everything down at the earliest possible moment - not whatever is convenient or comfortable - everything, now. I have cancelled all of my upcoming depositions and Court appearances. I have advised other lawyers that I deal with that I am self-quarantining. I am hunkered down in the house for the duration. I only hope that I do not need to seek medical care. Panicked? No. Serious? Yes. LL
  14. Maybe because "coronavirus" refers to a group of viruses, some of which have been around for years, and others (such as the version that results in the current illness - COVID-19) are much more recently discovered. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronavirus LL
  15. "Its bell and steering wheel is at the Mass. Maritime Academy in Hull, MA, " Actually, the Mass. Maritime Academy is in Buzzard's Bay, near Cape Cod. There is a Lifesaving Museum in Hull, MA (a peninsula in Boston Harbor), with many marine artifacts, but I don't know if the bell is there or not. A noteworthy vessel. LL
  16. Scary - especially if the right people have not already seen this and acted appropriately. LL
  17. So were his pant legs; Tom is vertically challenged. I was more impressed with the archery than I was with the guns. Even if some of it was staged. LL
  18. Make that 20% here; and I'm pushing 69. Something tells me that we are all going to feel the squeeze. LL
  19. Boston's (and Dublin's) parade already cancelled. And the South Boston diehards are screaming about it, claiming that a pint of Guiness will kill all virus before it can reach your lungs. LL
  20. Here we go; put your public lives on "hold" for the next year; once you start cancelling major events, everyone else will follow suit. At least the lines will be short and the parking lots less crowded. And sell your airline stocks TODAY. LL
  21. I'd wouldn't be surprised if another factor in the decision-making process was fear of litigation. I can see the TV ads now......"Did you attend a major sporting event in 2020, and then come down with coronavirus? We can get you what you deserve!" The argument would be that any organizer or sponsor of such events would be negligent, given the "national emergency" and the widely publicized risk of exposure, to jam 15,000 fans into a stadium. If you are the NBA or the NCAA, do you want to spend the next 10 years defending a string of such claims, especially when your pool of potential jurors all experienced the fear of exposure to the virus? Close the games to the public, and try to save the TV revenue by playing the games in empty stadiums. LL
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