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  1. Do you know if it will take Glock 17 mags also?
  2. I, like some others I know , have resisted the “modern sporting rifle craze”. I’m beginning to believe, however, I might have been wrong in light of what we are seeing around the country. I’m interested in the opinions and advice of the group in that regard. Do you own one, what’s a good one, etc.
  3. Wow, nice work cowboy! I know a cowboy that has a pair of ROA’s that have been done that way, his grips were “round butted”.
  4. I have a 2nd model single action that’s in pieces that you are welcome to for what it cost to ship. PM if interested. Regards, Al
  5. Imis,

    Would you mind sharing exactly where you got those shooting glasses you described?





    1. Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646

      Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646

      Jersey Bratt seems to think we got the yellow safetys in the optometry dept from Walmart, Im not sure, which one now. I dont remember variable strengths available. Sorry this becomes more confusing instead of being able to tell you for sure.


      Imis (if it is any consolation I used mine today and they did not let me down, the other way- not so much)

    2. Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646

      Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646

      Al  We were at Walmart yesterday late afternoon. That Is where my glasses came from. They are SafetyVu brand and in the optometry section by the cash register. Your store may vary.



    3. Ninety Caliber Al, 50218
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  6. I have a JM Marlin in 44 Mag (20” round barrel) pre-safety rifle. $ 800. or interesting trades. Pm for text pics.
  7. I've been watching this discussion as I have others on this subject. Until now I haven't felt the need to contribute but I guess I will now. I started shooting(and joined) in 2003. In 2007 , I had to stop due to health and career conflicts. I let my membership lapse at that time. When I was able to I "re-join" , so to speak, in 2013 I called and found I could re-acquire my sass number and alias so I did. Although I'm hard pressed to quote tangible benefits to my membership, the intangible ones are the ones that matter to me! The people I've had the pleasure to compete and be associated with are one of the highlights of my life. I'm retired now and can travel to some annuals as well as EOT. I have and will continue to cherish the friendships and sense of community! Pm me and I'll be happy to elaborate. Thank you ALL,
  8. Over the last 14 years have bought/ traded guns, leather and all manner of gear. Not one problem....EVER!
  9. When I started back in '03 lots of folks wore 'em. Don't see 'em much at all any more....
  10. No fooling! That is gorgeous. We should collaborate on the next one. I could show you how to motorize it.
  11. Would love one in 45-60.....kinda pricey and hard to come by though.....
  12. According to what I read these new pedersoli's are supposed to be superior to the "Japchester". That's what I'm investigating.....are they ,in fact, that well made???
  13. Big bore lever side matches usually 200-300 yes. Used to shoot an 1895 Marlin Cowboy. Looking for something a bit heavier(45-70 of course!)
  14. Just recovered from eye surgery and can see again. Time to start back shooting Cowboy long range. Saw a YouTube video on this rifle and was wondering if anyone has one and how they like it. It's supposed to be a truer copy than the Miroku rifles and higher quality to boot???
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