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  1. Okay, so I'll confess to finding a bit of pleasure in this.


    The protesters were seen holding signs with messages including "Ban Private Jets" and "Abolish Capitilasim."  They stood in the road with those signs in front off their barricade, blocking people from driving to the festival with a miles-long back-up of vehicles.


    Mind you, I couldn't give a hang less about Burning Man... but when the lefty enviro-wackos decided to block the road in, local Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police officers / Rangers decided they'd had enough:  ^_^




    In the viral video of the incident, a police truck can be seen crashing through the blockade as police jump out of the vehicle to arrest the climate activists — who appear stunned at the forceful response to their antics.

    “We have no weapons at all!” wailed one female protester as she held her hands up. “We’re environmental protesters!”


    The activism group “Climate Defiance” shared the video to X, formerly known as Twitter. While their caption showed that they expected support, their comments section was filled with support for the officers.


    None of them lived in the area where they were protesting. Two had traveled from New York, one from California, one from Washington and one from the country of Malta.









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  2. My first thought upon seeing the title of this thread was Bass Pro and Sportsman's Warehouse.


    Their search functions both totally suck.  Search for a Browning shotgun and you'll likely get a hundred plus results - maybe even a few for shotguns (of any make), but more for anything from T-shirts to jerky.  -_-

  3. I have long been a big fan of avoiding bar fights.  Never been a participant, but I've seen a few.  The one that comes to mind - and the ONLY one that comes to mind - was the one time that a pistol was produced by one of the participants.  I succinctly recall how amazingly quickly myself and my large (VERY large!) Swedish-Russian duck hunting partner managed to cram ourselves beneath the pool table.


    Cooler heads or a more heavily armed barkeep - neither of us peeked - prevailed in short order, and the pugalists/wannabe gunslingers left without a shot fired.


    Dave and I left shortly afterward, and continued enjoying libations back at camp, using a catalytic heater for a footstool.  Never returned to that particular watering hole.  :rolleyes:


    Edit:  FWIW, my inclination on the topic is to agree with Alpo.  ^_^


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  4. I recently started a thread about my brother-in-law, and helping him start reloading; specifically, I was looking for information or suggestions on .280 Remington loads.


    Anyway, rattling about the scatter I excavated a few "retired" presses - a Lee on a floor stand, a CH, and a Texan, all "C" presses.  Thinking about sending either the CH or the Texan his way after cleaning up and a bit of refurbishing - repairs, glass bead and paint, and replace the primer arm in the Texan.


    The CH was missing a pin from the toggle; no problem, I cut a stainless 3/16" bolt, stippled the pin body toward one end, and pressed it into place.  Functions perfectly.  Incidentally, this is a fairly stout cast aluminum unit with steel bushings where the toggle pin rides.


    Now, the Texan is interesting - it's old, it's cast iron or steel (although the handle is aluminum), and is VERY stout.  Neat old machine!  But it was retired due to the toggle pin holes having worn into egg-shape, leaving the pin loose and sloppy.  Okay... not a big deal.  IF I can drill the holes slightly oversize and install bushings.  


    And there's the question - what can I use for bushings?  Tubing, preferably steel, with a 5/16" ID?  Hopefully without having to buy a ten or twenty foot length?  



               image.png.769309d68abc378495324ff417904d5c.png       image.thumb.png.e344b4b3e0e85857e257cad41f5bdee8.png



    Curious, too... which would be the better choice?  And by the way - this Texan DOES take standard shell holders - some evidently did not.



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  5. 2 hours ago, Rip Snorter said:

    No fan of Russia or their previous state, but one story sticks in my mind.  Early in manned space flight, U.S discovered that ball point pens would not work in space.  Years and a young fortune later, the Fisher Space Pen came into being.  A wonderful achievement, and if you want one you can still buy one.  The Russians used pencils to solve the problem.


    Urban myth, but a fun story nevertheless!  :)


    And I often have a "Space Pen" clipped into my shirt pocket.  ^_^



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  6. 6 minutes ago, Wild lead said:

    The number has been disconnected or no longer in service


    Did you try the phone number for the President, Dragon?  Or the email addresses for him, Rum Walker, or Shenandoah...?  :)

  7. 6 minutes ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

    How much more will you tolerate before bailing and moving over here?


    Wellll... interesting you'd ask.


    Sister and BIL's son transferred to Idaho a few months ago; he and his wife just bought a house north of Boise.  Sister and BIL just hauled a load of cargo to 'em, and are having an "extended visit."  Somehow I suspect they may be looking at homes; separation from their four li'l grandaughters just ain't gonna cut it.  


