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  1. I live in a Deck House - post & Beam contemporary with lots of floor-to-ceiling glass. We've had trouble off and on with birds, who apparently look straight through the house, don't see the glass,and crash into the windows. Somethimes just knocked out briefly, sometimes dead of a broken neck. This year, I'm dealing with a forlorn woodpecker. Seems to be lost. Fltters endlessly against the windows, moving around the entire perimeter of the house. Never moves away more than a few inches then raps his head and/or beak into the glass; repeat; repeat; repeat ad nauseum. Has the same issue a few years ago with a robin, but only involving one window. Tried plastic owls, suspended CDs, and, eventually, nettting (DO NOT USE NETTING, unless you enjoy removing dead birds entagled in netting, or looking at dead birds suspended outside your bedroom). Any insights into bird behavior? I'm getting downright tired of Woody......
  2. 18 degrees here this AM; I'm shopping for a dire wolf robe........ Loophole Lannister
  3. Now, THAT"S what I would call "Mixed Martial Arts"! ll
  4. Hmmm... I guess I was surprised to see the system based upon groups of 80; I would have expected 100. LL
  5. Snowing here this morning...... Echhhhhh!!!! LL
  6. Eyes open for: Remington Marine Magnum 12 gauge - like there is any real chance of finding a Remington; IWI Tavor X95 - a good alternative in a state that has banned ARs and AKs. LGS is largely empty; I'm not thrilled with our immediate prospects for ammo or guns. Hold on to what you got. LL
  7. Man, some of you folks have had more than your share of bad times. I hope that changes for the better. I've been married 44 years to my first love. Both of us like a clean house, but things sometimes happen that get in the way of perfection - kids, aging parents, deaths, etc. What I did not plan for was my own declining health; I can't accomplish half of what I could do 20 years ago. It's like someone opened a trap door beneath my feet. LL
  8. For Sale: Detailed model (assembled by manufacturer) of Lindburgh's famous transatlantic single engine plane. Movable ailerons, elevators and rudder. Metal landing gear and undercarriage. Detailed cockpit, with pilot seat and gauges visible through overhead windows. Full historic markings. Image in site below matches; I don't know where they got their price. Amazon has the same plane for $154.95. Model has spent its entire life in padded storage; never displayed or played with. Pristine. https://thebesthandycrafts.com/products/spirit-of-st-louis-scale-model My price - $100 plus shipping to first "I'll take it". Buy now and beat the Christmas rush! LL
  9. I think that may explain Kevin Costner's large capacity revolver in Open Range, but Doc must have fired twenty or so rounds at Ike in the photo studio from his two revolvers, after firing a like number in the main gunfight. Film maker's license, I guess. And despite all those shots toward Ike, none of them hit that humongous mirror across from the windows..... LL
  10. No information that you supply to anyone on the Internet is secure from disclosure. Act accordingly. LL
  11. There are multiple reports of similar messages on the Internet: https://www.zdnet.com/article/amazon-fires-employee-for-sharing-customers-email-addresses/ https://techcrunch.com/2020/01/10/amazon-employees-email-address/ Now all you have to do is try to figure out if your email is real, or part of an attempt to fuel anger and resentment against Amazon and support for the government's threat to dismantle the company as "too powerful". LL
  12. I had a 1959 Ford Anglia in the late '60's. Factory horn was a squeaker. So I installed an "ah-ooh-gah" horn from J.C. Whitney; really woke up anyone in the way. Several listed on the Internet. https://www.dearbornclassics.com/ah-ooh-gaa-horn-modern-style-12-volt.html http://www.aaaparts.cwmax.com/fordhorn.htm LL Sounds like this:
  13. Pretty gun...isn't it unusual to have screw in chokes in a 97? LL
  14. Reed & Barton was a fine old MA company, until its bankruptcy in 2015; the market for fine silver has been sliding downhill for decades. . Similar pots and side pieces sell on EBay for $25-$40. This piece was probably silver plated, not sterling. The cost to the Navy would have been modest. LL
  15. Born just up the road from me, in Lowell, MA LL
  16. Keep in mind that I am an out-of-state tourist in CA, but I have had some absolutely delicious meals served at the restaurant at the Chandon winery in Yountville. I suppose that the free-flowing wine may have influenced my judgment, but the food was marvelous and the service was impeccable. I once unknowingly ran over a yellow jacket nest at my folk's home in White Plains, NY. After they finished with me, I was flat on my back for three days with 12-14 stings. I avoid them like the plague. LL
  17. Yep; roast beef and rotisserie chicken are both gone. Supply issues? https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/other/subway-faces-backlash-after-slashing-roast-beef-and-rotisserie-chicken-from-the-menu/ar-BB15zlqJ LL
  18. If Mrs. LL finds out that I intend to keep Sally in the gunroom, my life will not be worth a plug nickel....
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