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  1. If this thing drags on for a few more weeks, a whole new season of Bosch will be up on Amazon. That will keep me busy for a day or two. Can't get enough of Harry Bosch. LL
  2. When the laws are designed to produce polite responses to criminals at the expense of innocent law-abiding citizens, it's time for some new laws. In a nation of historically rugged individualists, where did the nansy-pansy attitude come from? LL
  3. If you watch Counting Cars, you've seen one of the characters, Horney Mike. And Horney MIke built a motorized electric picnic table that would blow the doors off of this modified lawn mower version. Add a propane grill shaped like a V-8, a cooler with tunes, and a custom paint job, and this thing is clearly over the top. Total nonsense and insanity....but I'd still like a burger and a dog and a ride, please. LL
  4. Yeah, we have some dry towns, too....you can identify them by all the package stores built along the town limits. LL
  5. My Yellow Lab, Cheddar, is an active pup. Loves to run and retrieve and chase. We're self-quarantined; he's so bored he could just eat his leash.... LL
  6. Spirits, beer, wine - all required to be sold at a package store (that's Yankee for "liquor store"). None in grocery, convenience or other stores - unless licensed as a liquor store (rare). LL
  7. Wait till after dark; if the cat has it, you'll be able to follow the red/green dot across the room. LL
  8. Driftwood: It's always refreshing to read a post by someone with encyclopedic knowledge of the subject matter - even if he is "naturally blabby". LL
  9. Part wishful thinking, part self-delusion. It's a numbers game, and we are still peaking. It will be some time yet before the numbers flatten out. When they do, the government will have a heck of a time convincing folks to stay in their homes a little longer. LL
  10. Gun shops around here are CLOSED by order of the Governor. But liquor stores are open. LL
  11. The schools here are now closed until at least May; I'd bet baseball will be the same. LL
  12. Amazing how quickly this attitude and these skills are being lost. Every boy in my school took a year of Mechanical Drawing, a year of wood shop, and a year of metal shop. 3-view drawing teaches you to visualize missing parts and surfaces; shop classes teach tool use and care, welding, metal work, and mechanical assembly. Most of my friends had Dads in the trades, and their own set of tools before they graduated from high school. I'd wager that less than 10% of the kids that graduated with my son own tools. I have a neighbor with two $80,000 cars in his garage, but not a single tool. Teach your kids to wrench; they'll save money and learn to think logically. LL
  13. Or wait two weeks, or maybe longer.... LL
  14. Ha! I started with ball point pens (when I was done, there was not a pen in the house that still had a spring); moved up to my Dad's lawnmower (caught the Devil over that one), and finally started "fixing" cars. Along the way, I discovered a book in the family library entitled "Fortunes in Formulas" - a 1930's treasure trove of chemical combinations, including recipes for black powder and pyrotechnics. Blew up model ships in the neighbor's swimming pool; made crude bottle rockets and firecrackers. At some point Mom heard from the neighbors (who would have said "devilish"), and my 5 lb. supply of powder "disappeared". All in all, it was curiosity; I just wanted to see how things worked, and if they were broken, fix them. There were casualties, but with experience came skill. What started with ball point pens led to a career in product liability litigation, where I often get to disassemble, test and even, on occasion, blow up my clients' products. If a kid's not curious, he's not learning. LL
  15. The Courts in NH and elsewhere are going to give Governors acting under emergency powers wide latitude in this emergency. See a similar case in NH recently, where the plaintiffs challenged the Governor's power to limit public gatherings as an infringement of 1st Amendment rights; the judge upheld the Governor's action under his emergency powers to fight a public health danger. https://www.wmur.com/article/judge-rules-sununu-can-ban-gatherings-under-emergency-powers/31815077 Believe me, I understand your reluctance to give away rights to satisfy a short term concern; but these are not permanent actions; no private homes have been seized, nor is it likely that they would be; and there seems to be a public consensus that there is a pressing need to assist those who have been infected - and to do so immediately. LL
  16. That is spectacularly respectful. Please post some images after the event. Plans for the old stone? LL
  17. It's like a bad Michael Crichton movie. The invisible virus spreads without any realistic hope of containment. No effective countermeasures until its too late to do anything. Politicians talking out of their rectal openings. Mounting death tolls, accelerating infections. Would somebody PLEASE cue the surprise ending, hopefully including the development of a wonder drug or the discovery that the virus dies when contacted by bubble bath? LL
  18. Sorry; but I do not see this as a seizure or as unconstitutional. NH is a primarily rural state; it cannot suddenly create buildings adequate to serve as emergency hospitals. The state has a duty to do all that it reasonably can to protect its citizens. The schools are closed due to the pandemic, and not in use. Allowing the state to use a locally owned facility, on an emergency basis, for the good of the population, is not an unconstitutional seizure in my view. And even less so if me or mine were ill in NH and needed help. The best thing about this whole issue is that the constitutionality issue will not interrupt treatment and care for ill persons; if anyone wants to litigate the issue, it will probably only occur after the fact. As fond as I am of the black letter of the law, I am equally fond of humanitarian responses to this situation. LL
  19. Everything delivered, and all contents, get a spray-down with this, followed by a quarantine period per the above chart.
  20. "I’ve never experienced such fraud using CraigsList." You're joking, right? For me, using the Wire has been a virtual guarantee that the deal is on the up-and-up, when used in conjunction with a few "common sense" restrictions. For instance, I don't buy from folks who joined the Wire yesterday, or whose SASS No. is an obvious fabrication or extremely recent. If I'm buying iron or pricey equipment, I ask for an inspection period, with the right to return no questions asked. I know that I may miss a deal or two, but I prefer to be a bit conservative and cautious. Overall, the reliability and truthfulness of folks in the Classifieds is, in my experience, far and away better than anywhere else. As for posting the names of "bad actors", sounds good but difficult in practice. When a buyer and seller disagree about the actual condition of a gun vs. representations or expectations, there is often a gray area. Who is telling the truth? SASS is ill-equipped to sort out such disputes. So how can it know if the Buyer's version of being cheated is accurate? If I were at SASS, I'd be reluctant to throw shade on another cowboy's reputation based upon only the untested version of a disappointed buyer. There is risk in every transaction; more so in "sight unseen" electronic transactions. Buyer beware, and take some extra precautions when you do not know the other party. LL
  21. If only that were true. They have their ardent followers, too; and in this neck of the woods, there are more folks standing in line with their hands out, seeking employment and positions and advantages, and still believing that patronage to the Democrat party is their ticket to comfort and security. To them, their Senators are fighting for their ideals and a deserved piece of the pork pie. The calls to "Resist!" are still heard in the homes of the Party faithfuls. And the Dems in the Senate are delivering. LL
  22. My recipe for killing the virus: Bombay Sapphire, Rose's Lime Juice and Schweppes Tonic Water with Quinine. Start with 1/3, 1/3, 1/3, and adjust for desired effect. I have no medical confirmation of its efficacy, but I know that after 3-4 drinks, I stop worrying about hand sanitizing and my 401K. LL
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