    My son is my only close relative, and he's well established; just bought a house in Visalia.  Kinda holds me here. 




    I've already made it clear to the relations headed out that I fully expect hunting and fishing invitations!  :rolleyes:



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  8. 51 minutes ago, JD Lud said:

    I’m gonna be the naysayer and suggest if he can get/buy a case of 200 rounds, legally of course not like someone forgets it’s in the back  coming across the border to just do it.


    Assuming he’s not bench rest shooting and he maybe re zeros before a hunting trip that a box a year is probably all he is shooting.

    Of course if it’s about the bonding and fun go for it :)  I have some unused Redding master/comp series 280AI dies that….you guessed it….have never been used.


    have fun!




    Wellll...  it will be fun, but back to the "availability" thing.  It seems that it's not readily available - certainly not most places in california, at least not at Bass Pro in Manteca... and they stopped to check - just check, mind you! - Cabela's and Scheels in Nevada... nada.  They'll also check stores in Idaho; but again, 'tain't commonly available.  And we ain't allowed to order without going through an FFL, having another background check, and either a "Real ID" or valid passport.


    Nice dies ya got there for that Ackley Improved, by the way!  :rolleyes:  

  9. So my brother-in-law's favorite hunting rifle is a Browning (X-Bolt?) chambered in .280 Remington, aka the .7mm-06 Remington and the .7mm Express Remington.   Anyway, living in california, he is naturally fed up with the state's ammo nonsense - restrictions and background checks, availability, illegal to order online or import from out-of-state,  restrictions for lead-free hunting and so on.  


    Well, that said, he's now thinking about jumping into reloading at the tender age of 72.  And, as a long-time reloader myself, I reckon I'm poised to introduce him to this aspect of shooting.  If I look reeeeal hard, I just might be able to find an extra press around the scatter (or two or three); and the other tools shouldn't be much of a challenge.  But, to borrow from Butterfly McQueen, "I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' two-eighties...."


    So!  Might there be any .280 shooters here who might share some favorite loads...?   :)


    All load data contributions graciously accepted, especially any for COPPER (or other non-lead) boolits.    :rolleyes:





  10. 1 hour ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    Our neighboring town that also provided about 4 hours a week of mostly patrol to our town is now down to a Chief whom used to be a patrolman. Everyone bailed to make an honest paycheck since the new dem town manager decided they spend too much on LE. And they're now on their 3rd town manager in 3 years.:( The Dems are doing a hell of job, just ask them. They're so transparent!


    They ARE transparent.  Real it's easy to see just how full they are of brown stuff....   :rolleyes:

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  11. 2 hours ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

    Shouldn't that be .250-3000?  Sorry!  :P


    Yup!  It was challenging typing that with Sherwin, the overly affectionate black, black, BLACK cat crawling about my head and lap, demanding attention.


    She's so black she can hardly be photographed!  :lol:


    Sweet, though.   :blush:



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  12. 6 hours ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

    Over a hundred years ago big game was taken with such things a .303 British, .30 -06 and other "puny" rounds, even 8mm Mannlicher, which is comparable to .35 Remington. 


    "Over a hundred years ago...?"  


    Hey, now!  I knew LOTS o' guys who hunted with them calibers during MY lifetime (meself included)!  Now, I'm old, but I ain't THAT old!  :lol:


    So remember Roy Chapman Andrews?  He of dino hunting fame in Mongolia back during the 1920's... his favored rifles were Savage 99's and later the venerable Savage Model 20, chambered in .250-3000 ("Two-Fifty Savage").  Many say he was the inspiration for Indiana Jones....  :)


           image.png.efd1c837862a7377fb69e55334d08650.png            image.png.d838ebf6ce80a4532492d0ae9a7b0d6a.png





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  13. 8 hours ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:


    Oh for crimes sake.  Just think of all the Pistol Grips we could get out of those two tusks.  Sheesh.


    Would be totally illegal in california.  -_-


    ALL ivory is illegal in this state - the wethers and capons in the capital have made it a crime to possess ivory, including fossilized material from animals long extinct.  Gotta protect them woolly mammoths and ancient walruses, don'tcha know!  <_<


    I used to have a small but really cool scrimshawed sperm whale tooth.  Legally bought in Lahaina before the law, serialized and registered.  Don't have to worry about it, though; alas, it disappeared from my living room during my last move.  I hope the cretin who swiped it gets caught and sent to the funny farm!   :angry:




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  14. 1 hour ago, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

    Never knew anyone, male or otherwise, who had a “prostrate” to check. 

    The meme is amusing, but also an indictment of our school system. 


    Prepared for a "prostrate exam."  :rolleyes:


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