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  1. A good guy, quick wit and nice fellow, another cowboy of to the pasture in the sky. You'll be welcome Bucky....there are lots of our friend to greet you. Ol' #4
  2. T-Bone you;ll beat this too, whatever it is. And, with all the good, kind words of others you'll be supported by our fiends upstairs> Ol' #4
  3. My vote would go to Cowboy Carty as well. Nice young man and honest workmanship. Ol' #4
  4. With all the time at home, in the house, and looking for a place to hide. I took to cleaning some of the deeper drawers and found some lovely trinkets I hope will be needed by someone else at this time. All came from an estate clean-up that was using a Dillon 550. $110 Complete tool head w/ dies and conversion for 10MM Also works for S&W 40 SOLD XXXX Complete tool head w/ dies and conversion for 223 $60 Complete tool head w/ dies for 222 Rem (Shared conversion with the 223 set) $55 Full 38/357 die set; Carbide $45 Full 38/40 conversion kit (Unopened) $35 45 Colt conversion kit less powder funnel SOLD! XXX Dillon seating/crimp die for 30-30 Winchester All purchases are plus S&H. If you want something add an "I'll take it"" with the item and then PM me, if you would please. Thanks for looking, I am hoping these all find a new worthwhile home. Ol' #4
  5. Try Boothill Bandit up in Oregon. He shoots a couple and was part of the team to design new parts. I worked with him before I moved to AZ. An old stupid Marine but honest!!! Ol' #4
  6. For all you folks keeping track of the comin's and goin's of others Ol' #4 is now living in Buckeye, Arizona. For you folks looking for some of his repair and tuning, it will be a couple months before he is set up for work. For the rest of you, keep the faith and your powder dry. Ol' #4
  7. Culpepper,

    1. Ol Number4

      Ol Number4

      C. C., Send a PM at olnumber4@comcast.net first look inside the fore-end on the wood just in front of the metal frame, if there is a "4" or "4 B " it is one of ours. talk later, #4

  8. Oh yes BP forever.

    Some one said you might be coming to Las Vegas, are you?

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