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  1. .....and I am glad you did, darlin!

  2. Allie I see now you have had 232 visitors!! Just look over there in your "statistics" prfile views...same as visitors. I'll send you some jokes soon.

  3. Awhhhh tell Bo I said hello!! I feel your pain on the gas thingy. I just got back from the regional thank goodness that is only 2 hours. It's my home club. I had a blast. My boy Badlands bud got to come out and shoot with me this year. He usually has finals. We need to get together and shoot some time.

  4. Darlin, I think we need a chat room now! LOL...LOL...LOL

  5. Darlin, where are all my Damnits camping at EoT?

  6. Hey darlin, I just posted on the HH thread. I 've been doing great! Have you been shooting?

  7. I had to look!! Great action shot, girl!!

  8. No darlin, that is not the order. The two are tied for first and I can go riding after I had my way with the first two!

  9. send me your address again would ya?

  10. That's OK darlin, you come say hi as many times a s you want.

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