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  1. I believe at one EOT a few years a go it was decided for the time to allow both ladies and juniors to "cock" with the off hand but shoot with the strong/grip hand.


    We have followed that determination at all the Plainsman events we gave sponsored and entered since.


    And, personally,  I will keep recognizing that behavior for ladies nd juniors.


    Ol'  #4

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  2. Shorty,


    Thanks for bringing us up to speed on you life.

    Sorry for all your pain physical and emotional.


    Stay with us old timers here for awhile, we miss your comments!


    By The Way,  The Bonny?  let me know....


    Ol'  #4

  3. On 9/13/2019 at 12:03 PM, Chertrock Chuck said:

    Guess that figures.

    I shoot .45.




    If you still want one ,  I can include an un-fit non-filed, new lifter arm that you  can use to time the kit for 45 sized ammo.


    Ol'  #4

  4. Being retired has allowed me to clean out some drawers, so look for some deals.


    These are the  original Standard Short Stroke Kits from Pioneer Gun Works.

    They were replaced with the Super-Short Stoke Kits that came later.


    I have four (4) of these that have been used but are not abused and have a good long life left in them.

    Really, how can you ruin a SSK?


    I'm asking $116 each, which includes shipping to your address.


    Ol'  #4

  5. J. M.,


    Dam.... I thought you needed help next week!!!!


    Believe me, I know the process of cuttin'  loose from one place, downsizing and moving.


    Good Luck...


    Ol'  #4

  6. A Miruko of Japan Double Barrel Shotgun that has been cut to 23", chambered, champhered, fit &polished and springs tuned for efficient and dependable competition.

    Triggers have not been reversed.

    The L.O.P is just over 14-1/4'

    After cutting, the barrels choke at :  R= .718"  &  L=.723"


    Asking $800 shipped to your Agent.


    I am having trouble attaching pictures, so can send by  e-mail if interested.

    Thanks for looking.


    Ol'  #4

  7. A standard Dillon 900 with case (Hull) feeder and both ST Machine roller bearing improvements.


    Asking $900  plus S&H   (New today $1329)  Make an offer   <was @ 975>


    In the Phoenix area and can deliver if close.

    All set up for 12 Ga.  Black Powder  CAS  loads....


    Ol'  #4



  8. For all you folks keeping track of the comin's and goin's of others Ol' #4 is now living in Buckeye, Arizona.


    For you folks looking for some of his repair and tuning, it will be a couple months before he is set up for work.


    For the rest of you, keep the faith and your powder dry.


    Ol' #4

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