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  1. I truly hope your regs are more user friendly than ours...


    Check it out ~ this is only the freshwater fishing regs... we still have ocean sport fishing, mammal hunting (large and small), bird hunting (upland and migratory)... and this part - freshwater regs only - is 80 pages! :o


    Try to quickly find out when you can fish a particular spot on your favorite stream... :(


    Freshwater Sport Fishing Regulations

  2. First off, pard and pardettes, I've enjoyed the heck out of reading all the posts!


    Okay... just quick recap ~ I'd written my letter the night of Oct 04, inspired by a "conflict" with my boss that afternoon. Went in the next day and told my young co-worker that I had, and intended to make my last day early December. When she realized I was was serious, she asked me to please wait 'til after the holidays. I reflected a moment, and told her I would wait, realizing that the holidays were going to be beyond horrid in our department.


    Well... when I did hand the letter to the boss on Monday, she asked why I'd picked April 17 as my last day. I had my reasons, and told her. I also told her that I had originally planned on leaving in early December, but at the request of my co-worker delayed it out of a sense of responsibility.


    And I mentioned my earlier intent and decision to delay 'til after the holidays.


    I also mentioned that I would likely apply for unemployment for a while... someone responded that I might not qualify if I resigned... so I made two points: First, if they denied my unemployment benefit, I would appeal, and would be about 95% sure of prevailing on appeal. Second, there do exist a couple of legitimate reasons to qualify for unemployment when resigning - one of which was concern for health and well-being. And, since it was documented that the job had already put me in the cardiac ward once that should qualify me.


    So when I was called in to HR, I was told that my decision to delay my initial departure date was appreciated, my work ethic was recognized, and they'd decided that since I had already planned on leaving earlier they didn't want to hold me back another two months.


    Uh.... O-Kay....


    It was a bit disturbing. But as I think on it, one phrase keeps coming to mind:


    "Oh please Brer Fox, whatever you do, please don't throw me into the briar patch...!"



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  3. So I finally submitted my resignation letter last week. Gave 'em three months notice...


    Just got called in to the Human Resources office. They're giving me three weeks notice. Instead of April 17 as my last day, it's gonna be February 03.


    Yikes! I've been expedited!! :huh:


    Feels weird. :mellow:



  4. In my opinion it's been a smashing success. The grass stays cut and I get free goat for dinner whenever they wander too close to the fence


    As for biodegradable bullets, isn't this adding a few steps to the process? Doesn't all things eventually turn to lead?


    Thumbs up on the free goat dinner~! :)


    So RK... have ya ever been to any of the Woodminster summer theater musicals in the park? I had first or second row season tickets for 20+ years ~ usually one stinker, one decent production and one winner every summer.


    So a bunch of us would gather for a picnic or barbecue in the park before the play ~ one of us would get there early and stake out a good spot, usually with an incredible view of the entire bay area. But along came the goats... oh HECK no you can't picnic in that area! It's reserved for GOATS!


    Feel free to share some goat recipes. ;)

  5. How'd the goats work out?


    I been thinking about getting a young gelded one in the spring, turn him loose in the backyard, and put him in the freezer come fall. Start over the next year.


    Depends on who you ask.


    The local greenie "officials" declare it a stupendous success. And it only cost something like $2 million a year to lease the goats.


    From a "user" perspective, I would call it something less than a stupendous success. Much of the park is now off-limits during "goat season." Wonderful picnic sites with incredible views are fenced off - can't disturb the goats.


    And I always wondered how much of the weed grazing might have been offset by millions of weed seeds in their goat-poop pellets.


    Back to the topic of the "seeded ammo," will there be regional controls? No using ammo with non-native seeds? Oh, I can just hear the outcry now! "But we ain't never HAD no lupines here!"

  6. Huh? :huh:


    Military Wants Biodegradable Ammo That Turns Into Plants


    The U.S. Army is looking for someone to create environmentally friendly ammunition that goes beyond being non-toxic to turning bullets into seeds that would eventually germinate plants. It's all part of an effort to ensure that military training areas aren't contaminated with pollutants.



    Well now, ain't this novel! Reminds me of the goats turned loose on a park in the Oakland Hills for "weed reduction and fire control." :wacko:



  7. Badger, I have a rooster at home that looks a lot like this guy - except Eggbert has much longer "sickle" tail feathers.


    I reckon when his time comes... well... :rolleyes:



  8. I'm guilty... I too like butter-fried trout. :-)


    But most definitely go back into the drink. ;)


    Now... regarding tying tools... most all of mine I bought when in high school - definitely 1960's vintage. :rolleyes:

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