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  1. 35 minutes ago, Alpo said:


    Evanston - that's in Indiana ain't it? That's a free state. They allow you to carry a gun.



    Wyoming, I believe - near the Utah border.


    Guns or no, I'm inclined to agree with Pat's observations; that's why my comment about "self defense."


    Handsome critter, although a mite smallish.  His stature reminds me of our california Blacktails.

  2. Just to lighten up the thread....  :)


    Pa Sleeps Nekkid


    "Late again," the third-grade teacher said to little Sammy.

    "It ain't my fault this time, Miss Crabtree. You can blame this'un on my Daddy. The reason I'm three hours late is my Daddy sleeps nekkid!"

    Now, Miss Crabtree had taught grammar school for thirty-some-odd years. Despite her mounting caution, she asked little Sammy what he meant by that.

    Full of grins and mischief, and in the flower of his youth, little Sammy and trouble were old friends.  But he always told her the truth.

    "You see, Miss Crabtree, out at the ranch we got this here low down coyote. The last few nights, he done ate six hens and killed Ma's best milk goat. Last night, when Daddy heard a noise out in the chicken pen, he grabbed his shot gun and said to Ma, 'That coyote's back again, and I'm a-gonna git him!'

    "'Stay back!'" he whispered to all us kids.

    "He slipped on his boots, but otherwise was nekkid as a jaybird; drawers, no pants, no shirt! Off to the hen house he crawled, just like an Injun on the snoop. Then, he stuck that double barreled 12 gauge shot gun through the window of the coop.

    "As he was starin' into the darkness, with coyotes on his mind, our old hound dog, Zeke, had done woke up and comes sneaking' up behind Daddy... he wanted in on the action. Then, as we all looked on, plumb helpless, old Zeke stuck his cold nose in Daddy's butt!

    "Miss Crabtree, I'm late 'cuz we all been cleanin' chickens since three o'clock this mornin'!"  :huh:

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  3. My coop is inside a six foot chain link enclosure with an overhead chicken-wire "net."  They're safe.


    However, we've had a BUNCH of feral chickens!  At one time I counted over two dozen of the freeloaders grazing in my back yard.  Typically, a dozen or more would roost in a big ol' jacaranda tree.


    Then I started finding dead chickens.  Two roosters died one night.  Then one morning, I found six dead hens under that jacaranda tree.


    The Kid showed up one Sunday afternoon, carrying a heavy barreled MAS .22 in a case and a box of CCI CB Long ammunition.  Really quiet combination.


    "Son, before you put that up, wander back out onto the front screened porch and dispatch that 'possum snoozing behind a bag o' chicken feed."


    He did.  No more dead chickens.  -_-

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  4. *Ouch!*


    Looked like self defense... but whadda I know?  :rolleyes:


    Oh - and a message for the newscaster:  "Dude!  The Wicked Witch of the West wants her hat back!"   :ph34r:




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  5. 6 hours ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    I have a friend who is a twin. His twin sister and him did a DNA test with one of these companies. They both got different results. They're  TWINS for God's sakes!! I don't trust these companies at all!


    Uh... Rye?  Your friend and his twin sister?  :rolleyes:


    Um.  I suspect there's a fairly good chance they ain't identical twins.  ^_^


    And as a girl - assuming she was actually born a girl (can't be too sure these days) - she would've only inherited half her dad's genes... she ain't got no "Y" chromosomes.  :)


    No closer than any other brother and sister... just happened to arrive at the same time.  :lol:







  6. Alot.  Sometimes even further botched into Allot.  As in, "I had alot of birds in my mulberry tree."


    And it's use a LOT right here in this here Saloon.  [ACS]   



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  7. 22 minutes ago, sassnetguy50 said:

    Are the parents still alive to ask?  Does the report say if the half-sibling is older or younger?  


    Absolutely no communication after the parents split.  And no parents alive to ask.  She would be a few years younger....    


    Shared DNA = 26%: 

    "26% shared DNA: 1,843 cM across 36 segments"


    Possible DNA relationships

    This table shows the percentage of the time people sharing 1,843 cM have the following relationships:

    Percent Relationship
    Half sibling




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    Just wonderin’ if any of y’all have had your DNA analyzed?  Any surprises…?  Particularly, any surprises in DNA matches...?  :rolleyes:


    Um... if your parents had split up when you were really young, what might you do if you saw that you had a half-sibling that you’d never known about…?  :huh:   (Asking for a friend.  Maybe.)   ^_^

  9. 41 minutes ago, Calamity Kris said:


    Would a small shovel and a long extension cord solve your problems??


    I have always done that in the past ~ that, or run the cord overhead.


    In the unlikely event I ever do more overnighters at camp I shall flaunt authority and continue to do so.  :rolleyes:

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  10. Talk about an annoyance - we've been told that we absolutely must have battery power for our machines at Boy Scout camp.  All campsites have power, but it seems someone has decided there's a "tripping risk" if we use extension cords to plug 'em in.   


    Good grief.  <_<





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