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  1. So we have a thread for loved westerns, and a list of hated westerns. As I read thru the loved ones, I saw some I didn't like. As I read thru the list of hated ones, I saw some I liked.... So... Quick and the Dead (Sharon Stone version). I enjoy this one even though it always ranks high on the hated list. It isn't accurate, and doesn't try to be. It is a comic book version of a western made into a movie. And, there is a wide array of hardware being used as opposed to everybody having a Colt sixgun. Can you think of another movie that had both a Lemat and a Reid My Friend Knuckleduster? So what "hated" movie is one of your guilty pleasures?
  2. I tend to agree... but it is one heckuva coincidence that they both took enough of a set to create FTF at the same time. I wonder if the same guns unaltered would work better if allowed to warm in the sun for a while, to counteract the effects of the cold morning...
  3. I'm no gunsmith... but I believe OLG means to put a washer here.
  4. Billy the Kid vs Dracula! Just kidding.... All the ones that came immediately to mind have already been listed.... and have seen everything already listed as well! Come on pards, list something I haven't seen yet so I can pop a bucket of popcorn and enjoy something that is new to me!
  5. Had a similar issue many many years ago when I first started. My first lever action was a 94 trapper in 44mag. Had it before I ever heard of cowboy action. Dang fine rifle, still love to shoot it. But it only holds 9 in the tube. I tried 44specials, but they would jam as often as not. I usually dropped the last round in the chamber until I got my "rifle length" 92.
  6. Suzee is one of those voices that I still miss here in the Saloon.
  7. It is AMAZING how loud a primer can be in the loading room. Dont bother trying to wash them shorts. Just slip out of them and throw them away
  8. So envious of all you that have the room to have a dedicated reloading area. When I set up to reload, I pull all the stuff out of a large storage chest and set it up on the worktable in the garage. When I am finished, it all gets packed back up and put in the chest.
  9. My dad was in the Army. He was in Vietnam in 68 and 69.
  10. I think those are the eye stems of the creature behind the dog...
  11. So glad a grew up in a time when skill was skill and how rich your parents were or weren’t didn’t affect a kids chances of playing high school sports. just one more signpost on the road saying we will never be as good as we were, as a nation.
  12. ...and serious about the meat thermometer. Takes away the guessing without cutting into the meat to see if it is done. I like those Hormel pork tenderloins. I prefer to cook them on the BBQ, although the oven works
  13. BTW, nothing quite as annoying as the TINK of an aluminum bat hitting a ball! Give the boys a wood bat and let em play!
  14. Unless you are a star headed for the MLB hall of fame, I doubt a high schooler can tell the difference between a $500 bat and a $100 bat, except for the fancy label.
  15. ahh Sabers.... an elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.
  16. Father Kit was just a bit faster on the draw... I was just about to type in the actual book when his response popped up.
  17. First, they should be asked a simple question. Do you know who Guy Fawkes was, or are you wearing that mask because you saw "v for vendetta", or because you saw other rioters wearing them? I bet 99% of them would select the last option.. which should be legal reason to slap the snot out of them.
  18. Those Ebay trimming guides are pretty cool. Pretty slick what you can do with a little knowledge and a decent 3D printer.
  19. Showing a full case of primers you just found is kinda like:
  20. compared to the tv's today, that is probably what the tv I watched when I was a kid looked like!
  21. Van Gogh's self portrait. Or maybe I just have Van Gogh on my mind being that I have tickets for the Van Gogh experience in Los Angeles in a few weeks.
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