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  1. Hey Snakebite.


    You hit the nail for me.


    I agree, play your game within the framework provided.


    Good treatise,  thank you,


    Ol'  4

  2. The Comparartor is used to consistently convert OAL for different Ogive bullets.  You get one bullet to ride on the lands, then measure is with the set adapters.  Next when trying a different bullet and Ogive you will know what comparartor measure to use to get "Nose Ride" again/  You will be measuring Ogive contact rather than the AOL.


    Very handy when testing a variety of bullets/


    Good Luck!!



  3. Like most of you, I have been cleaning all the loading/work areas.  I  discovered a bunch of stuff no longer used here,  so...

    If you see anything you like please post an "I'll Take It" and send me a PM.  


    Almost everything, individually, will fit a USPS small Flat Rat box, so figure $8.50 S&H.

    I will bundle any multiple buys and reduce S&H accordingly.

    If you want to make an offer on at least half, or more, of this stuff PM quickly.  I am open to any reasonable offer for ALL


    Thanks for lookin'


    Ol'  #4


    RCBS and Misc  dies  $40 + S&H


    1.) 25-20              2.) 44-40      3.)SOLD   4.)  SOLD   5.)    44 Mag   6.) 38 Special    7.)  357  Mag     8.) 22-250


    9.) 32-40  LEE    10.)   220 Swift  Jax Precision    11.) SOLD


    12.) LEE  38-40 factory Crimo  $10  13.)   LEE 45 ACP  Taper Crimp  $10


    14.)  SOLD   $40   15.)  Lyman #57 MZ tang sight for Lyman/ T?C etc.  $30


    16.)  SOLD       17.)   Comparator set $30



    That's it for today.....



    Brass ans sights.JPG

    Crimp and red.JPG


  4. Well, I think interchangeable chokes make it more adaptable.  I shoot  a SxS and it comes in handy for my primary category of  FC, then Plainsman.  But, for BP Clays a choke change adds a few more hits than "open"  then after Clays,  go to trap and an IMP MOD works well, but not so good at skeet where SKT and IMP SKT work well.  All with BP at WR in a 4 hour run.....


    So, a one gun match with  five events, successful only with choke tubes,


    I like mine!!


    Ol'  #4

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  5. For those of you who know us only through our company, please be comforted to know IT is still in very good hands.  For those of you who just know us, get ready to see more of us on the line and out visiting.


    The new owners are no strangers to SASS and Cowboy Action.  They are Mid Valley Drifter and Buckshot Shelley of Badman Bullets.

    They have been a major vendor for us since they started their business and know pretty well the market and may even provide a more efficient process for product to market.


    We offer Congratulations to them on their new enterprise and we wish them all the best of luck.


    THANK YOU,, to all the cowboys who have used our products and to our vendors for their support in making SliX a viable company.  A company we had hoped would offer  affordable, quality parts  that fit a need in your shooting pleasure and success. 


    Thanks again,


    Big Iron Buster & Ol'  #4

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  6. I do sometimes get a bit tired of these "minor" rule change requests.


    Folks, the rule were established when you and I both  joined.  Remember!????


    Now just because you  only have one "style" of equipment you'd like to have it allowed in any category you want to shoot.


    Well  ,folks dance with who ya brung!!!!

    You wanna dance a different tune?  Get a different date.


    Good luck.


    Ol'  #4

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  7. I have to add a PS to my earlier comments.


    I read with great interest about the Dillon and some other folks suggestions.


    I did follow two of those and I now see a great improvement. However, since I got my PALVIK running again I have more confidence in it so it is my "goto" tool.


    No external  flip tray (it has one as part of the vibrator tray), uses Dillon Tubes and I can visually check every primer before loading into tubes and all during the process.


    Ol'  #4

  8. Max,


    I had heard the same years ago.. Finally, had to get something when my PALVIK took a dive and a two week search led to no repairs or parts avaiable.


    I bought the RF100 and had pretty good results for a while then for whatever reason it started flipping the over at about 10% of the time.

    I got a new upper guide piece then re-calibrated it for vibration and finally got 100% operation.


    I just found it tempermental and really needs watching, and no way to fix it while running,  just re-feed the tube and run it again.


    In the meantime I found a way to get a mini motor and a way to save the counter-balance for the PALVIK and rebult it.


    It is one of the best primer tools in the world,  you can load 6 tubes in 15 minutes and you can watch every primer all of the way into the tube. And, you can stop it remove the tube and take out the upside down primer if need be.


    Now,  try to find a new PALVIK to compare!  I don't know who carries them anymore.


    I still have the RL100 as well..


    My $0.02 worth


    Ol'  #4

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