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  1. 48 minutes ago, Canton Chris said:

    If you’re close to Isleton, your close to Al’s Place in Locke, known as “Al the Wop’s” back in the day. Old school bar & grill! Best fried chicken in California!

    Been there. 


    Isleton is a historic little town in the Sacramento delta. Been a few years since I was there, used to be some pretty good eateries there. 

  2. I changed my diet a year and a half ago. Almost no carbs, hard boiled egg and fresh melon or fruit for breakfast, a small salad for lunch and dinner is pretty much normal....a small portion of meat, some veggies and fruit or salad. No deserts. But I still drink a beer now & then and a mixed drink when at a party or gathering of friends. I really don't feel hungry and will stay on this diet as it is pretty healthy. My weigh loss has averaged between 1 and 1 1/2 pounds per week.

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  3. Well done. I have lost 60# in a year. Started out at 285, down to 225, 20 to 25 more to go. When I get there I might change my alias to Little Sage.LOL!

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  4. I wonder how they classify debit card purchases. I use my dc for most of my buying instead of writing checks. Always use my dc for online purchases. Bought a bunch of Bear Creek bullets a month ago and used my dc.

  5. For me swatting means getting your butt whacked with a big, wooden paddle. I got swats for misbehaving in junior high school by the vice principle. Left a couple of big bruises on my butt cheeks and hurt like hell. Pretty good way to discourage bad behavior. Vice principle would probably be in jail if he did it today.  When my Dad found out about it, I got a few more at home!!

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  6. 21 minutes ago, Singin' Sue 71615 said:

    We have Moutain Lion, Bear and Deer/Elk...among other critters. It is the mountains afterall.

    We do not put out water or food sources around the place...we want to discourage the animals from hanging around, and getting comfortable.

    Comfort around humans is a death sentence for most.

    ....and illegal here in Colorado! No feeding wildlife.

  7. I have 40 to 50 in my yard almost every night. I do hunt deer, elk and antelope, but not on my place. 


    Buck I got in Wyoming a couple of years ago...6x4 with a 30" spread.

    4 x 6 30.JPG

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  8. Got the scales this am (I weigh myself every am as soon as I get out of bed) down #60. It has taken me a little over a year, averaging a pound a week. Changed my diet, smaller portions and more walking. Still want to lose another 20, this will put me at my playing weight when I played football in college. 


    Keep up the great work, little by little.

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  9. I had rectal cancer in 1994. Had surgery that resulted in a colostomy, radiation and chemo. Came back 10 months later in my rt lung. More surgery and chemo. Iwas told that I gad a 1 in 10 chance to make it 5 years. That was 28 years ago and I am still going strong at 80. Listen to your doctors and have faith....it can be beaten. 


    Prayers for you Brother.

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  10. 16 hours ago, Blackwater 53393 said:

    Fraud!!  They jack up the price of something to nearly double its former level, punish the public with the new price, then knock off a little and expect us to heap praise on them!!


    They’re no less bastards than they were before they raised the price and now that they have you conditioned to the new level of discomfort, they think you should thank them!!


    As my buddy, Forty Rod says, “SCROOM!!”

    If you really want to get an idea of how big the rip off is, just compare the cost of crude on the free market in relation to our price at the pump over the past year. You'll get the idea real quick....the oil companies (including the retailers) are just a bunch of greedy bastards. I havn't counted, but I think there are probably 30+ retailers in and around our town and they all charge exactly the same retail price. You can't tell me that every one of the as the same overhead and profit margin.


    Rant over!

  11. 17 hours ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    Went to get my license renewed. Walked into the DNV at 9:25. Walked out at 9:31. :D

    Yep same way here (one county south from UB). Last year I had cataract surgery and do not have to wear glasses anymore. Stopped by DMV (without an appointment) took the eye test and was gone in 10 minutes with a new license. 

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  12. Back home today! Doc did a great job, all the back pain is gone except for around the 4 to 5 inch incision. He cleaned up lots of bone spurs and opened up the nerve channels on L1 thru L5. Walked a mile in the hospital today before they would let me go. Have to do the walking every day. 


    Thanks for all the well wishes.


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