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  1. My relatively inexpensive ROKU TV has a socket for a flash drive.  It'll give me up to two hours of "rewind" ability.  I'll often start a program, pause it for a while (make a sandwich?), then fast-forward through the commercials.


    It connects wireless to my router, so internet viewing is simple.  Oh ~ and I do not have cable nor any other subscription service.  I watch YouTube, Prime, or other "free" internet stuff... but I get a ridiculous number of stations or channels with a simple antenna.  Free TV~!!  :lol:

  2. On 2/22/2024 at 11:33 AM, Subdeacon Joe said:


    Dogonnit, Joe ~ thassit!!  :lol:


    How'd you do that?  I looked for days with no luck.  But that's it... although mine does not have the fancy-schmancy micrometer adjustement, and it does not have the long drop tube.


    Evidently the measure itself is still sold by Forster (for a mere $168.75 - I think I paid five or ten bucks for this thing at a swap meet).  And even cooler is finding that the appropriate powder hoppers are still available!  ^_^   


    Well done ~ thankee!!   :)  image.png.a279708a4ee623a46e45d802c928b564.png

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  3. I recently came upon an interesting old powder measure.  Needs some cleaning up, but it's kinda cool.  It's missing the powder hopper, but the inlet appears to be a simple 5/8" hole.  Shoudn't be too great a challenge to come up with something that'll fit.


    But I cannot find a makers mark on the thing.  Might it look familiar to anyone?  :huh:


            PowderMeasure1.jpg.d46f4f0c756c1b0edc01c8203c1c9ec1.jpg         PowderMeasure2.thumb.jpg.711bd590f971ac4f86f3426ace583fd9.jpg



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  4. No, not that kind - THIS kind:    image.png.f4a42f6ac679da5690380ba6975a6325.png


    Bud's Gun Shop.  De facto sponsor of Hickock 45.  And evidently a source of all sorts of wonderful things related to our sport.  Any of y'all familiar with 'em?


    I somehow got on their list.  Receive regular email notices of sales and available products.


    But golly gee, guys... lighten up awreddy!  I can see and appreciate an occasional email.  Daily email is borderline excessive, in my opinion... but dang!  Minimum of three, average of four, and as many as EIGHT in a day??  :wacko:


    Sheesh!!  :(   


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  5. Good lord~!!  :blink:




     Commencing on July 1, 2025, any person who owns, possesses, or has custody or control over any firearm subject to registration pursuant to this division that is not currently registered is guilty of an infraction punishable by a fine of one thousand dollars ($1,000).




  6. 19 minutes ago, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

    Oh Lydia, oh, Lydia, say have you met Lydia
    Oh, Lydia, the tattooed lady
    She has eyes that folks adore so
    And a torso even more so
    Lydia, oh, Lydia, that encyclopedia
    Oh, Lydia, the queen of them all
    On her back is the Battle of Waterloo
    Beside it the Wreck of the Hesperus too
    And proudly above the waves 
    The Red, White and Blue
    You can learn a lot from Lydia


    Still the best presentation!  :lol:




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  7. 2 hours ago, Pat Riot said:

    Maybe then all the loudmouthed gun owners will Stand in Defiance and do something. But I doubt it. It’s all hot air and bull sh**!


    I recall going to a pro gun rally in Sacramento years back to fight the Antigun politicians and their agenda. So many gun owners were going to go and raise hell. It was all over the internet. 
    I got there 2 hours ahead of everything that was supposed to kick off at 11:00 hours. 
    There was me and maybe 25-30 guys there. That’s it. It was freakin’ embarrassing. The news crews didn’t even bother getting out of their vans. 



    Pat, I went to one something like 30 years ago - there were thousands of us on the Capital grounds.  Excellent speeches and presentations, the crowd was extremely well behaved and civil, and when we left, the place was sparkling clean.  I recall Willie Brown peeking around his curtains at us from his office.


    That night the news reports barely covered the event; according to them, there was a "small gathering" in Sacramento.  We were portrayed as little more than a handful of whiny rednecks.  :(

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  8. 14 minutes ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


    Yes, he went "full Political" (is that like full semi-auto?), which is his job, in pointing out the confusion and disbelief of the very left leaning talking heads of the very left leaning Big Corporate Press, and his condemnation of their very left leaning political masters.   

