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  1. Funny how things change. When I was in HS, we were taught that part of the glory of our Constitution was its flexibility and adaptability; that as we became more enlightened, we could reinterpret it to accommodate new rights. It all sounded so glorious....until it didn't. Somewhere along the road, I grew up, and realized that a flexible Constitution permitted the rights of some to be abridged at will for the benefit of others. LL
  2. And Jimmy's girlfriend, Mia, the dark haired barrel racer, is the daughter of Josh Brolin, and granddaughter of James Brolin. LL
  3. A Court would enforce it because there IS an agreement; not an agreement to sell the property, but rather an agreement to enter into negotiations, and to do so confidentially. It is not uncommon for parties considering a complex or sensitive transaction to agree, before discussing terms, that all discussions and negotiations will occur without public disclosures. That agreement is just as enforceable as any other. LL
  4. He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool; shun him; He who knows not and knows that he knows not, is a child; teach him; He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep; awaken him; He who knows, and knows that he knows, is a leader; follow him. LL
  5. Within my family, "Buzz"; originally "Buzz Bomb". I was born during the Korean War. One of my uncles was in the Army, and as it was later told to me, my birth weight was the same as some form of ordnance that was referred to as a "buzz bomb". My uncle named me in letters home, and it stuck. LL
  6. And from 3 ft., you're on a cliff above me..... LL
  7. Hmmm..... First thing that came into my mind was a Mom trying to protect her kid from bullies or tormenters....every excuse is not necessarily offered for selfish reasons. LL
  8. UB: Any chance that migrating elk could provide a justification for opposing the solar farm across your field? Around here, migrating birds, migrating whales and migrating turtles have been used by tree huggers to argue against various development projects, arguing that man-built structures would adversely affect established animal migratory pathways. Maybe you can take a play out of their playbook? LL
  9. Usually so they can impose their agenda on others by using the power of the state, rather than by standing on their own two feet and looking their opponent in the eye. LL
  10. Thunderbird was the beverage of choice among the winos I saw stretched out on the Boston Common every morning as I walked to class. The experience did nothing to convince me to try it. Now, Mateus Rose seemed just exotic enough to inspire an impulse purchase....followed almost immediately by intense regret. LL
  11. My Dad, U.S.N. Electrician's Mate 2nd Class, Mine Warfare, U.S.S. Chimo. Served in the North Atlantic, including clearing the Normandy beachheads for the invasion. LL
  12. Went back and rewatched sections for greater detail. I missed Buck Taylor the first time through; was sure glad to spot him and see him looking fit. I did not realize that the woman portraying the lawyer that the Chairman brings to the meeting, who promises to sue them all, is a Kilcher - second cousin to Jewel, and related to all the folks in that Alaskan reality show. And I am truly impressed by the riding in this show. Forrie Smith ("Lloyd") looks like he has springs under his butt, and rides with grace and speed. LL
  13. That's a Talo Distributor Exclusive - lowered hammer, 3.75" barrel, laminated grips; close to the old Montado, favored by mounted shooters. Nice gun. Unavailable in my state (like many others). Grab it if you can - uncommon. LL
  14. I got a free YouTube TV subscription from my son; Yellowstone is included. LL
  15. That's a big "but"....the Old Man was giving Jamie advice that to take the kingdom (the ranch or its equivalent) it was necessary to kill the king (Dutton). I wouldn't put it past him. LL
  16. UB: How realistic was the depiction of the crossroads gunfight? LL
  17. Both gunfights involved the militia, I believe. There were some unexplained holes in last night's episodes. If you saw earlier seasons, members of a militia group were involved in kidnapping Tate, and were attacked and decimated by Dutton's livestock agents. My sense last night is that the militia returned to take revenge, or perhaps were motivated by Dutton's other enemies (the Tribe, the developers, or others). At any rate, and armed group shot the daylights out of Dutton, were pursued by Kayce (livestock agent) terminating in the crossroads shootout. Simultaneously, an armed group attacked the ranch (and I believe they were also militia. LL
  18. No doubt; but that's the intellectual response, not the gut-wrench emotional reaction. LL
  19. Well, if you were hoping for some action, you got some. The gunfight with the militia might help the Karens to understand the difference between semi-auto and full auto. A modernized version of the Open Range gunfight. And how about Tate in the kitchen? I liked it...in case you could not tell. LL
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