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  1. I got a squirrel education once ~ I think I was thirteen... had a "pet" squirrel in the back yard. He'd eat outta my hand. But I learned REAL quick that he most assuredly did NOT care to be picked up. Dawg, but he was quick! And those looong teeth did a number on a few fingers before I managed to hurl the li'l booger. Worst was the chomps right into the joints. Even with the launch, he fared better than me; continued begging, but I made sure to toss him his "treats" after that.
  2. A different rendition of the theme. I liked it. But then... I'm an old f@rt.
  3. Always a fun story. However, from Scientific American: But, alas, it is just a myth. Originally, NASA astronauts, like the Soviet cosmonauts, used pencils, according to NASA historians. In fact, NASA ordered 34 mechanical pencils from Houston's Tycam Engineering Manufacturing, Inc., in 1965. They paid $4,382.50, or $128.89 per pencil. However, I suspect the budget-minded Russians just used their version of a #2 and a sharpener.
  4. From drugfree.org... It'd be gone forever. New office furniture for the Chief.
  5. I shudder to think of Vlad making good on his threats or promises to resort to nukes... even "small" tactical atomic weapons. Gee... how would our fearless leaders react?
  6. Interesting that you should ask! I first saw it online, then checked three separate HD stores in the area; I'd seen one in the past, assembled and ready to go, but it had sold by the time I decided to buy it. Finally, at the store nearest home I asked, and they found exactly ONE in stock in the area - and it happened to be in that very store. Still boxed. In a corner in the back of the building, not readily accessible. But I paid for it, they dug it out and loaded it up for me. And of course, sure 'nuff, when I got it off-loaded and unpackaged, I found the lower right back panel ka-banged in. Well, poop. At that point I was not about to re-back it, re-load it, and re-turn it. A little judicious application of a short piece of 2x4 and a hammer and it's just fine. Not visible, does not affect its usefulness, and I haven't lost a minute of sleep over it. I may or may not sweat some solder into the seam or maybe tack weld it someday, if I happen to be feeling particularly energetic and already have the stuff out for another project. I know folks who would've been irate and returned it for the tiniest imperfection. Big Fuzzy Ducks... not worth the aggravation. (This is how I found it. No current picture, but it's flat now.)
  7. So where does one acquire one of these li'l dandies...? (Asking for a friend! )
  8. "Anyone who already owns an MSR would be grandfathered* in, however, if they wanted to buy an additional MSR they would need a license." Quick - buy now~!! If this piece of trash passes (not unlikely ), you're covered. If it doesn't, well... ya have a new toy! *I wonder how long it'll take the b*st*rds to legislate that part into oblivion.
  9. A side story: Even sizeable purchases often come packaged. Last spring I bought a large, two-part (stacking) tool chest from HD. It came in two HUGE boxes... it took two workers to load it into my truck, but somehow I managed to get it out and assembled all by my lonesome. I actually used an engine hoist! But, there was gigantic pile of cardboard, wood, plastic wrapping, and strapping material left to dispose of. I stuffed it all back into my truck and drove to HD. Asked if it would be okay if I drove 'round to the back of the store and off-loaded it into their dumpster? Their reply: "OH, no. Just load it onto one of our carts or two and wheel it in and we'll do it for you!" That was cool.
  10. Thank yew, @Shotgun-Gibbs.... Just perfect~!! And you were right - VERY reasonably priced!! I'm pretty sure we'll be ordering more from this fella... This is gonna be a birthday present. Young man just turned 36 ~ what better gift than a .36 caliber Navy cap 'n' ball revolver? (I know... not exactly the correct powder flask, but the traditional types just ain't available like they used to be.)
  11. So Pat... are ye considerin' moving awreddy~?
  12. California regulators voted a few months ago to ban the sale of new gas-powered leaf blowers, lawn mowers, chain saws, and other motor driven tools starting in 2024. "Portable" generators by 2028. Supposedly, propane and diesel fueled generators will still be allowed. The state severely frowns on natural gas, however, and many new municipalities have already banned this fuel for new homes. If you live in the golden tarnished, peeling, brass-plated Newsomian Empire, and if you want a gasoline-fueled machine, be sure to get it before the ban.
  13. Well, they closed the doors at 0630 local time. More to come, of course....
  14. Just discovered that the BBC has live coverage of the Queen's lying in state, guarded by the Gentlemen at Arms, the Royal Company of Archers, and the Yeomen of the Guard. Sounds boring; however, I found it to be kind of cool. As people respectfully file past the coffin, many pause to bow. Every twenty minutes they are halted and the guard is rotated. Solemn, stately, and quiet. https://www.bbc.com/news/live/uk-62902778 The Royal Archers (the four men in front with the longbows) were interesting:
  15. Remember "Denny?" Dennis Greene... singer and one of the three dancers. Graduated from Columbia, Masters from Harvard, and then off to Yale for law school... variety of jobs after, including law professor. Sadly, he passed in 2015.
  16. That's Bowzer. Donald "Donny" York is a different member of the band.
  17. "Bowzer," aka John Bauman. I saw those fellas twice in the early 70's at Winterland ~ two of the funnest concerts ever. The second time they were actually kinda showed up by a lead-in group no one had heard of... some young upstarts who called themselves the Electric Light Orchestra. By the way - Bowzer is a very, very hard-left leaning sort. Died-in-the-wool supporter of Hillary and her gang. His nephew was a former chairman of the California Democratic Party. But in his day he was one hell of a showman!
  18. I know. But like I said... I'm old. I drive things with LEB's. Light Emitting Bulbs. Sometimes called "Blubs."
  19. Boy, I reckon I really am old... I didn't even know headlights had diodes.
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