    He pointed out the denial by the left leaning politicians and press that their "progressive" policies which punish honest citizens (gun control, raising the value of the threshold for felony theft to $950, etc) and reward criminals (gun control, no bail release, raised felony limit, policies to not prosecute trespass, burglary, etc.) encourage crime.


    It's gotten so bad here in California that even The Gav managed to get it past his hair gel that his progressive policies only encourage crime and violence.  https://www.kqed.org/news/11975692/prop-47s-impact-on-californias-criminal-justice-system


    That's a very long article.  Worth reading while keeping in mind that it's presented by KQED, the Bay Area's PBS station - and accordingly with a strong left lean.  


    Some of the stuff presented is real heartburn material - specifically the Prop 47* arguments - most of which seems to be utter nonsense:

         *Prop 47 - Intentionally mis-named The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act






    Among our findings:

    • The Numbers: Shoplifting numbers reported to law enforcement have not risen since Proposition 47, but the rate of arrests has fallen significantly. And there is evidence that many retailers do not report all thefts to police.
    • Police and Retailer Response: Police and retailers have become less aggressive at engaging and arresting low-level shoplifters in recent years.
    • Misplaced Blame: Proposition 47 is often blamed for crimes that are well outside its purview, such as organized retail theft rings and flash mobs targeting luxury goods stores.
    • Felony Threshold: There’s no evidence in California or elsewhere that increasing that dollar threshold for felony shoplifting has led to more theft.
    • Repeat Offenders: It remains incredibly difficult for prosecutors to aggregate charges and charge repeat shoplifters with felonies.
    • Drug Courts: Participation in some diversion programs, particularly drug courts, has dropped over the past decade.
    • Positive Outcomes: The ballot measure has saved the state more than $800 million by keeping people out of jails and prisons, savings that have been funneled into reentry programs with incredibly high success rates.



    Brings to mind that old saying I used to hear growing up in Texas back in the 50's and 60's - "Don't be peein' down my neck and tell me it's rainin'!"  <_<

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  9. Quote

    Frank P. O’Toole, 40, was sentenced on Feb. 2, 2024 by U.S. District Court Judge Angel Kelley to time served (six days) and three years of supervised release, during which period he must complete 250 hours of community service. 


    I'm wondering what the 250 hours of communty service will be....  :huh:


    Golly gee - almost seven hours a month of community service for three years!  Such an inconvenience!  Why, that just might be considered a violation of the poor miscreant's 8th amendment rights!  <_<

  10. Summer of '75 I was hunting up in @Subdeacon Joe country, a few miles north of Clearlake Oaks.  As I was glassing an opposite hillside across a valley, arroyo, or whatever it was, my eye caught a glimmer of a reflection.  I mentioned it to a buddy, and he said that he'd heard that a P-51 had crashed in the area a couple years before.


    Hmm... I'd been "buzzed" by a blue Mustang a couple years earlier while hiking not far from there.  At the time I'd been torn between being pissed at the jerk or appreciative of seeing that gorgeous blue and gold craft.


    Two or three weeks later I returned to the area and hiked in to the site with a backpack containing a few tools.  If indeed there was a crashed Mustang, I would've loved to harvest the brass Rolls Royce placard from the engine - I'd seen examples at air shows.


    Well... it indeed was a '51.  And it appeared to be the same plane I'd seen earlier.  But instead of a brass RR, I discovered a rocker cover with "PACKARD" pressed into the sheet metal.  Merlin engine, built by Packard under license from Rolls Royce.  


    I did take home a couple of souvenir pieces; the wreck site had been visited by rescue personnel, but no salvage had been attempted.  Indeed, some sort of tracked equipment had evidently been used to access the site.  However, there wasn't much left of the pilot and passenger to rescue.  Indeed, the plane - and its occupants - had fairly exploded on impact.  The concussion was so great it literally cleared an area seemingly at least half the size of a football field.  No fire, just pure concussion from the impact.  At the time of my "visit," grasses had grown to maybe shin height; otherwise, it almost looked like a bulldozer had scraped the manzanita and scrub oak into a roughly horseshoe shaped boundary.


    It truly was a mess.


    A couple of very interesting reads below ~ I suspect the accounts of the incident are still questionable.


    Background Story


    The Pilot


    The Plane



    There were 12 of these; this was the only one that wasn't buried, broken, bent, or crushed to some extent.  It was a simple matter to remove the circlip and drift the wrist pin from a totally mangled con rod.  The piston then sat on my desks at work for over thirty years.




    Packard V-1650 Merlin engine







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